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Getting to Know Your Characters

Updated on September 28, 2011

All characters start from one place - an idea. When you create characters, no matter what you use them for, you should know as much about them as you can. Instead of thinking of them as simply ideas that you control or manipulate, try thinking of them as actual living, breathing beings. You’ll find that they are much more fun to work with this way, as well as create more believable characters.

The Basics of Your Brainchild

Think you know your character? If so, then you should be able to fill out the character outline linked at the bottom of the page with no problem. If you find yourself drawing blanks on certain areas, then s/he needs some more work.

It’s crucial to know your main characters like you would a sibling or close friend. But don’t look at the outline and just fill out whatever you think is good. Really think about it. Even the smallest things make a big difference. For example, if your character’s favorite food is chocolate, but you claim they do not like sweets, you have yourself a problem. If you write that s/he grew up on a farm in rural Colorado, you can bet they are not going to have a massive amount of street smarts.


A character isn’t a character without a personality. Once you have an established background for your character, remember to stick with it! Just like you and me, his/her personality is heavily affected by the past. Say your character grew up in a strict household with a main focus on school grades. Chances are, Bobby is going to start out with a serious streak.

How s/he reacts to given situations is largely based on personality. If a plane is about to crash, would your character be brave and try to save everyone? Would they cry helplessly in a corner? Or perhaps embrace the possibility of death?


Every character must have a weaknesses, if not more. Superman has Kryptonite, Indiana Jones has a snake phobia, and Edward Cullen has Bella. It’s important to emphasis on these weaknesses. Nobody is perfect, not even your character. If you think your character may very well be a Mary/Gary Sue*, then you are probably right. Some of the best stories focus solely on a character’s weaknesses, and how they live through or overcome them. (The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a prime example of this.)


You can’t get to know a character unless you “hang out” with them. The best way to do this is to write and place your characters in situations they may never actually find themselves in. If you have more than one character, write with them together or in pairs and see how they intermingle. You can even take things from your daily life and think, “How would Garglenoid act right now? What would he do?” The better you know and understand him/her, the easier it will get.

Soon you will be able to write anything and know how they would do. Even better, soon they will start doing things on their own and surprise you! Often, writers and comic artists will tell you that their story tends to go in different directions because the characters end up telling the story, and you are the one trying to keep up! You know you have a good character when you can talk about them just like they were real.

Author's Note: This outline was taken with written permission from the person who originally wrote this up. All credit goes to KittyFelone (

KittyFelone has included a blank version of this outline on her DA page. So please visit for the blank copy. Thank you!


Character Outline

Here is an awesome outline, complete with descriptions to help you know what you're looking for. If you find yourself unable to fill something out, don't worry. That blank spot just gives you an idea of what to look for while getting to know your character.

Character Name: The only thing that goes on this line is the Character's name that you use in the story.

Full Name: This is the characters real/full name. First name(s), middle, last. Some people have multiple first/middle/last names.

Nick Names: Whatever the character has for a nickname. This doesn't have to be used unless your character has one.

Gender: Pretty basic. Is your character a female, male, transsexual, hermaphrodites?

Age: How old is your character? Is s/he ten years old? Fifty? Six hundred and ninety-seven?

Birthday/year: When was your character born? April 15, 1300 AD? August 22, 2025 AD

Marital Status: Is your character single or married? Are they attached to anyone in particular or are they are a player? (This goes in comparison to Spouse).

Spouse: Who is your character’s lover/mate? Are they gay/lesbian? How does the relationship fare? (This goes in comparison to Marital Status).

Hair: What's his/her hair like? Is it short and brown with blonde highlights? Long and raven black? Blonde in pigtails?

Eyes: Describe his/her eyes. Are they silver and shiny? Are they baby blue like a cloudless summer sky? Are they demonic red like a rose? Do they glimmer? Do they change color depending on his/her current mood?

Origin: Where was this character born and raised? Perhaps s/he was born in Paris, France but raised in New York City? Born and raised in the Nevada deserts? Perhaps s/he was born in Germany during WW2, time traveled to America in the twentieth century to be raised, then time traveled to England in 1682 AD to live out his/her remaining years (if s/he is an elder).

