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Friendships and more?

Updated on July 28, 2014

Starry night

An insight into something you probably have missed..

Life spins us through different directions,
There being no end to the quest.
We hunt for exciting new ventures,
Effortlessly rushing through the trace.
While we meet and greet new characters,
We end up playing some roles,
There are times we redefine our originality,
Indeed to gel with the flow.
In those cool hashtags and updates,
There are glimpses of fun,
Many more moments and feelings,
With a mere new photo or a pun.
Interesting faces, beautiful people,
There is no shortage of those who amaze us,
Shortage exists though, not just another one,
Lack of real gemstones, just a handful of some,
Somehow we lose them, in our race to the throne,
We battle with our instincts to give up the ‘gone’.
In this stupid conquest of winning new hearts,
What we misplace are those backdated parts,
Folks who were once our besties and mates,
But today we skip those heart-felt beats,
In this hasty chase to the superficial ‘next'...



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