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Funny things that people say in their sleep

Updated on June 29, 2012

Subconcious ramblings can be delightful

My partner is always talking in his sleep. I often wonder what he is dreaming about because they seem such ordinary things like "can you sharpen my pencil? This one is blunt" and "I've told you once already" and once he sat up in bed, looked at me with bleary eyes and asked me "are we there yet?"

All very humerous you will feel and also you may be tempted to initiate a conversation with the sleeping person to find out any secrets that they may inadvertently tell you whilst under the influence of slumber.

Sometimes he seems to be asking me some type of question each time and I answer him but he says he never remembers in the morning. Once I woke up with him pushing me out of the bed asking me if "I had done it yet?" I asked him what I was supposed to do and he kept saying the same thing. In the end I said "yes I have done it now" and that seemed to satisfy him and he went back to sleep.

I on the other hand do a lot of sleepwalking. Apparently I talk in my sleep as well but mostly I walk around the house with no clothes on, hiss like a snake, and walk about opening all the upstairs windows.

Hubby has locks on all the windows now because he is frightened I am going to fall through one in the night. He says I am far more interesting at night than I am during the day but it is a worry for him. We have to double lock the front door from inside now as I try to get out in the night too! He says I am a happy soul and often wake him up just laughing in my sleep and I know that is true because I often wake myself up doing that.

Often times during the sleepwalking incidents I am told that I appear to be looking for something and I often feel intrigued as to what it could have been. I may be found crouching on the floor intent on something unseen by the other person or I may simply walk from one corner of the room to the other, constantly touching ornaments, and running my hands over the tops of the table or over the back of chairs etc.

When I was younger and shared a room with my sister she told me that many times I would appear to wake and then sit myself in the "lotus" position for half an hour or more each time. Or move about and do the usual "looking for something" sleepwalking routine. She told me that it felt very strange to watch me, knowing that I was totally asleep whilst I was doing these things.

It makes you wonder what goes on in our subconscious whilst we sleep. I figured it could be that our computer like brain is sifting through old memories and cleaning out old useless information and filing all the new experiences and making sense of it all whilst it has a bit of spare time. It is a comforting thought that while we sleep our brain is still looking after us, monitoring our body processes, and keeping our minds trim and in good shape preparing us for the next day for when we wake up.


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    • janeallyson profile image

      janeallyson 5 years ago

      I was so scared that I was going to end halfway up the road one night and not even realise what I was doing... yes it was worrysome for my other half but gradually he just got used to it. I find that by making myself properly comfortable at night (propping up the pillows) and drinking a warm drink, does make a difference to my quality of sleep. We have a spare room now to use if I cannot get settled properly at night. A quick transferance over to the spare bed ensures that at least one of us is going to get some proper sleep. There are ways to manage sleep disturbance (I tend to wake up more when I ramble now) but a good sense of humour, sensible precautions and consideration for each other can go a long way to easing tension.

    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      I can imagine that this can be very funny to witness....and I can imagine that it is not so funny if your "sleep" ramblings are constantly waking others. I would also think that it would be a little scary if you ever did get out the door, etc.

      Enjoyed reading this.