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Four Shiply Creatures

Updated on May 5, 2017

Well, a spaceship landed there.

Four creatures got off of that ship. Cro. Alie. Bopp. Tars. There was also one more creature that got off of that ship. Q-Xog.

Cro is the leader. Q-Xog is their spiritual guide. Kind of like an alien preacher. Cro has opened numerous portals on this earth. Wharton and Waco are among them. Strange demons and clones are entering through those portals as you read this. We must close those portals.

How do we close those portals? By telling others what we know. We write down and share our experiences with others.

AJ Baronet is arrested by Cro. He is taken to a secret location. How can he escape?

So, that must be why

there are so many Froth books on the planet.

Amethyst Sandca has a map of Washington DC in one of the envelopes.


Nubianna states that she has what it takes to kick Purple Dragon out of House of Amethyst. She fights him and loses. She is embarrassed because of her TV ads, slogans, and campaign. She leaves Amethyst Castle and says she'll never return again.


Knubi Knight wants to protect the Amethyst Pearl. He fights Quazario and wins. Knubi Knight is now the owner of the Amethyst Pearl. Retupmoc Suineg hates Knubi Knight. Strizarius hates Amethyst Monkey.

Retupmoc Suineg and Knubi Knight are now cool.

They are really good friends

and Retupmoc decides that he will help Knubi protect the Amethyst Pearl.

Preparation Day

Amethyst Monkey is tired of having his fro. He goes to Barber Baron and gets his hair cut. Much more stylish.

Cro, Alie, Bopp, Tars, and Q-Xog. They are walking around earth convincing people to accept the mark. What is the name of their spaceship? Beast Cruiser. Quazario doesn't like this. He makes a meeting with the few remaining Bafticans he can find.

"Should we do it?"

"Yes. We have no alternative. Let's call up our four descendants."

Zig Baron. Duz Baron. Pelo Baron. Grick Baron.

The Baftican Rivals.

Sabbath! :)

The year is 2018. March.

Amethyst Monkey and Amethyst Lion are now cool. They hated each other for years. Now they are actually great friends. They are engaged.

The year is 2018. April.

Nikki Jikki Kas wants the Amethyst Pearl. Quazario and Amethyst Monkey get in an ugly fight. Who wins? Quazario is pissed because he wants Amethyst Lion to be his woman. Whitestar Lank wants the Amethyst Pearl.

A local university gives 100,000 shekels to Amethyst Monkey. They want him to continue growing his Amethyst Tiger Barons.

The year is 2018. June.

Knubi Knight is still the owner of the Amethyst Pearl. He is given the Amethyst Sword. He destroys Xandriana by beheading her. It's personal. Destiny is honored. He separates her from her life force. He shoots Amethyst lasers from the sword. The blasts eradicate her DNA, leaving no traces of Xandriana's existence. Amethyst Monkey pays Knubi Knight 1,000,000 shekels.

2017 was a very big year for me.

Amethyst Pearl: 2000/2000.

All secrets unlocked.

Knubi Knight really likes having a white horse.

Perpetual July Conversation Between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

Since the secrets are unlocked, I can now share my true purpose. All of the fantasy elements that you saw and read before? Mere child's play. A way to get you to pay attention to my art form known as Frothism. Now that I've explained why I'm here, I can tell you a secret. Frothism is my vehicle to bring in Christianity throughout the entire globe. Just think of Frothism as a cloaking device for what my real intentions are.

In Verse 8, it speaks of their dead bodies. This is talking about burned and tore up Bibles. Bibles will be burned and tore up around this whole world in the future. Jesus was crucified when he was on this earth.

In Verse 9, the wicked will have Bibles littered around. They won't even pick them up and throw them away.

In Verse 10, the wicked will make laws to ban the Bible in the future. Why? The wicked don't want to follow God's Word. They hate God's Word. So they'll say the Bible is not politically correct.

In Verse 11, three and a half days pass. God causes the Bible to arise again. The wicked will fear.

What about Verses 12, 13, 14, and 15?

Brother, did you get my message yesterday?

Yes I sure did. I'm gonna text you later today, brother.

Ok. I wasn't sure. My phone was acting up and I wasn't sure if it went through or not.


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