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Updated on November 2, 2011

Teaching the world to sing

Inspired by my journey for peace in a chaotic world~

As a poet and writer, this is one of my writings that is requested often. Written in mid-west dialect, this poem describes the illusion that human beings live by trusting in material things while separating human kind by belief systems that divide the human race.

As the world turns I hope your journey inspires & enlightens others, as I attempt to inspire you and keep you on your toes!

Let's go. CAN YOU HEAR IT?


He speaking to all ya'll.  Can You Hear It?
He speaking to all ya'll. Can You Hear It? | Source
Open your eyes and see what's occurring around your space.
Open your eyes and see what's occurring around your space. | Source


This world is going crazy

men, women, any race,

old and young both

amaze me

Is it where I’m from?.. Maybe

But things are looking kinda grim and shady

Hidden agendas on everybody’s angle

Got me looking around trying to figure out

Who’s out to strangle me

I’m feeling vibes tryin to untangle

Decipher who tellin' truth,

Who sellin' lies...

How many soldiers really died?

How many mothers really cried?

I find my truth is on the inside

where God speakin' to all ya’ll

Can you hear him?

He has many tongues

Reachin' Buddhist, Christians, Jews and


See, I can hear 'em &

not too many pay'in attention

but if you slow up, it's not about religion..

or man's decision

We all can feel 'em... There is only ONE.

yet we run to materials

with spiritual collision


mere confusion &


Open your eyes and see what’s

Occurring around your space

Negative energy can easily replace

That spiritual place

We all love to embrace

I know you can feel it

I can see it in your face

So why is this world so crazy?

Isn't the world the people?

Is it just where I’m from? Maybe

But things are looking kinda grim and shady

What happen to that song..

“I love to teach the world to sing.?”

Or buy a coke..

Media advertising products as a hoax

Taught me to spend my money on a soft drink

Not that brotha that’s homeless and broke

My spirit was not at all provoked

By those lies…

I transferred in my mind,

It can only be provoked

by the righteously DIVINE

and that’s not a hoax…

God speakin' to all ya’ll

To everyone

I know you can hear 'em

He has many tongues

But there is only ONE

Will the world end?

or has it just begun?

Hell on earth

or is it a bless'n?

Do you live and learn

Or do you just get your lesson?

What’s the secret to death?

Is it so scary?

Return to the earth cremated or buried

Reincarnation, myth or truth?

Would I’d be better off as a savor tooth?

No money, no technology

Just the land and me

While humanity destroys my land and sea

Depleting all my resources as well

They got wood for sale

Water for sale

Veggies for sale

Fish on sale

Materialistic society goes to hell

We trust in the dollar bill,

No prayer in schools

money says E Pluribus Unum

No prayer, no church and state mix?

But then tell me who is this St. Nick ?

torture is just if it saves us

Is what you’re telling us?

But your dollar bill reads


Went right over and Bombed Iraq

“In God we trust” signs were bought by the packs

This world is going out of her mind

'amma sit back decipher it,

Try to find

A lesson while I’m learnin’

Stayin' away from hell

while I’m on earth burnin’

when the truth hurts

that divine intervention,

wants my full attention

Where I can go to that other dimension

Where peace runs deep in my spirit……

Can you hear it ?

Can you hear it?


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