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Ghost Town:Poem

Updated on January 11, 2017

Verse 1

Sniffling in the shadows of a ghost town

I got caught in the darkness of its partition

Hiding away in the shadows of a ghost crown

I got wrapped in the shade of its apparition

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Verse 3

Groping with the sparks along the gold coasts

I advance towards the only bright sphere

Braving past the frights of the old ghosts

I leave ghost town into a lively atmosphere

Verse 4

I must not bring its apparitions into Freetown

The partitions must remain within ghost town

It is time to exit the fearful place into Freedom

To overcome its shadows with my bright wisdom

Verse 5

I lurked too long behind its wall of delusions

It is time to knock out the farce of ghostly confusions

And lock out the shadows of ill illusions

Into the truth locked in the shadow of brave conclusions


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