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Funny Volleyball Quotes and Sayings

Updated on August 28, 2015

Funny Volleyball Quotes

You do not discover this page accidentally, you are here because you love or you hate the volleyball game. Let me introduce a fresh collection of cute volleyball quotes full of fun and some real lessons. You can put these funny volleyball sayings on your T-shirts, make a badge or stick on photos for your Tumble, Facebook or Instagram account.

Cute Volleyball Quotes!

  1. Volleyball: A pleasure for dads and a curse for moms.
  2. After a long drive, snowstorm, traffic, heavy wind and a 2 minute shower, now I am ready for my volleyball game.
  3. Last night I was able to swing by the gym and test the healing of the broken wrist. I was able to do quite a number of exercises but the real test was taking the volleyball and knocking it around to see how it responds.
  4. I wrestled volleyball because I love bacon.
  5. I played Volleyball unclothed... that's the definition of the Awkward.
  6. It's so weird during volleyball season friends/parents from other schools act so stupid, but off season they just love to come up to me and hug and shake my hands.
  7. I'm too fat to play volleyball. The knee pads fit but squeeze my legs and make them look weird but still I can’t give up.
  8. Basketball, Krumping, Rapping, Popping and locking, volleyball, cricket, nerd, weird, I mean perfect combination, and I am all of the above.
  9. Watching old volleyball videos makes me realize how stupid I was for quitting!
  10. Problems of a volleyball coach: When you are almost asleep and you think up a new line up to try at practice.
  11. That's a shameful moment when there are like 20 different games of Volleyball on the beach and you can’t play in a single one.
  12. After volleyball practice when I was taking a shower I was so tired that I put body wash in my hair!
  13. Watching all this volleyball is making me miss my Thursday night volleyball. Stupid shoulder! If anyone has one to spare, I'll take it.
  14. I'm having volleyball withdrawals. I haven't played since the pre turkey day tourney. But no really I miss you volleyball please come back into my life soon.
  15. People get too crazy over the volleyball tournaments. Like seriously, it's a game. You're not winning money. Calm down.
  16. I barely got out of school and all sweaty from gym class. Silly people can't play volleyball sometimes.
  17. Calm down, we are just friends.
  18. That awkward moment when volleyball is so much hotter than a football bowl game.
  19. So I am at my naughty son’s volleyball team banquet and I am the only single parent here, this is the most embarrassed moment I have had all month.
  20. Quitting volleyball is 100 times more difficult than quit smoking.
  21. You are free to use my name as a slogan for your volleyball team promotion.

Mom to kid: what did you ask Santa For?

The kid replies: Volleyball because I wanted to see if he knew that was weird coming from me since I love soccer.

Which among the following words is associated with the game of volleyball?

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My volleyball story

I want to go to the past days when I was the student of class 10. Especially at the interval time, we used to play volleyball in the school ground. Some of the ex-students from the school also used to come to play. They used to shout us if we did not play well. Most of the times they used to call us by our nickname, it used to make me hurt. One day, they made me out from the team. I did not able to bear any more. I threw the ball towards a friend and went to the office.

Then, I complained to the Head teacher about the behavior of the ex-students. The Head teacher smiled at me and said you did well. The priority should be to the school students. Don't worry. Since tomorrow, no ex-students will be allowed to disturb the school students during the school time." The Head teacher’s words made me happy. I went to the ground. The ex-students were playing. When they saw me, they said, "what a stupid boy!" Here is my question to my post readers. How do you evaluate the ex-students' and my behavior here?


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    • profile image

      Sami 4 years ago

      Spent almost 5 hours today downloading and taking volleyball courses, and I am only half done because the stupid site crashed!

    • profile image

      Beth Kara 4 years ago

      These new NBA jerseys look like they stole their sisters volleyball shirt.