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Forever Bored

Updated on March 19, 2019
Jade Anibor profile image

I am the founder of JGA Writing techniques and an author on sweek

Forever bored.

Boredom isn't a positive word to majority and I agree with you. But in this context, we will see the positivity in boredom. Let every writeup of yours bore you, let it look stale to you the next day, and forget how excited you were about it when you wake up the following day.

As a writer, you must be creative and innovative. Aggressive and passionate. Be your critic and biggest fan at the same time. Bore yourself every second.

Bring about your own styles and include them in existing styles, and trade them in the lives, and activities of everything you come across; then let it bore you the next day. This will help you do new things everyday and your writings will be evergreen like creation.

Be everything! Be heaven on earth.

Try laughing.

I and Tina cannot be together again because she loves to fart.

I made it clear to John I love men with big hands, so he decided to add weight.

Victor lost his glasses while driving, that's why we arrived late.

The doctors at Lamb's cry hospital are as naive as their name suggest.

Feelings can be described as a candle under a bed. It will eventually burn the whole house down.

Dishonest people are not hard to believe; you just know they are lying.

Even seduction now rejects it's course.

How can you be everything?

By listening to a particular song: Remember that particular song that brought you in an emotional mood. If you are writing a book on anger, on love, on sex, on riches, on career, or food: listen to that song that gets you into that mood. Do not change the song. Listen to it over and over again until you are through with the project you are on. You can just increase or decrease the volume depending on your mood as you write. Songs are actually what romances your innermost thoughts and flirts with the thoughts of others. You are bound to write better.

Be the character: Do not be an actor, do not imitate, do not rehearse. Be the character you writing on. Be Kate that hates tribalism. Be Maggie that puts her career before her marriage. Be Felix that knows he is about to die. Be a poet who has been heartbroken a million times. Be angry, be happy, be romantic, be lonely, be sarcastic, be a killer. If you are afraid to be that person, you will always write "about" an angry person and not an angry person. About romantic people and not a romantic person.

Be strict: To be everything you need to be STRICT ON LIFE . There is this time during the day we feel like Wonder Woman, and we are about to do laundry: stop and be Wonder Woman. And when you feel you are tired of the boys club at work, be Nikita and beat their ass instead of sitting quiet and minding your business. Then later on, sit down and turn that you into a character. Tell yourself am strictly going to make this character the best no matter what life says. Now, do that to every character in your book.

Amaze your imagination: Shock it to the highest degree. Do not limit yourself to earth. Go for heaven, Jupiter, and place Africa in Mars. Imagine how the world would be if spirits and humans attended the same school, and how everyone could choose to become a genius upon turning thirty.

Try outdoor writing: A lot can catch your attention when writing outdoors. Things you never imagined can be seen crawling and engaging in a fight. Such a scene can make you laugh or sign: fit it into a line or engage it's approach in a scene. Take advantage of creation, and words, and sounds, you hear outdoors. Remember everything tells a story.

The forgotten briefcase

* Sammy arrived home late with his bread in one hand. He headed for the kitchen only to remember he has a file to forward. With a blow on the cabinet, his memory snaps.

* Veronica woke up from sleep to received a call from a taxi guy around 11:30pm, explaining he had her briefcase which she forgot at his back seat. She placed her hand to her mouth to hold a scream.

*The CEO had just highlighted from the elevator, when suddenly he signed so deep, staring at his empty hands.

Write with your heart.

Writers! Carry your heart along and do not always write from what's in it. What's in your heart may be old fashioned, judgmental, and so just you. Explore outside the box, it's more exciting there.

Outside your heart you can feel the cold when it's hot. You can smell the odour of love making with your hymen on. You can be hungry in abundance. You can be a prisoner and a judge at the same time. It's not all about you, or always about you, and it doesn't have to be you. Remember life doesn't revolve around you.

I once wrote a novel where I had to be the whole community! Imagine a community of various characters and scenes. If I had written from my heart I would have lost the true essence of that novel. I had to take my heart along by making it accept other people in it, new innovations and styles. There were times my heart would question why I made a character so bad, but then I would remind it that my book doesn't have to revolve around it's scrutinies.

Writing with your heart also means you have to be very passionate about what you are writing on. Your story has to trill you to the point you see it as a best seller, even before you publish it.

How bored are you?

I am so bored that my last book doesn't just measure up to the present one
The present book book title isn't as catchy as the next book title I have in mind.
My book cover is just simply up to date than the others.
I wish I should have added more scenes in my previous book.
I will do so in my next book.
This latest book isn't just a bestseller but a record breaker.
I am a good writer.
I am simply the best.
There is still something I can do better.

I am forever bored.

Keep on seeing that light.

Be emotionally hungry.

An emotionally hungry writer is never satisfied with his/her present feelings. We are always in need for more! More fun, more pleasure, more tickling and more roughness. We want to know more about various emotions and we experiment with them in our minds, and behaviours.

It is not always hilarious when we do so, because we can grow from cold to hot in minutes. That's the power of emotions; it drives you into a journey without a van.

Stay glued

Be that bird that is never afraid to make a nest for it's eggs wherever it sees fit. Be that child that feels he is loved by everyone. Be that woman that still holds on to her career after marriage. Be that husband that says no to adultery even at the highest temptation.

Be true to your calling. Not every writer is an author, but every author is a writer. Do not give up or give in to just being a regular. Fight hard to be that writer that keeps everyone glued to his book, her article, her speech.

Increase your knowledge by research. Find out what other's are up to, what your readers want, what actually matters and what should matter. Be informative and attentive. Be hardworking and recreational. Be glued to your goals as you create them. Avoid being narrow minded and avoid being intimidated. Bore yourself, love yourself and push.

Are you ready to paint books like walls?

Let's get these tips right.

(1) Proper punctuations.

(2) Well structured grammar.

(3) Simple illustrations.

(4) Include highlights.

(5) Good imagery.

(6) Appropriated scenes.

(7) Fitting characters.

(8) Well tailored storyline.

(9) Conversational.

(10) Informative.

How can these be achieved?

Write along with your heart, carefully bringing each detail to life in simplest of terms, but with powerful expressions that will reflect on your scenes, reviving lost or imagined images; which empowers your characters to enrich the storyline, therefore making it conversational and informative. Paint your books like wall, be decorative and wow your readers.

© 2019 Jade George Anibor


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