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Forbidden Heart. Chapter One

Updated on June 5, 2017

It has been six months since I had broken up with Danila. The love of my life. It was over such a stupid thing too and I regret it every day. It was the worst day of my life and from there it seemed to have gotten worse.

I knew now that I shouldn't have been the one to end things. But I felt like It was the only thing to do. Because I was begining to feel constricted. And It wasn't Danila's fault at all. It had been my parents. My father in particular. And I hated them for it.
The day I broke up with Danila was also the day I stopped talking to my parents. I even refused to eat the meals my mother had set out for dinner. Instead I made my own food. Most of the time it would be Salmon and tomatoe on a rice cracker.
I know I was probably being childish. But what was a nearly eighteen year old girl supposed to do, when she was forbbiden to be with the one person she loves the most and feels whole with?

I found it so hard to go to school. Because that was when I saw Danila. And he was always everywhere. And He looked misserable and I can't help but know that I made him like that. And it caused me pain, and I hated it.
Today was the first day that I would see Danila after a two week holiday. And I didn't know if I wanted to go to school, because it had been the longest that I had gone with out seeing him or being near him. And I know I wasn't nearly ready of how I might feel when I see Danila for the first time in two weeks.
I still loved Danila very much. And If I had to see him with another girl, it would kill me. Not that my parents would care.

A knock, following with my father opening my door and barging in. He frowned when he saw that I was still in bed.

'Are you Sick?' He demanded


'Then get out of bed. Get ready for school,' He demanded again

'I'm not going.'

'Until your eighteen, you do what I say.'

I wanted to say something really nasty, but I knew I would be just wasting my time.

'Fine...' I gritted my teeth. 'Just get out.'

I took my time getting to school. I didn't care if I was going to be late. I didn't care about much lately. But what I did care was that I couldn't wait until I was eighteen. The day I turned eighteen, was the day I was out of my parents house. It also meant that I didn't have to jump at what ever my father tells me to do. And I could date who ever I wanted. I hoped that it still might be Danila. But I wasn't sure after I was the one who broke his heart. Maybe even his soul.

In the hall I was walking with my head down reading my cell phone. I had gotten a message from my agent. She wanted to know if I was up for a new movie. I was just about to reply when I bumped into someone. And hard.

'I'm Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going,' I said.

The person who I bumped into didn't say a thing. Instead he chuckled. Or. . . Danila chuckled. I looked up then and noticed that he was grinning at me. It was a pained grin. But he was still grining at me. And the emotions that that grin gave me was what I wasn't prepared for. It hurt me to know that we couldn't be together. But my earlier thoughts came back to me. I wasn't a hundred percent sure, but I had a feeling that I still might have a chance with Danila.
I didn't know what to say. And I think Danila felt the same. Almost a minute later someone called out Danila's name. I knew that voice. It was a voice that I couldn't stand. Yet we had been best friends. But we hadn't been best friends for over a year. We feel out, when I found out that she had been cheating on my other best friend and I confronted her about it. And she argued that it was none of my business, and since that day we had been at each others throats.
I wondered why she was calling Danila's name. But as soon as he heard her, his grin for me had turned into a frown.

'I'll see you around,' He said.

Danila then turned and walked towards Zoe. When he reached her, Zoe stretched and wrapped her hand around his neck. She drew him closer and hugged him. She then purposly looked over to me and gave me her villian smiles then kissed him.
It was like I had gotten punched in the face. It made me want to walk straight up to her and punch her. But it wasn't just her that had punched me. You could say that Danila had punched me too.
You could say that Danila had betrayed me. I know I was the one that ended things. But Danila had always hated Zoe. And to go out with an ex-best friend. That was cruel. It was like he was punishing me, for letting him go. But I wondered why he changed his mind? I wondered what Zoe offered that would make Danila change his mind?

I narrowed my eyes and clenched my fist. I really wanted to puch her. And I almost did. But I was saved by Tom. My other best friend. He wrapped his arm around my waist and turned me away. He then brought his lips to my ear.

'I guess you have heard.'

Tom and I were just friends. And I suppose he was hurting just like me. Though his wounds were fresher. Because it might have only been within the holidays that he would have broken it off with Zoe. It made me wonder did he find out about her cheating on him.
It didn't mean that I didn't want to punch Tom now. I just wanted to punch anything or anyone. It also made me hate my father even more.

When the bell rang Tom and I walked to our first class, which was Maths. Maths was ok. It was probably my best subject. We sat together and chatted until the teacher arrived. Though he didn't. A sub teacher was in his place. I couldn't believe that a sub had showed up on the first day.

'Ok. I have instructions for you to finish pages one-o-five to one-ten. And if not done it will be your home work.' The lady sub said.

