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Free Sample Thank You Letters

Updated on September 18, 2009

A thank you letter is a great tool for expressing thanks to a person who has given you a favour. A thank you letter written after a job interview can increase the odds of getting hired. On this web page, I present two formal interview thank you letters and an informal thank you letter. You can copy and use them without any cost.  

This formal letter is addressed to an interviewer. This letter can be used to thank interviewer for the interview. It also states the points that interviewee could not mention during the interview.

[sender's name and address]


[receiver's name and address]


It was really pleasurable to have a thirty minute interview with you. After getting complete knowledge of the nature of work, I consider myself as a very good match.

My experience with the past employers has polished my skills that are necessary for a [designation] to have, to accomplish his/her job successfully. I would also like to bring into your notice a point that I did not mention at the interview: I have done a course in ABC technology/works which would enhance the quality of my work at your office.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule for the interview. I look forward to hear from you soon.


[Sender's name and signature]

Formal Thank You Letter

This letter has been written to thank the interviewer while explaining why interviewee is a good choice for the job


[Sender's name and address]


[receiver's name and address]

Mr. Nicholas

Thank you very much for inviting me to the interview that you have conducted for the position of Junior Accountant.

After visiting your place I am now sure that I will fit in really easily. My experience in this field with the past employer will prove extremely helpful in fulfilling my duties. I am really impressed by the working environment that I saw in your office.

I really look forward to hear from you soon.


[sender's name and signature]

Informal Thank You Letter

This is an informal thank you letter to a friend who sent a wonderful gift.

Dear Mat

It was so nice of you to send me such an extravagant gift. It must have cost you a lot of money. Well, this is what I also yearned for every time I strolled through the busy ABC Street and saw it on display of XYZ store, on my way to work. I guess that's the proof that you are a great friend. You read my mind like a psychic and now I can enjoy it.

Thanks again for your gift.




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    • profile image

      SilverFox 6 years ago

      Terrible letters and full of grammatical mistakes. These sound like a 5 year old wrote them!

    • profile image

      najat 7 years ago

      thank you it was helpful thanks again