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Full of Life

Updated on September 5, 2014

Push the limits beyond capacity

Scaring the piss out of your enemy

Soar above all of the endless push back

Just roll all of your cares straight off the track

Fight with the depths of inner depression

Crush it to pieces with full aggression

Screw the ones that are only bent to hurt

Steal enormous passion that seems inert

Steer focus on only what means the most

Counteract the cost with a friendly toast

Enter the darkness without any fear

Light it all up with your very own cheer

Such is this life full of so many lies

Fill it up with eternal endless cries

Exhaust yourself to hold it together

As it all floats away like a light feather

For now I just want to drink alone

In perfect silence only I will own

Let the beautiful big ole world spin on

Forgetting all the souls who fall like pawns

Waste away in the dark of the long night

Sure it is to someone's perfect delight....


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