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Yates Garden Guide Review

Updated on June 25, 2009

Yates Garden Guide -77th edition

Yates Garden Guide Review

I think the picture above says a lot about the book. Yates Garden Guide was first published in 1895 and till today about one million copies have been sold. This is a fantastic book. in my opinion every gardener should have one. Yates Guide is very colourful books explaining everything about the plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, garden designs, exotic plants, composting, weedkillers, fertilisers, etc. etc.

The beauty of this book is that it has been divided into different parts and each part is dedicated to specific parts of gardening. This book is also embedded with excerpts and advices from the professionals who have more than twenty years of experience. Yates Guide has a unique feature which gives month by month gardening calender, so even if you are not a great gardner you can do a lot with this help.


The introduction of the book gives a small introduction about the history of gardening in New Zealand and history of Yates. It tells in brief how Arthur Yates and his family started the business of yates seed. it also tells about the growth of the business and ups and downs they faced during the long history of yates business. It takes you down the memory lane in 1826 when the first store of yates was opened. it may not be of much importance to the garden but still is very interesting to know the history of company which is more than 100 years old.

Different Parts of Book

The book is divided in different parts and each part is designated with a specific purpose to serve. The parts of this Yates Guide are:

  1. Designing of garden
  2. Preparing and maintaining your garden
  3. Propagation of plants
  4. Growing your garden
  5. Kitchen gardening
  6. Gardening under special condition
  7. Gardening calender

Chapters of the book

  1. Aspect of Planning: This deals with the different formats and aspect to plan your garden. It is very helpful to design your garden depending on your needs, water requirement, plant requirement etc.
  2. Features for your garden: It is very useful if you want to add rock garden, terraces, glasshouse, barbecues and swimming pool and water features.
  3. Soil Compost and Worms: This chapter tells about the different soil types, soil structure, soil texture, organic matter, methods of composting, worm farming and other methods to improve the soil of your garden.
  4. Plant Nutirent and Fertilisers: This chapter deals with macro and micro nutirents in soil and the fertilisers and manure which you can use to improve the soil chemistry.
  5. The water Saving Garden: It gives very useful tips to save and preserve moisture in your garden. It tells you about the different types of mulches you can use in your garden.
  6. Pest, Diseases and weeds:This chapter deals with the management of pest, diseases and weeds in your garden. This provides with a very handy chart which guides you about the chemical to use to control pest and diseases in your garden.
  7. Sowing seeds and Raising seedlings: This is most important part of gardening and if you can grow plants from seeds you can save a lot of money. This is one of the chapter every gardener would like to learn.
  8. New plant from Old: It shows how you can grow new plant from the old ones using stem cutting, layering and plant divisions. A very helpful method to save a lot of money.
  9. The perfect lawn: This chapter describes the type of seed you should grow to get a perfect lawn.
  10. The flower garden:This is the most interesting and helpful chapter if you want to put colour to your garden.
  11. Flowering Bulbs: This chapter includes the true bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers
  12. Roses: If you love roses, this chapter will help you to learn about roses, pruning, planting and pest management.
  13. Perennials, vines and creepers: if you are big fan of perennials, vines and creepers; this chapter gives a detailed information about them including the pictures,
  14. Trees and shrubs : Of course this chapter include everything to manage trees and shrubs.
  15. New Zealand Native plants : This is a very special chapter dealing with the natives of new Zealand
  16. Gardening in containers : if you have a very limited space and do all your gardening in containers, this chapter can help to fulfill your wishes.
  17. Gardening for kids :This provides help to motivate kids to plant. This chapter also gives a detailed outline of the plants which kids can grow easily.
  18. Vegetables : In this time a self grown vegetable garden gives you a big satisfaction as well as save money. This chapter also deals with the pests and diseases on vegetables.
  19. Herbs : They can add spice to your food as well as your garden. If you know what to plant and when to plant, they add a lot to your garden beauty.
  20. Fruit trees and fruit plants : The best way to enjoy organic fruits and reduce carbon fruit print is to plant your own fruits in your backyard.
  21. Special Conditions : This chapter tells you how to grow plants in shade, dry or damp area. It also classify the plants depending upon your requirement.
  22. Special Plants: Thsi chapter deals with the plants like bromeliads, cactus, cycads, palms etc; their growth habits, climatic requirements and care.

Yates Gardening Calender

Yates Garden Guide in the end of book has a special chapter which deals with the planting of flowers, vegetables, trees etc throughout the year. It gives a flow chart of things you can do in one year.

Even if you do not belong to New Zealand, you can adjust the months from spring, summer, autumn and winter; and use the guide to plant your garden.

i acknowledge all the pictures i have taken from and thank all of them for their efforts


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