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Giant Sam

Updated on December 28, 2011

I knew a man who was a giant

And that giant's name is Sam

He grew wheat, corn and potatoes

And served them with milk and ham

A strapping big man was old Samuel

With a heart bigger than the plains

And every time I think of Samuel

I tear up and remember his pain

Poor Samuel had a great many children

And his giant heart loved them all so

He worked hard all his days to provide for them

That they'd never know want or woe

Some of his children loved him

In ways he did not comprehend

Some of them cursed him and fled from him

With neither side willing to bend

Some of them played songs for old Sam

While he smiled and clapped his hands

Some of them just wanted money

And invented the Giant Sam brand

His older children were contented

To be frugal and plain and make do

His younger children dress all fancified

And I know for I'm one of them too

Sam used to want life to be better

For his kids than the one he'd had

But now when we all hope for better

We just mean we hope it's not so bad

But the future looms bright for my father

I try so hard to believe

While distant cousins make bad business for him

And uncles of his do deceive

And none of us really know Samuel

Only bits and pieces we can say

While we eat red meat and organic veggies

And fight each other every day

And I weep for what was

And I weep for what is

And I weep for what could be

And I reach for him now

Like I reached for him then

And I feel so sorry for me

Now the night it is falling

And the stars are all calling

And the dukes and the kings

Kiss each others rings

And we stand in the cold

While we slowly grow old

Now the story is told

And my bed is become my refuge

copyright (C) 2011 christopher w neal all rights reserved


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