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Gift a Book on Amazon, to increase your exposure in the marketplace.

Updated on February 17, 2020
Don Bobbitt profile image

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

All Writers have Books and need Readers

Look! I assume that you are a writer, what with your already being a member of HubPages, Right?

And, I assume that, as a writer on HubPages, you have been so for a while and have a little experience in the writing world.

My next assumption is that you have probably written and self-published at least one book of your own in the past.

And, my final assumption is that you have probably listed your book or books on Amazon hoping for sales to their enormous audience. Right?

Because you probably already know that Amazon is the largest online seller of Books in the world, you hope they can sell your book for you.

Then, if any of these are true, you really can use the Amazon sales system to gift copies of your books to your far flung friends, relatives, and certain other special people, around the country.

Thats right Gift your Books!

Books are for Reading, so Gift one now.

A picture of an open book
A picture of an open book | Source

Not a Writer? Gift Anyway!

And, for you non-writers or even you writers that have not published but have books that you personally love, gifting a book is a great idea for you, also.

With Amazon being such an enormous force in online sales and specifically the book sales world, think about gifting one of your favorite books to one of your friends or relatives.

Books as Gifts

Everyone has someone, who may just live across town from them, or maybe they live on a mountaintop somewhere very remote, who they can send a copy of their book to..

And often, when it comes to sending a gift to these people, for whatever occasion, they end up racking their brains over what is an appropriate and reasonably priced gift.

And, I say, let's give them books.

And, if we have one or more of our own books published and listed on Amazon, let's consider sprinkling copies around to these people.

A book is one gift that almost anyone will enjoy receiving, and it is something that they will often not buy for themselves.

Even if they don't sit down and read it right away, they will invariably set it on their bookshelf or mantle and when the moment is right, they will pull it down and read this special gift from you.

Books always make great gifts, for almost anyone!

Books as Advertising

As a Writer who has self-published, I can tell you that getting people to know about your book is a major task for me and for my fellow writers.

I suggest that you combine your need for marketing with your need to give certain people gifts over the Holiday Season, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

Marketing takes time and we need to use every trick that we can to get reviews as well as more sales.

A fellow writer mentioned one of his favorite ways to advertise is to Gift books to certain people that are in the publishing and writing world.

We both send copies of our books to potential reviewers around the country and especially to reviewers with newspapers and magazines.

We may not get a review, but the cost of our own book is pretty low for the potential exposure thet you might get from sending that copy out.

And, of course, you end up with a gift for someone that you can also write off of your taxes as an advertising expense (sic).

A Tip for Advertising

When you personally sell or gift a book that you already have. Always put a small sticker or label on one of the inside pages after the title page. On the label, include a note such as;

This book by XXXXXXXX is available on the secure site YYYYYYYYY and on the Amazon Authors Title page via this link; ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Who knows, someone else might see your book and want a copy but just needs that extra little bit of information to go ahead and purchase a copy for themselves.

Books are really Cheap Gifts when you think about it.

Another thing to consider is the price of books as gifts.

The vast majority of paperback books on Amazon will probably cost between $5 and $15, and they will often be available with free shipping to save you even more money.

And, if your friend has a Kindle, then eBooks will generally cost you as little as $0.99 up to $4.99 for the vast majority of these digital books.

Gift one to your friends to read, and at their convenience they can pull it up and enjoy it at their leisure.

All that they need is a Kindle Reader or a computer with a Kindle compatible reader program.

Check out these low book costs and you will quickly realize that other gifts you were considering, would probably cost you a lot more money than a book.

And, you would have to purchase it, wrap it, and mail it, yourself.

Considering this, you are not only saving a lot of money, but also personal time by gifting a book rather than other more traditional gift items.

Which Book do you give?

Once you decide to gift a book, then you need to decide what type of book to send out to each friend or relative.

I suggest that you make a list of the people that you might consider giving a book to, over the next few months.

Then conside a broad range of books that you might gift, such as; CookBooks, Novels, Books of Poetry,Coffee Table Books, Photography Books, Technical Manuals, and on and on.

Then, it will only take you a few minutes to match the appropriate categories with your friends and relatives personalities.

Some will be really easy, such as; the great Home Cook should get a CookBook, the avid Mystery or novel reader should get a Novel, etc.

Once you have the right categories, you can spend some focused time on Amazon and select books in the appropriate categories for everyone.

You will find that after very little thought you can match everyone on your list with some type of appropriate book that they will really enjoy reading.

Gifting Details for timely delivery of your Books

Now that you have your list of books and readers, all you need to do is go back onto Amazon and start the purchasing process.

Some of the advantages of sending books to multiple people is the fact that you get some very nice advantages and saving when you make multiple purchases on an order.

Often Amazon will offer you shipping savings on orders over certain dollar amounts.

Also, you can set the shipment and delivery date of your books to each person on your list thus assuring that they get it at the exact date you want them to receive your gift..

And, finally,you can even have your book "Gift Wrapped" by Amazon and add a personalized card to the shipment.

How easy is that?

Gifting your book is the way to go!

So, you can see that gifting your books or even just gifting a book that is personally selected for your friends and relatives, is a great idea for the Holiday Season and those other special occasions in their lives.

Make someone Happy! Gift a Book and make yourself known as a Writer!

© 2012 Don Bobbitt


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