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Forsaken Step- A poem about someone taking their life

Updated on January 9, 2013

Title: Forsaken Step

Taken apart just the other night

I'm picking pieces of wrong and right

The skin of my dream is peeling away

My heart is a pure form of the finest decay

Not knowing how I got here, what is this place

Reaching for reminder; rubbing my face

The way my skin felt so cold...

I sit here on this jagged stone

Entranced by how I'm so alone

Engraved with names; forever they say

The word at my throat like a razor blade

Taking the moment to new shades of despair

I reach for your touch, just hoping you're there

Down on my knees; my needs taken from me

I'm lost and drown in this misery

I can't catch my breath, cause I can't breathe

Can't feel thought; or make believe

A flashback of the last night I can see

The limbo I'm in, my new eternity

Reminded of what held me each day

Now reminding what will kill me away

When I took that step, and lost myself

I now realize exactly where I am

And how nothing I do can save me now


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