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English Course from Englishland

Updated on December 20, 2010

Free Online English Lessons from Englishland

Before starting to read this article, if you are interested in learning English for free, please, go to Englishland's website. There are hundreds of grammar exercises and samples of English conversation which you can study to improve your communicative skills. The lessons are suitable for beginning English learners. If you have been on upper-intermediate to advanced levels, I suggest that you find a course program in a reputable language school in English speaking countries. Those who have been in such levels actually do not have to take courses again. All that they need to do is practicing their English skills as frequently as possible.

The use of English as an international communication language is increasing rapidly. The availability of the internet enables people from every corner of the world to communicate from one to another without having to meet face to face. Most of them use English. Yet there are still billions of people who cannot speak English well. With our world is getting more integrated now, they are motivated to study English. Learning English in the internet era like what we experience at the moment is different from learning English thirty years ago when the internet did not exist. Now English learners can follow an online language course provided by an English school in London from the comfort of his or her own bed.

Some people say that the most important thing in mastering English language is vocabulary. Well, in my personal opinion, when we study English, we need to study the grammar, vocabulary, conversation and anything that is related to the learning process. We will not be able to speak English fluently if we do not know how to use tenses, and we cannot make a good sentence if we do not know the right words or phrases to express our opinion or ideas.

Real time video conversation technology has enabled people to practice speaking English with their teachers who live on the other side of the world. Although there are a lot of online courses available on the internet, they cannot fully replace the physical classroom activities which English learners usually experience in a real program. When students and teacher physically meet one another, they can develop a more interactive activities where students can practice English conversation and use gestures or touch that cannot be done in front of a computer screen.

So, even though I have recommended you the above Englishland's website, I still have to admit that in order to speak English fluently, non-native speakers of English especially on the beginning to elementary levels take a real English course program in their town or abroad.

Personally, I am not a native English speaker. After studying English from the Englishland's website for around two years, I can feel that I am now able to speak and write confidently at least for general topics that do not need complicated terminology.


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