Fotry five mintues later and class had finished. I managed with ease to finish all the pages. Tom walked me to my next class. Biology. The teacher arrive straight away and rearranged our seating plans. And much to my dissaproval, Mr Gibbs had sat Zoe and I together. Zoe tried to get Mr Gibbs to change her, but he wouldn't.
I wasn't happy that I was going to spend the whole semester sitting next to Zoe. But I was happy that it meant that she wouldn't be sitting next to Danila and flirtling with him. When everything had settled down and class began. I looked over Danila who gave me a weak smile.

'Danila is mine now,' Zoe said when she caught me looking.

'He'll never be yours,' I said in an amused voice.

I knew that for a fact. Because I knew deep down that Danila had disliked Zoe. He couldn't stand her, and thought she was the biggest slut around. He also didn't like her because of the way he treated Tom. And Ton and Danila were best friends too. But even seeing that little show in the hall this morning, I also saw the frown on his face when Zoe called him.

'We'll you must be blind. Because your saw Danila hug me.'

'I also saw the frown he made when you called his name.'

I ignored her then and started to look through the scope. But Zoe had to try and keep pushing me.

'Tom will never be yours,' she said.

I smile and shook my head. I wanted to laugh so loud, because she was trying to push my buttons. But It didn't work. Because Tom had never been hers. Even though the had been together for two years.
I only knew that because five years ago before Danila and I got together, I went out with Tom. Our relationship had only been for a few weeks, but we both decided that we were better at being friends. And it was true. Because we had been friends now for almost nine years.

'Tom may not be mine. But I know for a fact that he isn't yours eighter. He never had been. Besides I don't care. Not everything has to be about guys. Now just shut up.'

'Your the biggest slut,' She said loud enough so I call hear it.

That was it. I snapped. I couldn't believe that she had the nerve to call me that. When that was the one thing that I wasn't. I was far from being a slut. Because the only one I had been with was Danila. And if I had to say it, then Zoe was the biggest slut in this school. She had been with multiple people. She had cheated on Tom a number of times. Though Tom doesn't know. And I wouldn't tell him, because I didn't want to hurt him. And I knew it would hurt him, because I know at one stage he belived that he loved her.
Zoe made me that angry. And with the anger from this morning I couldn't help what I did next. I slapped her across the face and told her 'How dare she,' And instantly I saw Zoe's eyes water. Though I think she was too stunned to act on it.
The teacher saw everything and gave me a note and told me to see the principal. So I grabbed my things and made my way to the door.

'I'm not working with her when I came back,' I called out when I was near the door.

I said it that way, because I knew that I would probably get suspended for atleast a few days. It was also something that my father would dissaprove of. But I didn't care. Because nobody calls me a slut and gets away with it.

So it turned out that I got suspended for ten days. I thought ten days wasn't very fair. I had to leave immediatly, so I stopped at my locker and grabbed what I had to and then made my way to my truck. Tom stopped me before I could take off.

'You alright?' He asked.

'Couldn't be better actually.' I smirked. Because thinking of what I just did. It made me happy.

'I heard you and Zoe had something in Biology.'

'She called me a slut. I slapped her then got suspended.'

'How long?'

'Ten days.'

'Geez that's steep.'

I shrugged, because I didn't care.

'I should go. Don't want to corupt you,'

'Too late for that,' Tom grinned.

And I suppose that was true. Because the eight and a half years that Tom, Danila, Zoe and I had been friends, we had got in a lot of trouble together. The kind of trouble that you could say that it was amazing that we were still living. And I think that was why I eventually my father told me to stay away from Danila because he was a bad influence.
I hoped into my truck-I saw truck because it was an old rusty looking F100, and I loved it very much- and went straight home. I didn't expect my mother to be home, but she was. And she wanted to know why I was home so early, so I thought it was a waste of time to lie, so I told her the truth.

'I'm home because Zoe called me a slut and so I slapped her. I also slapped her because I saw her smooching up to Danila... I blame dad for that and I'm Never going to forgive him. I hate him.'

At first I thought my mother was in shock, but she quickly recovered. And now she was mad. So mad.

'I don't ever want to here you say that again. You here me... Your grounded, Go to your room and your not to leave it.'

'Fine,' I said and stormed into my room.

I was so mad now. I threw myself on the bed and about twenty minutes later I remembered my agent and the movie role she offered me. So I messaged her with my answer.

I'm in. Just tell me when and where and I'm there... I texted my agent.

'I hear you got suspended,' My father demanded as he barged into my room.

'I did.'

'Why?' He demanded.

'I slapped Zoe for calling me a Slut and smooching up to Danila. I blame you for that, and I'll never forgive you.'

Then out of nowhere he slapped me. I couldn't believe that my own father had slapped me. I would have understand if he slapped me if I said I hated him. But just because I said I blamed him. That was unforgivable.


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    • TrenesmeMasur profile image


      6 months ago

      Good start to the story. It's made me want to continue to read it.


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