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Break the barriers!

Updated on April 13, 2015

Skating my way to a salaried job

Catered I to my children's sob;

Challenges and risks were by-gone words

But my restless mind couldn't come to terms;

Breaking away from regular service

Charged I into the creative field

Setting my pen onto a free wield

Proud I became, though only a novice.

Little money injecting a lot of impatience

Things turned out nasty at my residence;

Tantrums and doldrums gripping the air

I got myself caged in the scripting lair!

Pruning my pen from time to time

Stroked-letters bagging many a dime,

Chaos paved way for harmony at home

Beach provided me with illusory foam.

Coining words gives me immense pleasure

Pursing coins eases others with restive leisure!


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