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Ghazal: Love for the American Politician

Updated on November 10, 2011

Who Do You Think Fills this Cemetary?


Ghazal: Love for the American Politician

Why would anyone love a politician?

They act as if their service is an act of contrition.

* * * * *

They think we believe every word on their breath.

But in all actuality we are hoping for their death.


Well I have had a friendly debate with my friend from across the pond Charles James and I don’t think I quite conveyed the sentiment of how the American people feel about their leadership or their would be leadership in America. I don’t there are words for what I and other Americans feel towards the people in politics today.

The word parasite comes to mind and I might use it in another political poem. As this was my first stab at writing a ghazal you will understand it is only a start at political satire in poetry.

But it would seem I have sprung from being a would be poet to a political satire poet in this form of poetry. It was a very liberating experience for me and while it is only satire. It made me really happy.

I hope it makes you chuckle as well. I think we could all use in a good laugh as America goes up in flames.

As fr the sentiment in the poem I totally believe politicians have to accept the responsibility of what they have done to this country and not hid behind the free markets. If free markets are so good why are so many people unemployed? Why are so few people wealthy while others have absolutely nothing? If free markets are the culprit of all the bad karma then by all means let’s get out. There is nothing we need overseas that we are not perfectly capable of producing in the USA.

And this insistence on being in the World Trade Organization is tantamount to treason to the American people who are suffering so brutally under its’ rules. I would love world trade to continue but it has been so badly abused and benefited so few people in this country it no longer makes sense. In every sense of the word it is making slaves pout of the majority of the USA citizens as they are unemployed, or can’t be paid a living wage, homeless and without medical care. Just so a few people in Washington DC can live like Kings. If they want to live in an imperialistic state they should move to England because that isn’t the USA.

Americans know they are being betrayed by their so called leaders every single day. And until the stops nothing else can begin.


Sorry I don’t feel capable of explaining this to you either so I will refer you to a link for self study. It was however fun poetry to write.

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