Language: What language does your character speak? Perhaps he was born in Russia but learned only German? Maybe she is a vampire from the 1800s and knows only British English as opposed to American English? Does s/he speak a made-up language? (If you're making up the language, be sure to provide yourself with an alphabet of some sort to be sure your character is accurate and there are no faults to the word meanings. Although, as in Thai, some languages have words that may mean more than one thing depending on how the voice is used. Be sure to explain to the reader what your character is saying; ie: "Egocan non dico vos quotiens Ego adepto dementis." ("I can not to say you as often as I to obtain insanity"). Have it in parenthesis directly after your character has spoken the words or have another character ask to translate. Also, keep in mind, any time you are using another language, the word(s) must be italicized and if you are already typing in italicized letters, they will be non-italicized.

Blood Type: What blood type does your character have? Is it human sort like O Positive or B Negative? Perhaps it is a space alien kind? Is it green or yellow or is it red like a human but is taken from a space alien?

Height: How tall is your character? Is he as huge as a giant and the rest of his people are small enough to be ants to him? Perhaps she’s small in size but her great heart makes her huge? Maybe your character can be tiny but with supernatural abilities, can grow into great sizes.

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: How much does s/he weigh? What is his/her body like? What physical faults does s/he have? Does s/he weigh 160lbs with an athletic form but a bad case of acne? Is s/he a warrior who weighs 225lbs but is entirely covered in muscle and has scars all over his/her body? Is s/he aged with wrinkles, heavy set, appearing to look about 215lbs, and has a withered arm or deformed face? If there are scars, how did s/he receive them? Does your character looks every inch human but has wings and horns like that of a demon?

Race/Species: Give your character some depth beside the basics. Could your character be something more than just an ordinary human, perhaps like a deity in a human body--remember Hercules? Maybe your character is a new species that you made up just for this tale--explain it. Perhaps it’s nothing new and just another human race, like a Pacific Islander, a Native American (Indian), or a Spaniard? Maybe your character is an African from South Africa but sounds like s/he is from Australia?

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Who raised your character? Is the mother or father deceased? Was your character an orphan? Does your character know his/her parents?

Siblings: Is your character an only child? If no, who are/is his/her brother(s) or sister(s)?

Friends/Allies: Who are your character's friends or is your character a recluse? Does your character have allies, perhaps a fellow street gang or another territory/country?

Enemies: Everyone has at least one enemy--who is your character's enemy? Is it a rival country that wishes war for religious beliefs? Is it another street gang that's jealous because your character's gang has more power or money? Is it a girl/boy who is jealous of your character for being too popular in school?

Beliefs/Religion: What does your character believe in? Is s/he Agnostic, Satanic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish? Does your character pray ritualistically or worship a Pagan God or several Indian Gods? What are the God's names and what do they have powers over?

Career/Past Careers: Is your character a pizza delivery boy and get paid $6.50 an hour? Is s/he a tavern wench in the Medieval Era? Is s/he an outlaw in a western timeline? Did s/he used to be a chamber maid/servant/cook in a Medieval Castle and marry off to become a mother/father of a large family?

Dreams/Life Goals: What dreams does your character have? What life goals does s/he wish to achieve sometime in his/her life? Does s/he want to become a computer professor at a Pennsylvania University but right now is struggling with a measly retail job and going to school? Does s/he want to become a Knight but is currently a Squire? Perhaps s/he has a dream to be able to walk but is currently crippled and lives in an era where there is no cure for a withered leg or dead nerves.

Hobbies: What does s/he do in his/her spare time? Perhaps s/he enjoys listening to the Boston Symphony playing live in concert? Does s/he enjoy reading mystery novels or writing romance stories? Maybe s/he likes to be around animals and enjoys the comfort of a feline or the dependency of a beast.

Likes: What does your character like? Perhaps s/he enjoys a bouquet of roses? Perhaps s/he likes rain showers. Maybe s/he feels more comfortable in a dark environment?

Loves: What does your character love to do? Does s/he love to paint? Does s/he love a certain pet? Perhaps s/he loves receiving boxes of chocolate from a loved one? How about two warriors dueling-- does your character love to watch or play spare within one?

Dislikes: Your character dislikes something--what is it? Maybe s/he is jealous because a fellow class mate is too smart or popular? Perhaps s/he just can't stand sunshine? Maybe s/he dislikes the color pink because it looks too feminine or blue because it's too masculine.

Loathes: What does your character hate the most of all? Perhaps an enemy ruler who is perfect and his people love him--your character hates him because s/he is jealous that the enemy ruler has everything? Maybe your character loathes his/her mother for abandoning him/her in his/her youth?

