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From Thoughts Composed.

Updated on December 25, 2009


From thoughts composed.      

Man is the symphony
God is the conducter
the soul is the instrument
that plays the choices given
within the measures granted
to all humans on earth

often many perform badly
screeching defiance
by sowing dis-chords
in the melodies of life
or muting the loveliness
of God's greatest performances
by blocking their ears to it

but then there are many others
who play heavenly arrangements
that make God smile at
whole groups in harmony
with his wishes directed
as he nods approval
at their beautiful renderings
of life, and love, and joy

man can be part of the sin-phonies
playing the darkest dirges and
leading others to dance with the devil
or man can be part of the symphonies of God
playing glorious renditions of
the highest merit inspiring all

It is freewill granted
to each who use their souls
as instruments in an
endless parade
of mankind
wrapped in the colors
of thier faiths
marching ever onward
into eternity.






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