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Game of Thrones Deaths so Far

Updated on August 21, 2017

The Saddest Game of Thrones Deaths

Losing characters in Game of Thrones is something a lot of fans have gotten used to since season 1. No character is safe, even the ones we think are going to make it to the end. Some, we are glad to see go - the villains and the assholes who plot against our favorite characters. But then there are the ones we shed tears to see die. Here are the saddest "Game of Thrones" Deaths so far:

Lord Eddark "Ned" Stark - Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North & Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon

He was on the promo shot in season 1 so he can't die...Wrong! This was probably the saddest death in the "Game of Thrones" series. Ned was the most honorable man in the show and he never wavered. He always stayed on the side of 'good' and that's what inevitably caused his death at the hands of the the evil Joffrey (eh, that bastard). However, his death sent the entire cast of characters into a tailspin and really heightened the stakes. Still, we'll all always miss the honorable Ned Stark. It's good to see his surviving children remembering his legacy and trying to follow a noble path. This far into the series and the guy still has some major influence - RIP Ned.

Khal Drogo

It wasn't how anyone pictured Drogo getting taken out, at all! Being one of the most feared warriors in the world and the leader of a Dothraki hoard - we thought, (if he would die at all), that it would be in a major battle. We were very wrong. Daenerys' Sun and Stars died because of a festering wound, after the young Khalissi decided that one of their captured 'slaves' would be good at fixing wounds. I guess she didn't really think that one through, having a good heart and all. The witch not only made the great Khal like a zombie, she also killed their unborn child, 'the stallion who would mount the world' - Rhaego. Seeing her once mighty husband lying there essentially just a shell, Daenerys gave him the only mercy she knew how to - she smothered him. This death also had to happen in order for Daenerys to become 'The Mother of Dragons'. His legacy lives on through the Drogo - Daenerys largest and most favored dragons.

Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch

Another honorable dude we thought would last. He put the brotherhood of the Night's watch ahead of all things in his life, abandoning his family and titles. He had a strong connection with Jon Snow and was beloved by most of the Watch. Sadly, in the end, it was his own men that ended his life at Crastor's keep. It was a sad way to see someone so dedicated to a cause die essentially because of that very cause. His legacy will live on through 'Longclaw', the Valerian steel sword he gifted to Jon Snow - a sword that has proven to be very important.

Those Lost at the Red Wedding:

Robb Stark, Lord of Winterfell & King in the North

He really tried to follow the example of his father and made great work of the battlefield but sadly, it was love that basically paved the way to his death. He had promised himself to one of Walder Frey's daughters but fell in love with Talisa, a high-born from across the Narrow Sea. He married her and it seemed all war plans and plots were far from his thoughts. He actually believed in the old laws: "You cannot harm a guest in your home". Walder Frey had other plans along with the devious Roose Bolton. Robb met his end from Frey Crossbows after watching his pregnant wife die horrifically from being stabbed in the stomach. It was a sad, sad day.

Catelyn Stark, Lady of Winterfell & Mother to the King in the North

This woman, also honorable, lived for her children and would do just about anything to see them all safe. She made some mistakes, one being freeing Jaime Lannister. She was the last one standing in the Frey Hall after seeing all her men killed and her son shot. In the end, she still showed strength, snatching Walder Frey's latest wife and putting a knife to her neck. Frey wasn't swayed and so his men slit her throat. I kept waiting for her to show back up in the series as 'Lady Stoneheart', as from the novels but I guess it's a day we'll never see. At least she got to slap Roose Bolton in the face before she died.

Talisa Stark, Queen of the North

This one was innocent. All she did was fall in love. Sadly for her, love seems to put a target on your back (or stomach), when you're in the Seven Kingdoms.


This one was one of the toughest of the episode for me. Sure, most of the Stark bannerman died but Greywind was a Dire Wolf. The awful, (and cowardly) Frey's shot the innocent animal with crossbows while he was locked inside a kennel. Afterward, they cut off the wolf's head and sowed it onto Robb's body. They were some sick assholes. We will always remember Greywind ripping off that one guy's fingers when he tried to talk shit. We'll miss you, sweet dire wolf.


Oberyn Martell

This one hit hard. The character was introduced and immediately loved. He had a huge blood grudge against the Lannister's and 'The Mountain', since they caused the death of his sister and her children. Just when you think he's going to get his revenge, dancing around, showing off his skills with a spear against the beast that is 'The Mountain' - he gets too cocky and knocked down. Not only was his death sad because he was such a likable character, but it was gruesome as hell. Poor Oberyn - at least he got to travel the world before his untimely demise.


The wildling girl that took Jon Snow's virginity and always reminded him that he 'knows nothing'. Their romance, however brief, was still very adorable. Even when she had the chance to end Jon Snow with arrows, she chose not to. It seemed that he wasn't going to be able to kill her but the psycho boy didn't have a problem shooting an arrow into her. She died in Jon's arms and it was terribly sad. Poor Jon has one hell of a rough time.

