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Updated on June 29, 2016

Unearth me
in this rose-filled haven
so you would know me before May ends a bit
and my name would only be your hint.)

Embrace me
with the tightest of hugs after mist diffusion
so you would be addicted with its sugary aroma
(l'll give you ten seconds;
and another, but not on this same chair

Judge me
if you feel it's silliness to hold your hands
while faking the moments with an affable face
if you believe the familiar scent was just stolen
while feasting beyond its temptation,

Replace me
if indulge the lure of cheat;
if you judge me correctly;
with someone sweeter than my name
when you first hear it
all the hugs, the aroma and the haven will
tarnish completely
And after you curse me.

Select me again
with no more thorns and withered roses
for us to resume our half-sealed promises
But remember my name
before we take this test one-seat apart


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