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Updated on October 26, 2015

Pinned Down

PTSD in Dreams
PTSD in Dreams | Source

I awake frozen unable to move

Scared stiff - you have just whispered in my ear

My name, a threat, even a caress

Chills, Panic, Unable to breathe, FEAR

You have me pinned down.

What's next - Kill or caress

Trying to move on, I've let you win

Why is my life still a mess

Abusive nightmares prove too much

Fearfulness lays just under the surface

Sweet caress, A loving touch

These I don't understand......


Scared stiff
Scared stiff | Source

Are they fantasies I wish were true

Or lost memories from so long ago?

Too little, Too late, Too few

Trauma, Fear, Hurt over Rule.


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      Lola 3 years ago

      Too many coitpmmenls too little space, thanks!