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GRACE Sweet Grace

Updated on September 18, 2009

The omnipotent presence descended to Earth

By a virgin birth,

came not in judgement,

but as a testament,

of the Fathers'eternal Love,

from His majestic palace above.

Unmerited favor he bestowed upon humanity

from the right hand of God's divinity.

He gave a snow white waiver

for mankind's fallen nature.

Unmatched in servitude or sacrifice

He paid in full the ultimate price.

Supreme savior,

gave anchor for the lost in carnal behavior.

Not even the hallows of hell,

Could shake nor stir His fervent faith

and reverent prayer.

He gave hope to the hopeless,

healed the sick and the lame,

raised Lazarus from the dead as claim,

to His Blessed Sacrament,

Comforted those in heart stricken lament,

Fed the hungry,

Sight to the blind,

Mercy to the guilty,

with dove like humility.

To All who believe Him to be the Christ,

The Only begotten Son of true Paradise,

Lord of Heavenly Host,

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.....


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  • profile image

    Michael Achilles 7 years ago

    @Actioncameron.....Yes, Plese do so. Thank you!!

  • Actioncameron profile image

    Actioncameron 7 years ago from Prince George, BC

    Love it. Sweet...Can I share it with a friend?

  • Acquilles profile image

    Acquilles 8 years ago from Lucknow

    gr8 hub

    keep up the gud spirit