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Franklin The Hen: A Short Story

Updated on July 10, 2016

Franklyn was a good hen who did well in hen school and was the top of his class. All his teachers thought he was going to be a scientist when he grew up. His favorite teacher was Miss Hammercock, a big rooster who was in charge of saying the cock a doodle doo every morning to wake up the barnyard creatures.

One day Miss Hammercock called Franklyn to her office for a special private meeting.

"Franklyn, do you know why I called you to my offis today? Even though it's Sunday and school is closed?"

"No mam." Franklin noticed Miss Hammercock was looking especially attractive today. Her chest feathers were fluffier than usual, her tail feathers were more erect than usual, and her waddle was brighter red than usual. Her beak was slightly open with just a hint of her moist chicken tongue poking out.

"Franklyn, I've had my eye on you for a long time..." Miss Hammercock turned to the side just a little, giving Franklyn a glimpse of her strong wings.

"I haven't laid any eggs yet, surely you are more interested in the hens who lay eggs." Franklin replied, suddenly feeling nervous and hotter than usual.

"Franklyn....oh Franklyn you are very special. Not like those other hens. You are more mature and I can tell you are going to lay the biggest eggs when you do start laying. I've never liked a hen student as much as I've liked you. Sometimes I wish I could just be your private tutor and tutor only you..."

Franklin was feeling flattered and a little confused by the attention. Was he being groomed by a predator, as the hen students had been warned about in various educational videos during health class? Actually the were laser discs because the hen school was on the cutting edge of technology. Franklin just realized that Miss Hammercock was the technology teacher, so she must have seen those videos -- oops, I mean laser discs -- herself.

"Oh Miss Hammercock, I've been --"

Just then there was an awful crashing and banging over head. A piece of the school's roof crashed down between the two chickens and a in a split second the barnyard dog crashed through the wall.


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