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Gems Of Time - My Response to Billybuc's Story Challenge # 2

Updated on February 5, 2020
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Nikki is writer of many short stories. Flash Fiction is another form which Nikki is exploring now.

Bill Holland (billybuc)'s Picture Prompt

This flash fiction is a response to Bill Holland's picture prompt to write a story related to the photos. Billybuc is such an impressive soul and a God-gifted writer. If we get stuck at some point, Bill is always around the nook to assist us out of the mess. I do relish his articles and guidance all the time.

He recently posted a challenge to write according to the photos, he gave to write about. And word-count should be not less than 1000.

It is quite intriguing and thrilling idea of writing the story on. He has said to follow the cycle of photos and illustrate them in the saga.

There is no rule to follow as he says it. But still, I would like to add all of the five pictures in order and would explain them somehow.

Let's see how it blathers on.

My New Boot Camp
My New Boot Camp

Gems Of Time

My mind is kicking me out of this territory. Another daylight brings back some assignments were left unfinished. I was almost snoozing yesterday over my work desktop with all the white papers around me. Such things never happened before though. Old age Micheal Downings, I guess. This work has been my passion and each love needs devotion. This is what I have given it, my whole life. Did nothing else.

What an accomplishment!

I am sitting here today in this new Boot Camp, trying to accomplish a new task given to challenge my nerves and strength of my brain. All I can see out of the window is a white thick layer of silver flakes falling from the angry sky. The atmosphere is slowing down my bony structure. The red blood of my vessels is freezing to death under this frigid huge rusty wooden roof of this big barn. A complete apprehended suicide mission. Nothing should be left behind to repent of.

I wear my full uniform once more today. In love with my service souvenirs. They are perfectly decorated on my chest. I look a complete army man in the mirror hanging on the wall. This is my pride and lifetime performance. Not a bad reward.

I never knew my life would bring me to this twisting point where there is no departure. Though I have seen many ups and downs, this horrific caption is on top of all. Not a damn option.

Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains

I have an awful feeling about today. Something isn't right. My sixth-sense, nothing more. I pat my head to focus.

There isn't enough oxygen gas inside this farm. My lungs are working hard to get some of it. They are taking my wind away slowly. Running for life is quite a difficult protocol. But you have to when you can't breathe. I pull up a high wooden chair on one corner of this barn and unscrew the metal hook of a big glass window. No point of dying inside having no air. Better to take in some outer moistures through my nose. I opened it as wide as I could.

A gush of chilled aura makes its way through my chest. Melting my cartilage to freeze off. My breathing gets on track to run again. The view is quite romantic out there. I can see those half-covered snowy mountains far away. They look like large claws brushing the water of downpour passing by. The scenery is impressive to watch but it requires a glamorous heart. I have got nothing in my faded palms. Barely some broken tales to tell and a few recollections of the time.

Ahh! My wife left me long ago. Though she vowed to stay with me always. Yes, I have my son, David who loves me so much and I love him even more. But, Lisa's place would be here forever. Closer to my heart. Life is too short to make up for every moment. Many desires never get fulfilled.

Elegant Landscapes
Elegant Landscapes

I still feel the warmth of the day I met Lisa, my love. I was sitting on that peak which was leading to the downriver when I saw her very first glance. I failed to blink my eyes. My heart was pounding so fast. It fell for the goddess of charm. She was asking me the way to the town centre. Her face was gleaming like the sunshine. I walked with her all the way up to the top. There was something very fascinating about her. She was pure in her conversation. Soon we were friends and got married in no days.

We often used to visit this place to adore our first meeting. And hence, the most important minute of my life came when I held those little fingers of my son, David. He gave me the motive to be alive. I promised to give him all the pleasures and protection, he required. But nothing stays on forever. I had to make one choice. Either family or my kingdom. I hope, I made the right one.

You pay the price for your joys. This is the existence!

Walking by the Forest!
Walking by the Forest!

My memories have left behind those scenes now. There is a large aperture where my heart is. Blood is spurting through it like the sprinkling water of a fountain. Lisa is here to take me for a forest ride beside the stream. We both walk through the tall green trees. Hands in hands. Laughing and giggling. The birds are tweeting over those trees. Delighted and joyful. The rose aroma has infused the essence of the whole wilderness. One moment just hit my brain. I look behind and find my body lying motionless on the floor. A cold and peaceful Army official.

My enemies found me somehow and shot in the middle of my heart through that window. I paid the price for my services to my country. Perhaps this is in the best interest of me and my nation.

Waterfront to sail off!
Waterfront to sail off!

As I look at my corpse, the only thing comes into my mind is my promise to Lisa that one day we would get rid of all the agonies. I would hire a large boat named, Lisa. And we would sail off from the seafront to the faraway soils. Never would look behind.

One day, yes. One day. We will live our dreams!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nikki Khan


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