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Funny Jokes and humor

Updated on October 29, 2012

Laugh your way out !! :D ha ha and he he

Swordsmen and the Fly:

Once in a kingdom a King organises a competition to find the best Swordsmen the country has. He makes a announcement saying: 'I invite the best swordsmen to the competition, come and display your Skills'.

On the competition day, many Swordsmen turn up and the King says 'I will leave a fly in the air and the swordsman who can cut the fly with his sword more precise at once, wins the competition' Hearing that they need to cut a fly with the sword, may swordsmen back off, leaving only three courageous men to try their skills out.

First man: Comes and Swings his sword, the Fly falls in the ground in two pieces. Every one claps and cheers for him.

Second Man: Comes and swings his sword, the Fly falls to the ground in four pieces. A loud roar of cheer spreads across.

Third Man: Come ans swings his sword, the Fly still keeps flying. Everyone laughs at him.

The King in anger asks the third man, you couldn't even kill the Fly with your sword ?

He smiles and says 'I did show my skill My Lord and my cut was finest of the all, The FLY will never be a Father again, '

And everyone smiles and Third Man wins :D

Lender and the borrower

Once a worried husband was walking tensed within his house from one corner to the other, continuously .

Seeing this his wife asks him, why are you so worried and walking continuosly. Looking at his wife, the husband slowly says, I borrowed money from the lender and now I don't have a single penny to pay him back. And I don't think I can pay that amount back to him ever.

The wife listening to it says, Just go and say that to the lender, and see what happens, no worth in just moving around here.

The hubby agrees and goes to the Lender and comes back smiling. His wife asks him eagerly that what was the Lenders reaction ?

The husband says: Now he is walking around his house, worried :D

Innocent and the Flight:

One holiday Innocent decides to go on a vacation and he books a Flight ticket.

As the day comes, Innocent boards the flight and takes his seat on the Flight.

After sometime the captain makes a annoucement and says that there is some fault with the Flight and they are trying to find the issue.

Listening to it Innocent starts looking all around the flight. And suddenly starts yelling, I found it , I found the problem, Yipeee !!

Listening to it the crew member comes to him and asks surprisingly: 'Tell us Sir what you found?'

On this Innocent says: 'All the seats have pilots only the seat three rows behind me doesn't has one, which is why the Flight is not taking off :D'


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