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Gentleman's Call

Updated on December 8, 2011

She is...

Poised in pretty,

Elegant within eccentric,

boisterous in all lady-like understatements.

Completed by far

by the pseudo glow of feminine innocence.

Her smile...

brings acceptance for the past,

turns silence into a single note

gathered by each strand of air.

Delectable in desire,

under the berserker protection

of a weeping-willow tree.

Her lips...

tantalizing the mind, taunting.

A mouth full of desire

soft and sweet like no other.

Trying to resist is futile,

enjoy the fullness and give in,

no regrets for the feeling after.

Her kiss...

becomes love's monologue,

novel and divine each time.

Smooth in nibble,

a touch without resistance.

She becomes personalised,

entering angel-fire oblivion.

Her skin...

cinnamon brown glowing in an open fire.

A fortress of pleasure,

a warmth of love, so very clever.

Sublime in a touch,

decadent in the grace of creation,

the connection, of heavenly nature.

Her eyes...

easily lose concentration in them.

Deep, swim in their waters.

A captured look,

bold and enchanting a man in moments,

peer into your mind,

reading your thoughts like a book.

Her soul...

sanctifies the truth upon melting.

Blissful in Eden,

a moment none too soon...


for this is now

A Gentleman's Call


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A great hub.

      Take care,