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Freelance Superstar Review

Updated on July 12, 2011

Start a Freelancing Business Fast!

I see a lot of people at HubPages asking when they will get paid - they need money now - and Adsense doesn't seem to be delivering. Now don't get me wrong I do quite well out of Adsense but if you really need to make money fast - as a writer there is no better way than starting a online freelance business.

My friend Monika Mundell started from nothing two years ago and now runs a successful freelance writing business. How did she do it? Well luckily for those of you who want to repeat her success she, along with business partner Gobala Krishnan has just released an eBook package which explains exactly how to do it: Freelance SuperStar.

Computer+Internet connection = online cash - if you work at it!
Computer+Internet connection = online cash - if you work at it!

What Is Freelance SuperStar?

When you buy Freelance Superstar   you will get a download which not only includes the 65-page eBook in pdf format but also extra goodies including WordPress templates to make your portfolio website/blog look professional, email templates to approach clients for work with, writing agreements and step-by-step WordPress blogging tutorials. Note for this review I saw a pre-release version of the ebook only so I haven't personally reviewed the add-ons - to be honest the book is under-priced for the value it offers alone so I am not too concerned about the extra pieces!

There is however a catch with Freelance Superstar. Reading it and watching the videos won't make you money. You will actually have to go out and do some work as well! Rather a lot of work - but realistically if you follow the steps in Monika's plan you can easily develop a full-time writing business within 6 months of starting.

Freelance Superstar will teach you every thing you need to know about how to start developing your online freelancing business. It includes everything from the basics

  • how to setup your own portfolio website
  • how to set your rates
  • how to find clients
  • an evaluation of ten popular freelancing websites their pros/cons and costs involved

All the way through to more advanced topics

  • how to manage clients
  • how to take you business to the next level including outsourcing
  • how to manage your business

The book concludes with a month by month plan to take your business from zero to full-time in six months. Will this work for everyone - frankly no. You will need to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to making it as a full-time freelancer - the information is all here though-  but you will need to apply it!

Will this work if you aren't an American - yes it will - Monika is Australian-based - she couldn't write for the many paying websites which only accept American writers. She is also not a native English speaker. Even if  writing is not your thing but you have skills such as web design, web development, SEO or anything else that people will pay for on the web - you could use this eBook to start your own successful freelance business. Very little of the information provided only applies to writing as a freelance income.

Is Freelance Superstar - Value For Money

At US$37 think Freelance Superstar offers fantastic value for money. Lets say you value your time at $10/hour. The chapter on the pros and cons of some big name freelance bidding sites will save you much more than 4 hours analysis and investigation!

Web developers will happily charge you $500 or more to setup a simple portfolio site - and you will probably need to keep paying them for them to "maintain" it. Freelance Superstar shows a beginner how to set up their own writer's portfolio site using free WordPress software and WordPress themes (designs) included in the package. The total cost to setup your own web site is less than $10 for the domain name plus around $8/month for hosting.

Freelance SuperStar - Who Will It Work For?

Practically anyone who wants to make some quick money online but doesn't know where to start will benefit from Freelance Superstar. Even if you have never set up your own website before - it provides step-by-step instructions. If you are more experienced with websites but are not sure how to make a decent first-world income from online writing - then this book is definitely for you. Australia is not a cheap country to live in and Monika is making great money while living the dream on a tropical coast, all paid for by her freelance writing clients.


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