Jojen Reed

This kid wasn't cut out to be beyond the wall but he went anyway. Using some 'psychic' skills and such, he led Bran to his true destiny of becoming the "Three-Eyed Raven". He was such a lovable character, too soft for the harsh world of Westeros and the even harsher world beyond the wall. He was killed getting Bran to the cave by Wight monsters that came leaping from beneath the snow. He had always known his fate, but went anyway and that my friends, is bravery.

Mance Rayder, The King Beyond the Wall

Yeah, he was the leader of the entirety of the Wildling forces but he did the impossible - he united those vastly different tribes of people to focus on their common enemy - the White Walkers. Even though he was deserter of The Night's Watch, he seemed like a pretty good guy. He just wanted freedom. Even in the end, knowing his fate, he didn't bow to King Stannis. Jon Snow saved him the awful fate of being burned alive by shooting him with an arrow. He knew who the real enemies were and in the end, it was probably his pride that killed him.

Shireen Baratheon

This one was rough. Her own parents had her burned alive at the word of Melisandre, the Red Woman. In the books, King Stannis never allows this to happen to his daughter so it was shocking when it occurred on the show. She was just a sweet little girl who taught Lord Davos how to read. It seemed that she had a place in Stannis's cold heart up until that moment - proving he really was a stone-hearted ass.

Jon Snow

Even though we got him back, watching him die was certainly one of the hardest deaths in GOT. He did everything he could to make everyone get the hell along but some people are just assholes who like to live in the past. A small group of his own men stabbed him to death, including the little kid he was fond of - making it that much more ruthless. Maybe we can forgive 'The Red Woman' for all her crimes since she brought a series favorite back to life, or maybe not. Either way, it was a relief to see Jon Snow back, enabling him to say, "His watch has ended".


Another dire wolf lost. It was so sad to see that even in his final moments, Summer would do anything to save Bran. He was overwhelmed by a hoard of the undead and killed. He was a great wolf that saved Bran from that assassin in season one and continued to protect him throughout his entire journey.


Talk about a 'wtf' moment. Poor Hodor wasn't born with the inability to speak as we saw in Bran's vision. Instead, it was actually Bran's abilities that caused him to only be able to say his name 'Hodor' - which was short for 'hold the door', the way he dies. He holds the door so Bran and Meera Reed can escape the hoard of the undead. His death was incredibly sad but it showed us not only what Bran can do, but the dangers of his abilities.

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Tribute to Ned Stark

Everyone knew what this place was, and no one told me. No one but you. My father knew, and left me to rot at the Wall, all the same.

— Jon Snow
Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington
Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington | Source

The Ones who had it Coming

Not every death in "Game of Thrones" is sad. Some are actually really anticipated. Some characters are so awful, it's actually rewarding to see them die. Here the bad ones we've lost and why they really had it coming:

Viserys Targaryen

Eh, this guy was just a dick. He was killed by Khal Drogo giving him when he kept on demanding - a crown. Drogo poured molton gold on his head, killing him and also proving that - "He is no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon". Why he had it coming:

  • He was mean to Daenerys all the time, especially when he told her that he would let all the Dothraki f*ck her, even their horses, if it would get him his crown.
  • He actually slapped Daenerys and was physically abusive to the prostitute girl he bought.
  • The creepy fetish he had with his sister and his all around bad behavior towards everyone anyone him.
  • The guy was arrogant for no reason and wasn't afraid to let everyone see it.
  • He even threatened Daenerys and Drogo's child with a knife - the guy sucked!


He was butchered by men of the Night's Watch. Even though they were pulling a mutiny, Craster still really had it coming because:

  • He married his own daughters and was mean as hell to all his wife-daughters (gross)
  • To ensure no other males would rise against him, he sacrificed all his male sons to the White Walkers.
  • He was rude to the Night's Watch and always demanded they give him shit. He talked down to Jeor Mormont, Jon Snow & Sam. He was an all around POS. Nobody was sad to see him go.

Joffrey Baratheon

Every fan clapped and rejoiced when this character finally met his end at his own wedding, choking to death on his own blood via poison. His death was probably the most hoped for of all the characters in the series. Among the MANY reasons he really needed to be sent to one of the seven hells were:

  • He executed Ned Stark.
  • He got 'Lady', Sansa's dire wolf killed and Nymeria (Arya's dire wolf) banished all because he was embarrassed he had no game with a sword. He also got the poor butcher's boy killed - all in one episode!
  • He made Sansa look at the decapitated head of her father and then made one of his guards smack her around - more than once. What a douche!
  • On almost a daily basis in King's Landing, he would humilate and beat Sansa via the hands of Merryn Trant.
  • He took sadistic pleasure in hurting everyone.
  • He made those two whores beat each other and then eventually killed one with a crossbow.
  • He was just the WORST!


Another sadistic asshole tied to the Bolton's and their dubious ways. His death was much anticipated as he was posing as a Night's Watch member. He was an asshole because he:

  • Cut off Jaime's Hand and made him wear it around his neck.
  • Forced Brienne of Tarth to fight a bear with only a wooden sword.
  • Said dicky things and was just downright mean.

