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Friends will be friends right until the end.

Updated on June 24, 2015

Friends will be friends right till the end.


Friends will be friends right till the end.

Friends will be ‎friends till the end.

Smiling faces deceive.

Laughter increases the chance of the kill.

Who should you trust?


When you have mastered your weaknesses

and strengths, you are in an adequate position

to trust another soul.

When we trust, we love, perhaps that is the reason

when someone we love let's us down.


Love is unconditional.

Love is patient.

Love wishes you well.

Love hurts and feels our pain.

Love has nothing to loose yet our happiness.

Love waits for us to heal.

Love is blind, it sees no evil.

Love speaks no evil of another.

Love hears evil, yet chooses not to react.

Love created us.

We cherish that which is closest to us.

We live to see another day, that is grace.

The thoughts we harbour in our hearts

which cone to life in our minds, shaping our


What are the elements in our reality‎?

Our heritage.

Our mother, father, our siblings.

All the memories we have collected over time.

Accumulated knowledge.


What ever we desire, should it be in our world and


Happiness is suttle ‎yet beautiful maternally.

Happiness is the seed of love, and a better

tomorrow .

Happiness is hope and faith.

Happiness is a reflection of our past, tomorrow

as well as our future.


Guides us.

Encourages us.

Builds our trust in mankind.

Friendship gives us a penny, when all we needed

was ‎a dime.

Friendship is our extended family.

Friendship never compromises.

Friendships values our exsistance.

Friendship is faithful.


Life is hurdled with obstacles, curve balls and

unexpected disappointments, getting your heart


Bein‎g displaced from work.

Losing your home.

Having your cat repossessed.

Accumulating debt, living from hand to mouth.

No longer affording to take your children to a

private school and university.

Living life having a job paying you minimum

wages‎, knowing that you will never be able to go

in your dream holiday in this life time.


Waiting to pass on,dreaming of a better life in

Heaven‎, because life is a living Hell.

As far as I believe paradise is earth, no matter

what challenges we may face.


‎Are injustice.

Yet as long as we have breathe, your life is

precious .

No one can live your life for you.

No matter how tough life can be,‎ pray for truth

Strength love comfort and blessings of love to

come ‎your way.

Never give up

Even if you feel hopeless.

Get down on your knees, close your eyes,

meditate , pray and ask the Lord and universe

for mercy and kindness from the fellow humans

In ‎your reality.

Friends will be friends right till the the end.

Gods Poet nkosi


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