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Genisis on a new world

Updated on July 11, 2017

Chapter 1

Two young children play on the lush plain not far from a river. There is nothing but lush vegetation to be seen for as far as the eye can see. No animals of any description, these two young soles are seemingly alone on this vast beautiful plain. They play with the inocence of childhood and are not concerned that they are all that there is.

There is a wooshing noise and the children turn curious to see what is there. As they turn towards the sound they see a bright light coming towards them. The children transfixed by the light stand motionless as it gets closer and closer.
The light stops and hovers just a few feet away from the children who can now see a familiar image. It is aw man who looks just like them. The man starts to speak.
'You are my children and I have chosen you for a very special task. You are to live on this planet and when time is right populate it with your own children.'
'When will we know that it is time?'
'Trust me you will know as it is something within you that will tell you. Before that time comes you must tend to this place and allow it to flurish with other life. You must only take what you need to survive.'
With his last words he rased his arms and a tree full of fruit seemed to rise from the ground.
'Take one fruit to share today and then one each at the start of every new day. Take more and the tree will not be able to sustain you.'
'Yes Father we will do as you say.' The children said together as the boy reached up clasped his hand around the nearest fruit and it came free with just a slight twist.
'Thats good. Oh just one more thing you need to remember. You must not pick the red fruits as these are poisonous to you and that is very bad.'
'Don't pick the red fruit.' The children repeated.
'Now eat and you will feel full of life then go to the water and take a drink with your cupped hands' Said the man showing the children what to do. 'But don't take to much as this will cause the river to dry up and that will also cause the tree to die.'
The boy split the fruit and passed half to the girl as they both turned and made their way over to the water to take a drink. As they placed their cupped hands in the water the man moved over to them placing his own hands on the water making it shimmer and then something seemed to jump out and then go back under the water. The children jumped back alarmed at this new sight.
'Don't be afraid my children it is just a creation of my hand that in the future will help to sustain your family. Tomorrow there will be other animals roaming the land. You must not be scared as none of them will harm you. In time you will learn of their benefit to you. But until then do not harm them.' With these final words he turned back into a ball of light and disappeared into the sky. When the light had gone the sky was dark and the two children snuggled together between some rocks that created a really good shelter.


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