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Genius in a bottle

Updated on July 25, 2010

I was walking on the street and thinking, what shall I do? What I will do to survive. I got sick and tired of scratch a living, I wanted to succeed with something. Every people with a great success of something said that they needed to work hard and have sleepless nights. But that gave me only headache and nothing else. I worked as an information broker in a big company. The first company with that activity in Bulgaria. But  my salary wasn't enough, and there wouldn't give me more money. Now it was crisis though and Bulgarian people didn't knew what is the position of information broker, it looked to them as a broker of properties or stocks of enterprises. I got fed up with to make them clear and when they asked me:

-       Is that something like a broker of properties?

I replied :- Yes...something of the kind.

           And they smiled joyfully because they aren't stupid in their own eyes.

      Otherwise I liked the work. It was funny, interesting. It was good that we had orders from foreign countries because differently the company couldn't stand. Actually our company was a branch office of the biggest information company in Germany. For information, I will say that in The Google as it called from some people is only 70% of the information and our task is to find another 30%, which often has found in basis data for which most of the people didn't even heard. I whipped off  and looked round. I got into an unknown quarter. I  have been  musing and didn't look where I go. The blocks around weren't familiar to me. They were dirty and unattractive like ghetto in the American movies. In them there were hanging out washing which actually in addition bring to mind a feeling of depression and filth,  in spite of cleanness of the clothes hanging from them. I looked back from where I had come. The landscape was the same. Where did I get? Did I find some parallel universe? The fear slowly begun to sneak in my stomach. I should do something or I would go mad. I was walking ahead more under my own momentum than consciously, I got in front of a park. Actually to underline the homeliness of that strange quarter it was one of the most beautiful which I had ever seen. At its entrance was rising an arch decorated with angel wings above and beside the columns were in some antique style, Grecian or Roman. Around them were swaying  plants like lianas but  red flowers with the size of my fist blossomed from them. Inwards it leaded an alley with a ceramic fence which was made to keep off the grass which was so green that much unreal. There were benches in the same style like the arch which get on the right side of rest. On the center was a fountain. Of course, where should it be without the fountain? It was special. I couldn't see from what it was made from but the color was with any suggestion of pink. It was with the shape of a pyramid. Like Mayan pyramids. As every row was full with water and from the top had spouted the stream which reached down below, filling every row. I saw that anything was jumping on the lowest and the biggest row. Automatically I has passed under the arch, taken aback and I came near to the fountain. Every row was about a half meter deep and in the middle was passing a pipe which went to the top. I touched  the fountain, the alley were passing within some centimeters from it. The feeling of pleasant coolness made me lightly to thrill. Nowhere it wasn't become green as usually happens. There were many marsh plants that blossomed in white. And in the down side were gold- fishes. They were jumping from time to time.

        - It's beautiful, isn't it?

        I startled. As if I hadn't await anybody to begin speaking to me here.

The feeling of unreality has been placed in me and my mind unconsciously compared the view with Edem. I turned round. In front of me was standing an adult person of ...but I couldn't define the sex.

       -It touches the senses, isn't it? Can you feel the quietness?

 The adult was a man, the voice was soft but enough powerful to be man's one. The questions piled up and I was standing like dumb. Where on earth was I? The man in front of me was dressed in trousers, the same color like the fountain was,  his shirt too. His hair was began to turn grey. He was  faintly dark and his eyes were piercing blue. He smiled to me:

      - I'll wait.

   I licked my run dry lips and smiled guiltily even though there was no reason to feel this way:

      - It's really wonderful, it's great. How I didn't seen that place in virtual space?- instantly I said this and I turned red. It's professional warp. Anything which isn't in the Net, means that it doesn't exist.

My interlocutor laughed. He had nice laugh. I also took part in it.

         - You understood, didn't you?

         - I understood you, the world still exists  here longer than Internet, isn't it?

     He was right and the world was boundless.

         - And what's that place?How I found myself here?

     These questions were logical but somehow I was scared from the answer.

         - This is  the quarter of unrealized geniuses. They live here far away from the world.

       - Why? In fact I didn't saw.

    That wasn't the answer I expected.

      - In addition if they are unrealized geniuses, shouldn't they live at better place?

      - They hasn't made fulfill the potential that they had and for that reason they live here. And the park of which you are wondering may be is to remember them what they had lost and what they could have.

         - But this is a fountain and the park. Nothing more.

         - And the influence over you? It has that influence only over people fated for something more special. The others also would be admire, of course, but they would forget it and probably they would appreciate it, and you?

     I thought of. The proportions of the fountain were incredible, the way of which the water has sliding on the marble was so precise that I was frightened.

          - One genius invented a lacquer which prevent the things from rust, mould and every way of contamination. He didn't take a patent and that its only putting into practice. He lives at the opposite block. Here they get money to live and to take care of their families but  that's all. They have small conveniences  like T.V., Internet, DVD and the other similar things. They don't work, their wives if they have them, every day come out from that quarter and go to work.

    The old man as if read my mind and may be he just took a role of a guide, I don't know. Consciously I connect him with God but I had a feeling that the old man isn't He.

          - And why I am here?

          - To choose.

          - What?, I asked although I guessed about the answer. I wasn't genius , I hadn't done anything of genius. Except my idea of new kind of seeker which could make the searching more easily and secure. I had no time and resources to realize it and I hadn't a will too.

 The old man took a bottle from the pocket of his trousers. There was something in it but I can't see it well.

     - You have a choice. To take that bottle and to stay here. By the apartment of the man invented the lacquer, there have one vacant. You will receive the money on your debit card as your salary is at the moment. Or you will open the tap of it and your genius will be free and you will go where he leads you. Actually, every person has some gift in himself, which made him unique, but few people let out that unique gift and realize it. This quarter has increased, when somebody must choose, only stand up in front of that fountain and choose. , he raised his hands ,

the grey daily round or to choose to be different from the others.

What you choose ?

        I reached and took the bottle. In it was smaller copy which was looking at me entreating. I had to choose. May be I should try? Than I remembered about the Google, I shouldn't manage to overcome it, but there had seekers like Liv, Altavista and many more. The market was to the letter over-saturated. How should I fight my way?

    The alarm of the mobile phone begin to quiver. I looked for it in my pocket... and I woke up.

     - It had been only a dream.

   I smiled and tried to drink water. My lips were run dry I was so thirsty.

The bottle was made from glass and definitely was not full with water. I opened it without thinking. It went out pink mist from it. After that the bottle was broken into pieces and disappeared.

     I dialed the number of my boss. I had decided that I will not live in a dirty and grey block , I should be different,come what may. If I had luck soon you will hear for me and my new seeker I am not a genius, I am simple information broker, but I opened the bottle. And what would you do? Would you choose the quietness?


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