Lysa Arryn

Catelyn Stark's loopy sister who was forever obsessed with none other than Littlefinger. She wasn't just a weirdo, she had a few screws loose and she:

  • Tried to have Tyrion thrown through 'The moon door'
  • Plotted with Littlefinger to have her own husband killed and a war between the Stark's and Lannisters.
  • Was going to push Sansa through the 'Moon Door' because she was jealous.

The Morons that 'killed' Jon Snow: Olly, Allister Thorne & some other dudes because:

  • They freaking killed Jon Snow!!

Ramsay Bolton

He was a sadistic little ass, kind of similar to Joffrey but a lot smarter. Watching him being mauled by his own ill-fed dogs was quite rewarding because he:

  • Raped and abused poor Sansa Stark
  • Murdered his own father Roose Bolton, who was an ass-hat- but still his dad!
  • Murdered poor fat Walda and his half-brother by using his dogs.
  • He was freaking mean to his pets and used them as weapons.
  • Shot Rickon Stark with an arrow after teasing him and Jon to be reunited.
  • Hunted down the girl that made his main-chick Myranda jealous and had her mauled by dogs.
  • Tortured Theon Greyjoy and removed his man parts after having two of his 'female friends' seduce him - seriously twisted dude!
  • Just a horrid person who maliciously hurt those around him and obviously enjoyed himself while doing so.

High Sparrow

He would've been nothing if Cersei wasn't such an idiot but she granted him power to have a pissing contest with Maegery Tyrell. It didn't work out so well for her. This guy had his amusing moments but he was a crazed fanatic who wanted everyone to live just like he did. Also he:

  • Imprisoned Loras Tyrell & his sister, the queen
  • Let his band of idiots shut down all the fun stuff in King's Landing
  • Let the septas torture the prisoners
  • Made Cersei do 'the walk of shame', (which I'll admit was amusing but only fueled her anger further)
  • Was really annoying and hearing him blab on was becoming seriously old.

Walder Frey

Arya Stark took him out in the most amazing way - using her faceless man skills and also first tricking him into eating his own kids in a pie. This guy thought he had it all figured out but he was really just a cowardly ass because:

  • He hosted the Red wedding, killing hundreds, including some series favorites. Also, having a defenseless pregnant woman stabbed in the stomach is some seriously twisted, ruthless shit.
  • Was a straight-up pervert.
  • Never did any of his own fighting, just plotting with others who had the balls to do what he couldn't.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton, played by Iwan Rheon
Ramsay Snow/Bolton, played by Iwan Rheon | Source

Other Lost Characters of GOT

There have been so many deaths in "Game of Thrones", it's hard to keep up with them. Some have been main characters, and others supporting ones. Here some of the other characters that have died in the series and the legacy, (if any), they left behind - including quotes, memorable scenes ect:

King Robert Baratheon

He knew he had his flaws but he lived with them anyhow. I mean - how would you feel if you had to be married to Cersei Lannister? His true beloved, Lyanna, had died before they could marry and it sparked his rebellion to win the iron throne. He succeeded but seemed to enjoy drinking and spending time with prostitutes more than actually 'being king'. Screw it, the guy knew how to party but he wasn't very aware of what was going on while he was at it. Some of his most memorable quotes that sum up who he was:

  • "I only know she was the only thing I ever wanted..someone took her away from me and seven kingdoms couldn't fill the hole she left behind".
  • To Ned, "I'm not trying to honor you. I'm trying to get you to run my kingdom while I eat, drink and whore myself to an early grave".
  • "I want the funeral feast to be the biggest the kingdom ever saw, I want everyone to taste the boar that got me".

Renly Baratheon

He tried to warn Ned Stark that Cersei would never let his brother's wishes be carried out, but honorable Ned wouldn't listen. Renly insisted that he would be a better king than his brother Stannis and many actually listened. He had armies, a queen and Loras Tyrell as his side-piece. He would've been a kind king, as was shown when Catelyn Stark visited his camp. Renly was caring towards the 'common folks', something few other Lords or Kings ever do in the series. His death, an odd one - being killed by the Shadow baby shaped as his own brother that came out of The Red Woman. He was loved by Loras, Brienne of Tarth and his people.

Olenna Tyrell

I loved her character. She was usually the smartest person in the room - and she knew it. It only made me like her more when I learned that she and Littlefinger plotted the death of the evil King Joffrey. Her death scene was a memorable one because she died with all of her wit and badassery still in place. She kept it harsh and she kept it real. Her death scene monologue was incredible but she had many other great quips of wisdom before her death:

  • "War is war but killing a man at a wedding? Horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing? As if men needed more reasons to fear marriage."
  • To Tywin, concerning her grandson Loras: "A sword-swallower through and through".
  • To Jaime just before her death, "Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me".

The Queen of Thorns

Olenna Tyrell, played by Diana Rigg
Olenna Tyrell, played by Diana Rigg | Source


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