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Make Money Writing - How to Get Started Today

Updated on February 2, 2016
Make Money Writing
Make Money Writing | Source

With the fluctuating economy, extravagant decline in employment, and reduction of corporate benefits, many people are struggling to make ends meet. Working from home is an option for most, but with all the fraudulent opportunities online it is hard to know which are truly legitimate. If you have a handle on spelling and grammar, an engaging personality that comes through in your writing, and the ambition to work without supervision, you could easily make money writing online.

Resumes are Important

A writing resume is similar to a resume that is used in the corporate world. It should list your name, contact information, career objective, and skills that pertain to writing. It should also list award-winning articles (if applicable) and a client history. If you are just starting out in a freelance writing career, you probably don’t have a client list to add to your resume. In that case, you may want to submit articles to a well-known content site such as or In lieu of the client list, you can now use these samples on your resume. This lets potential clients gauge your writing capabilities and style. For more information, check out this Sample Resume for Freelance Writing by Patty Inglish.

Networking and Social Media

Writers can use social media to their advantage. By connecting with other writers, the new freelance writer will have a sense of where to look for clients, an idea of how to charge for writing services, and somewhere to ask the common questions that come up when charting new territory. Online forums are another avenue for freelance writer networking.,, and are terrific resources for both new and seasoned writers.

Scoring the First Client

Some writers choose to work solely with private clients, while others prefer to get their foot in the door with a content company first. Private clients are wonderful, but without a history of published articles, bylines, and journalism awards, a private client has little to go on when it comes to making the decision of using a writer’s services. If you want to start to make money writing now, you may want to apply to a few content companies. Content companies range the gamut; some companies will hire new writers, while others require experience, a degree related to writing, and proof of published works. As with other areas of employment, writers need to climb the proverbial ladder. This is where networking contacts can be very helpful—the contacts can tell a new writer which companies will help them get a start in freelance writing.,, and are just three companies that are commonly mentioned when a beginning writer seeks advice on where to apply for a writing job.

Money, Money, Money

If you are considering breaking into a writing career, you will want to know if you can actually make money writing; enough money to actually pay the bills and put food on the table. If you have done your homework, you present a quality resume with well-written samples, and you dedicate the time necessary to sit down and work, you can expect to make at least $400.00 per week. As you grow into your new career, that number will go up. Your researching and writing speed will increase, you will gain access to higher-paying work, and your best byline-published articles will draw client attention to your skills. You may even decide to go full-throttle and start your own niche sites, where you can begin bringing in even more cash from writing.

The opportunities for a person seeking a freelance writing job are virtually endless. Clients need content that will sell a product, copy that will liven a webpage, and blog posts that will sustain readership. You can provide all of these services from the comfort of your own home while you make money from writing. It's time to make the former cubicle job a permanent fixture in the past.

How Much Money Do You Want to Make Writing?

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    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

      I really need to update my freelance writer resume. I usually just send a creative cover letter and cross my fingers, but I can't do that forever. I've been lucky so far.

    • lifeshouldbefun profile image

      lifeshouldbefun 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Ok. Thank you so much :)

    • JanuaryFry profile image

      JanuaryFry 6 years ago from Illinois

      No need to buy anything fancy at all. Most clients provide a web form to copy & paste text, then you can do any necessary formatting right within the form. You could even use OpenOffice (free) to write, edit and save your articles. Take a peek over at and visit the forum there. Scroll down to the folder "WAHM's Who Write" if you'd like more info on writing. Feel free to message me anytime as well.

    • lifeshouldbefun profile image

      lifeshouldbefun 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Thanks JanuaryFry. I had been looking for some updated software and it was a web site that I had gone to that was suggesting this software. I actually can not remember the name of it ( I will have to look it up) but I ended my search due to the fact that it was $277.00 for the software.

    • JanuaryFry profile image

      JanuaryFry 6 years ago from Illinois

      Hi lifeshouldbefun. I'm curious as to which software you are talking about? I write in Word 2007, but started with Word 2003. For some companies, I write directly in Notepad because of the formatting issues between Word and some of the web forms with certain clients. If you would like to elaborate, I'd be happy to answer if I can.

    • lifeshouldbefun profile image

      lifeshouldbefun 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Is it not true that to be a writter you need the VERY expensive software that is a must for all writers today? Just curious..I think that is what has detered me from writing in the first place.

    • JanuaryFry profile image

      JanuaryFry 6 years ago from Illinois

      Rock_nj, thanks for adding that tip. The more resources new writers have, the better! I, personally, haven't had much luck with Craigslist, but I am sporadic with my queries there. I hear of many other writers who have pulled terrific projects on CL.

    • Rock_nj profile image

      John Coviello 6 years ago from New Jersey

      I have found freelance writing gigs through Craig's List. Just another of many places worth checking to see if anyone is looking for a writer. Thanks for this excellent article!

    • JanuaryFry profile image

      JanuaryFry 6 years ago from Illinois

      Thank you jewelsofawe.

    • jewelsofawe profile image

      jewelsofawe 6 years ago from Oregon

      Nice article!

    • preacherdon profile image

      preacherdon 6 years ago from Arkansas

      Thanks a bunch, January. That helps a lot.

    • JanuaryFry profile image

      JanuaryFry 6 years ago from Illinois

      PreacherDon, thanks for your feedback. There are many clients that hire writers for a slew of different purposes. I currently write:

      -product descriptions for retailers

      -copy for various pages of websites

      -"How To" articles that explain the process of making a craft/product or doing a task

      -articles that explain the purpose of a service

      -travel articles for tourism sites

      -guests posts for bloggers that just don't have the time to write everyday

      -marketing copy for businesses

      I hope this list helps to give you an idea of how you can start making money as a freelancer. Those are just a few of the different types of writing jobs out there right now. If you have a chance to visit any of the forums that I listed above, there are tons of posts in the archives that can assist you even further. Best of luck with your endeavors!

    • preacherdon profile image

      preacherdon 6 years ago from Arkansas

      Thanks for the info, January. I'm glad you answered the question about what kinds of articles I can write and sell because tat is what I was going to ask. Of course, if you have more specific ideas, I'd love to hear them. Vote up and useful.


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