Fears: What his s/he afraid of? Everyone has a fear; even if somebody claims s/he is afraid of nothing then s/he is explaining s/he fears the absence of nothing. Maybe your character is a vampire and fears the sunlight? Maybe your
character is an 11 year old boy and is afraid of the dark? Maybe your character is a 17 year old girl who lives in a bad neighborhood and fears getting raped? Perhaps your character is an elder and fears getting mugged or ignored from his/her juniors (juniors = younger citizens)?

Strengths: Give your character strength; what makes him/her stronger inside? Maybe s/he can run in track but can't walk a marathon? Your character can write a brilliant novel on the computer but can't form words with a pen and paper? Your character knows sixteen different languages, how to build a super computer, and create a time traveling device but cannot ride a bicycle (see Weakness)?

Weakness: Everyone has to have a weakness--some reason why they are not a powerful God. If your character does not have a weakness then the story becomes fake and the reader will not wish to continue the story because the reality of it has disappeared. Make sure your character has as many weaknesses as strengths. As seen in Strengths, perhaps your character knows sixteen different languages, how to build a super computer, and create a time traveling device but cannot ride a bicycle? Maybe your character can communicate with animals (see Strengths) but cannot communicate with people very well?

Good Qualities: What makes your character good in heart? Remember, even pure evil has some good in it; Satan (in Biblical beliefs) used to be one of the most favored angels of Jesus Christ but had fallen due to his jealousy. Perhaps your character has so much honor and pride as an American hostage in a war and will stand up to the kidnappers and be shot rather than cower in fear (patriotic)? Perhaps s/he has been raised in a very bad family but came out never touching a cigarette, drugs, or alcohol and never received any piercing or tattoos?

Bad Habits: Does your character bite his/her nails until they bleed? Does s/he chew on his/her lower lip when thinking? Maybe your character can't help but pick his/her nose in public? Maybe s/he is almost always sexually turned on and is easy because of it?

Turn Ons: What makes your character sexually aroused or attracted to somebody? What is it that makes him/her get antsy to touch or be touched? Maybe a husband comes home to see his wife wearing only a lacy thong and camisole while doing the dishes? Perhaps a non-popular teenage girl sees the captain of the high school football team washing his car and wearing only his blue jeans while his chest is glistening with sweat? Maybe your character finds the other sex intelligent. Perhaps he finds it a turn to see her driving a standard instead of an automatic vehicle? Maybe s/he is bisexual or gay/lesbian and finds the other sex attractive.

Turn Offs: What makes your character disgusted? Could s/he be attracted to somebody who is fit to perfection like a model but has scars all over his/her body? Perhaps your character is turned off by gays/lesbians? Maybe a boyfriend is attracted to his girlfriend in everyday clothing but her formal clothing is ugly and does not sexually arouse him? Perhaps your character's lover has horrible body odor and smells?

Normal Talents: This is connected to the Supernatural Powers & Ability category. What makes your character different from everyone else? This is where you are allowed to have fun—BUT KEEP IT REALISTIC! Even if your story is science-fiction or fantasy, you still have to make your story believable. Does s/he have luck when playing Texas Holdem (poker)? Is your character a wiz at computers? Can s/he read a four hundred page book in less than four hours? Maybe s/he has a photographic memory? Or perhaps s/he is so good with numbers s/he doesn’t ever require the use of a calculator?

Supernatural Powers & Abilities: This goes hand-in-hand with the Normal Talents category. This is where you state what your character is or what his/her supernatural ability or power may be. If your character is not supernatural, this category can be left blank. Either way, you must remember to “KEEP IT REALISTIC!” Even if your story is science-fiction or fantasy, you still have to make your story believable. Even supernatural creatures from other planets are realistic enough to believe. Remember, you want your reader to understand what you’re writing about—not be turned away if your character has a godlike syndrome. Perhaps your character has the unconscious effort to suspend time or perhaps your character can ignite fire with the flick of a wrist? If your character has the ability to fly at night and when the sun sets wings appear, that would be considered supernatural (wings would be mentioned beneath the Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults category). Maybe your character can shape shift into another creature or character? Perhaps s/he is telekinetic/psychokinetic (ability to move things with your mind), telepathic (ability to read and control minds), or has the ability/power to create fire without using anything but your hands or mind? Maybe s/he can go invisible? Supernatural is anything that is “Super” and “Natural” (like Superman). It needs to still be natural but more superb than our natural.

