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Games Women play

Updated on February 12, 2016

Asomugha was a made man, his business ranks from Auto parts, to Transportation, Import and Export company, he owns two small scale industries where he produced Table water and Cooking oil (Vegetable oil). He also has a farm/poultry.

He was a good man and everyone that knew him would argue that Asomugha cannot hurt a fellow human being, he loved kids and had the desire to set up a motherless babies home where orphaned children would be cared for.

One beautiful morning,a young lady named Rachel walked into his office in search of job and the moment he saw her, he felt magic because she was endowed with one thing he wanted in a woman; she was a damsel, too pretty to let go he thought.

He personally interviewed her...

Rachel was searching for work to enable her raise money to register for the University entrance examination. Asomugha saw in her a descent and vibrant young lady and just like the saying goes; Love at first sight. He fell in love with her. She didn't get the job she came for but she gained something else; A boyfriend.

Asomugha decided to sponsor Rachel's education and as they progressed, he made it clear that he would marry her and make her the General Manager of his business since she was studying Business Administration, he considered her his own backing since he didn't go to school.

Five years later...

Rachel graduated with second class honor after four years then did her service for the nation and Asomugha decided that it was time to settle down because the bone of his bones is now set to fit into his system. They planned a country kind of wedding which would commence on a Friday all through Sunday.

Friday 14th Sep: Dowry payment/ Traditional marriage
Saturday 15th Sep: White wedding
Sunday 16th Sep: Thanksgiving

Everything was going as planned and Rachel got her dream wedding dress from Paris, her parents got a large amount of money to make sure that no in-law of Asomugha is left behind in the wedding process. 14th of Sep was a good day and everything went as planned...

...then on the 15th Asomugha arrived at the church with his family and friends.

Guests trooped the church from far and wide, some friends came down from overseas to witness the wedding of this perfect gentleman with his beloved but Rachel didn't showed up. All effort to reach her or her immediate siblings were to no avail then after five hours of confusion, her father arrived at the church and this was what he came to say...

- I would have done this over the phone but as a man, i felt compelled to come here and do this man to man with you Asomugha, Rachel doesn't want to marry you and i cannot force her, i tried to persuade her but this morning, i woke up and saw the note she left for me and when i searched for her, i was informed that she left the house very early in the morning, she claimed that you are not educated and is not the type of man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I am sorry about this and beg you to find a place in your heart to forgive her.

Asomugha collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where he remained in coma for two months. Luckily, he survived but he bounced back incomplete and Doctor said that he is suffering from nervous breakdown.


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