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Where To Get Free Magazine Subscriptions

Updated on January 23, 2011

Did you know you could be getting some great magazines for free. This is not a scam or a sales gimick. The only thing you sign up for is the free magazines. Whats the catch? The free magazine deals come and go quickly so you have to jump on them when they become available.

Why do publishers give away free magazines?

Magazine companies don't make the bulk of their profits from consumer subscriptions. They make it from the advertising found in their pages. The more people that receive their magazines, the more they can charge advertising companies to buy space in their pages. So the companies sublet out to companies such as and to supply the public with the magazines they want. This generates more readers and creates an awesome win-win situation for all parties involved. The advertisers get their products see more, the magazines get paid for the advertising, and we the general public, get to read our favorites for free!!!

Another reason is to gain readership. This is usually the case with companies who offer just one free magazine, or a short trail period.

Some magazine compaines offer the magazine for free because its whats inside that counts. Marketing and sales are the focus and offering a magazine is their way of presenting the information they want you to have.

So There Is No Catch?

Nope, Not with those listed below. There are some magazine offers that claim to give free magazines. Be wary of any that say "Recieve first 4 free and then cancel if you are not satisfied". These sorts of deals are counting that you will eventually pay the bill they send and not remember to cancel.

Completely free magazines do not have any obligation.

Will I Recieve A Bill?

Towards the end of your free subscriptions, the publishers will send out renewal notices that resemble bills. These are NOT bills and there is no requirement to pay. These are only for if you would like to renew and pay to continue recieving their mag. You will not recieve a bill

Can I Sign up For The Same Magazine Twice?

If the magazine is being given away by two seperate and complete different offers, then yes you sign up twice. The magazine company should add your 2nd subsciption to your first doubling the length of time for your subsciption. If you do start receiving two of the same magazine, call the publisher and ask that it be added onto the first.

How Many Can I Recieve?

There is no limit to how many subscriptions you can recieve. Take the advice from someone who went a little overboard, only subscribe to magazines you know you will read each month. Otherwise you will have you will have a recycle bin full of unread wasted magazines.

List Current As Of 1/12/2008

Magazine links may become invalid at anytime. If any of these links become invalid please leave a note in comments and I will remove.


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    • Second Act profile image

      Second Act 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California

      So have Car and Driver, and Home Business Magazine.

    • Second Act profile image

      Second Act 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California

      Elle Decor has expired. Thanks for the list!