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'Friend' - A Word in Retrospective

Updated on May 24, 2017

A word in the dictionary called 'Friend'

I smiled, I laughed, I played, and I ran unabashedly in togetherness,

And I learnt for the first time at an age of tiny tenderness,

That Friend is a word in my world.

I bloomed, I shone, I lit up in my luminescent world,

I wrote poetry on the depths of comradry ways,

I established Friend as a word to hold on to.

I branched out, I looked forward, and thereafter I progressed,

From the innocent simplicities I, ever so merely, digressed,

I learnt Friend is an old word.

I stumbled, I dragged, I survived with mouthful of dirt and dusts,

Some hands helped me gather some of me in spurts,

Friend was now a reinstated word.

I could but barely hold on to those strings in any harmony,

As I got disintegrated again, and now my pieces were many,

I scrambled for the friendly word.

I found a word of unassuming assurance that went beyond,

I fell even deeper though in an abyss, losing my last bond,

My assurance was, my word wasn't.

And thus, I try, to merely be, for the few souls who live by me,

I had a responsibility, though hoped for some hands around me,

Alas, I learnt Friend was just a word.


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