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Game O Lar Data Saga: Sweetie Ain't

Updated on May 3, 2017
movielardatadare profile image

This author has a Bachelor's in Psychology (Baylor University) and a Doctorate in Reso Froth (Resolamb Castle). He enjoys writing.

"Are you down with that, sweetie?"

"No way, Boss Lavender."

"You say no to me? Your boss? What about all those times I've kept you from getting fired, you ungrateful brat?! That's it! You're fired! Don't ever come to work anymore. I had a feeling you'd probably say no, so I've left your check at Green Bear's home. You can consider that your last paycheck, buddy! Good riddance!"

Boss Lavender is clearly upset. She turns around and storms away. Oh well. RJ looks at another of Nisipa's maps. RJ makes it to Green Bear's home. Green Bear never locks his doors. RJ finds his last paycheck inside. RJ's new career is Unemployed. Ergo, he'll collect an unemployment check. After all, he's paid numerous taxes all of those years while he was employed. He deserves to get to collect an unemployment check.

Rowlomon Jr.

Amount: 395 shekels

Attitude: Grateful

Notes: Hasn't worked for a good while now, but I figure I might as well give him this paycheck because he has such an excellent track record. Hopefully he'll return soon.

Signed: Boss Lavender

RJ notices something else in Green Bear's home. Could it be the GKSK White Sword of Eternity? How did Green Bear acquire it? RJ picks up the Sword. Rowlomon Jr.'s stats have improved. His toughness is 900 of 900. His power is 900 of 900. His intellect is perfect. His charisma is 50 of 100. His defense is 900 of 900.

Incoming Sophdual Message: Bodacious job! RJ! Yayer! Okay, now it's time for you to go meet up with Green Bear. There's no telling where he's at right now, so be careful, dude.

Jeremie, loyal member of Serpent POC, notices RJ walking. Jeremie tries to fire at RJ, but RJ's sword deflects the Daggers and one of them hits Jeremie. Jeremie was destroyed in Sivan 5962 by his own Dagger intended for Rowlomon Jr. RJ is a powerhouse. RJ finds Green Bear. Green Bear speaks to RJ.

"What's up, RJ? Glad to see you found me, broski! Old Lady told me to let you know that she mailed a package to you. You're gonna need to go to the Underwater Post Office and get whatever it is. She said it'll make you feel much better than you do right now."

"Thanks, Green Bear. I'll be sure to check it out and see what she left me."

RJ is struggling with heavy depression. All he wants to do is sleep the night away, then sleep the day away. The problem is that he hasn't been reading his Bible like he should have. After all, the Bible brings hope and peace when read on a regular basis. He makes it to the Underwater Post Office. He finds the package. Could it be the Edible Key of Hope? RJ tries to open the box, but it won't open at all. Looks like he needs some kind of special key to open the Edible Key of Hope. Looks like Locksmith Rill may be the man for the job. He can make a key to open just about anything.

Update! Wow, it's been quite a bit of success since I wrote this, eh?! I want to say thanks to all of my fans who were with me way back then! You women and men are the reason my stuff is so successful right now. I promise ya'll that I won't go pop. I'll make sure that my stuff doesn't become too popular. I'll keep it underground, ya'll know that, baby!


Boss Lavender is dead. Rowlomon Jr., Green Bear, Nisipa, Old Lady, and Locksmith Rill are also all deceased.

That's one of the things that makes my storyline so awesome. Just like in real life, the characters actually die. No one is safe from death in my storyline. That includes the character I play, Gurmanaffe! Although Gurmanaffe is superhuman, not even he is safe from death! Cool, huh?!

July Conversation between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

In Verse 6, the wicked will want to commit suicide and die. However, they will not be able to. They will suffer miserably.

In Verse 7, the locusts are very strange looking. These are creatures that we've never seen before.

In Verse 10, the strange looking locusts will hurt the wicked people for 5 months. 5 months actually equals out to 150 days.

In Verse 11, the locusts have a king over them. Their king is the angel of the bottomless pit. Satan is the angel of the bottomless pit. In Hebrew, Satan's name is "Abaddon." Abaddon means "destroyer." In Greek, Satan's name is "Apollyon." Apollyon means "destroyer."

I knew Apollyon and Abaddon were the names for Satan. I had to read it a couple of times to understand it more fully. Thank you, Dr. B.R. Lar. Thank You, God the Father and thank You, Son of David. I have faith that there is no condemnation in me. I have the 10 Commandments on my mind at all times. Amen! Thank you, God, for what you are doing in my life. God is awesome. I love you, Jesus.

Thank you, Dr. B.R. Lar.

No problem, brother!

In Verse 15, four angels will be loosed in the future. They will slay 1/3 of all humanity. Think about that. 1/3 of all the wicked people on earth will be slain.


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