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Full Time Floozy, the song.

Updated on April 6, 2015
Floozy in training!
Floozy in training!

Full Time Floozy

By George Bogosian

I’m not too pretty and I’ve ain’t got no money.

Can’t’ seem to find a girl that’ll call me honey.

They make’m every day so there must be one for me.

but I can’t be too choosey.

Goin’ find me a full time floozy.


Well, I found me this woman and she looks real fine

But that was after some beers and a bottle of wine

I said, listen woman, I got this idea

You’re feelin’ kinda’ woozy

Just come and be my, full time floozy?


She met the folks and that was real nice

My dad took me aside and said son I got some advice

The girl looks bad…. she don’t know how to speak

And I far as I can see…. she needs a few more teeth.


Now she can’t cook but she can burn toast

But I just can’t help lovin’ that woman the most

She makes bad coffee and she can’t even boil water

If it don’t work out…..

I think I’ll ask her daughter.


Now I know you think I’m just some dope

But let me tell you a thing or two my folks

She’ll never leave me, even if Elvis made her an offer

She couldn’t be too choosy

She’s made me her full time floozy.


You see, she’s not too pretty and she ain’t got no money.

Can’t’ seem to find a fella that’ll call her honey.

They make’m every day so there must be one for her.

but she couldn’t be too choosey.

She made me her full time floozy.

(copyright by George Bogosian)

Tender Goodbyes

George Bogosian, "Tender Goodbyes" CD.
George Bogosian, "Tender Goodbyes" CD.


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    • bigocean profile image

      George Bogosian 2 years ago from New England

      Tender Goodbyes is my latest CD and there are some good tunes here. They're in the country, folkish, acoustic genre. You'll enjoy some, I'm sure.