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Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke

Updated on March 19, 2015


He has always been the man in the house, but since ‘the Beard’ has come into his life, Jon’s mother and sisters spend all their time with him, and now he’s being treated like a baby. All of his attempts to make the Beard go away have failed. Now his mother is sending him away to boarding school in Sailsbury, a 1000 year old town and the Beard is the only one to blame.

Even his roommates are weird, Agnus, who must have a thousand stuffed toys and Stu, who keeps covering himself with permanent marker tattoos. He has already decided he hates it there. All he can think about is how his mother and the Beard will be in Spain, while he’s stuck in an old boarding school. In the middle of the session, the last thing he expected was a pack of ghosts chasing him in front of everyone. But obviously no one believes him, because nobody else can see them, and now because of these ghosts, everyone in his new school will think he’s crazy. Jon has to do something about what the others think, so he makes up a story and says that he made everything up to fool to fool the teachers. One problem solved, now he needs to think about the other one as the ghosts make another appearance.

Another unexpected event occurs as the most beautiful girl in school, Ella comes and talks to him. About the ghosts. Turns out she doesn’t believe his made-up story and tells him to come to her house to discuss the ghost problem with her grandmother, Zelda, who is familiar with many ghosts. Zelda tells him to go to the cathedral, to summon the ghost of William Longspee, the illegitimate son of Henry the Second. The Ghost Knight agrees to help him, but can he be trusted?


The book is full of action and adventure and is for a younger audience, not young adult at all. But you might want to give it a try because of the fast paced thrilling adventures and cute characters. The story is narrated from Jon’s perspective; he is quite thrilled about the fact that at his age, a girl is his best friend. Ella is head strong fun to be around. Though they fight a few times, they always make up. Even Ella’s grandmother, Zelda is fun, a bit eccentric and very interesting. The glossary at the back of the book explains a lot of historic stuff happening in the book. The beautifully drawn diagrams help understand the story better. Ghost Knight is gripping and all the chapters are exciting, and the book has to be given one try.

3 stars for Ghost Knight

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