Temperament: This is where you explain your character's basic personality. Is your character an introvert or an extrovert? Is s/he a class clown or a shy book worm? Was your character born with the heredity genes to be a wild-driven party-lover? Perhaps s/he is difficult to deal with? Maybe s/he is easy when it comes to sexual activity. Is your character understanding of others? Or maybe s/he was held back in education by a learning disorder?

Background: This has the largest writing section available because this is where you are going to explain your character's life story up to the point where s/he is first mentioned in the story (though some writers still continue the background throughout the character's appearance in the said tales). Even if your character is a 3 year old child, you still explain his/her background; how old was the child when s/he learned to speak or walk? This is where you can have as much fun as you would like with your character, but again KEEP IT REALISTIC! Perhaps your character is a 16 year old orphan; what happened to make him/her an orphan and explain his/her life up until s/he enters the story. Maybe your character is a senior citizen; explain most of his/her life if it is required for the story.


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    • Isaac White profile image


      7 years ago from Welcome to my beautiful world, where magic is no longer a myth.

      as to you iviski. :)

      I. White

    • iviskei profile imageAUTHOR

      Kyou Capps 

      7 years ago from In your computer, stealing your internet.

      Thank you both for reading! I really hope this comes in handy in your writings. I look forward to reading more from you two!

    • Isaac White profile image


      7 years ago from Welcome to my beautiful world, where magic is no longer a myth.

      Man Iviskei,

      this was a very great blog, it will help improve on my story. Thanks for the advice man. Great hubs in general.

      I. White

    • writinglover profile image


      7 years ago from Lost...In Video Games and Stories

      Now, this was useful! I just might have to re-write one of my hubs ("A Yakuza Boss's Beginnings") using this outline. That one is about one of my main characters in my "A Dangerous Romance" series and it's on how he became the man he is in the beginning of my main story. Thumbs up!

    • iviskei profile imageAUTHOR

      Kyou Capps 

      9 years ago from In your computer, stealing your internet.

      @floating mind: Glad you liked it. You should try writing a novel! It's a lot of fun. Thanks for reading!

      @thranax: That's right! I hear a lot of writers saying that their characters become so life like that they take control of the story. Those are the characters that are most real to you and the reader. Thanks for reading~

    • thranax profile image


      9 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Very good guide on characters and how you really need to get to know them! If you cant live the life of your own character then how can you expect your readers to?


    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 

      9 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Good information. Some of my friends are trying to get me to write a novel because of some of the insane stories I come up with. If I do decide to try and write a novel, this will be very helpful. Thanks.

    • iviskei profile imageAUTHOR

      Kyou Capps 

      9 years ago from In your computer, stealing your internet.

      He may be, but I haven't seen DBZ since I was a child, so I don't remember much. I just chose this picture because it was the first I could find to represent kind of what I was demonstrating in the article. I'd wanted a picture with sketches and a final drawing, and it just happened to have Goku on it. =)

    • Sesshoumaru2st profile image


      9 years ago from The Hub World

      I'm curious,is Goku your favorite character to draw and relate to,or is the picture just an example letting people know you're talking about artistic work?I was curious because isn't Vegeta superior in character development than Goku >:p ?

    • iviskei profile imageAUTHOR

      Kyou Capps 

      9 years ago from In your computer, stealing your internet.

      @Tracy Robinson: Thanks for reading!

      @september girl: I'm really glad you liked it. A lot of this information came from personal experience. Thanks for reading~ ^.^/

      @Bubblegum Senpai: Haha! It sounds like he is running away without you. xD I hope to be able to read your light novel~ Thanks for reading!

    • Bubblegum Senpai profile image

      Nigel Kirk 

      9 years ago from Calgary, AB, CAN

      Vote^ and useful. I'm writing a "light Novel" right now, with the instalments to be published online before I self-publish. I know my character's background intimately, but I kind of get to a point where he developes sentience and tells me what he's going to do when I place him in certain scenarios.

    • profile image

      september girl 

      9 years ago

      Very cleverly said! I like this one, so informative and insightful! Great job! : )

    • Tracy Robinson profile image

      Tracy Robinson 

      9 years ago from Mauk, Georgia

      Good insights. Thanks for the article.


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