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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Fifteen)

Updated on November 29, 2015


Like being kicked in the gut Kinessa had to fight for her lungs to take a breath. Cameron had found his soul mate, she was super model beautiful with her short dark hair and flawless skin. She tried to hold back the tears and the memories that were working their way into her mind which was thankfully interrupted by William and the old man that she would love nothing more than to turn him into a pile of ash, could she do such a thing? She shook the thought from her head and turned her attention on them. "What does all this mean?” Neither one of them would answer her at first, they were trying to put their thoughts together in hopes that the answers they gave would not cause an explosion of emotional chaos. Kinessa wanted to wake up from this nightmare but she stood her ground and waited patiently for the truth. “Why are you even here old man, you still think you can kill me?” She could start feeling her body start the change of emotions.

“I am not the one who is trying to kill you my dear and if you don’t believe me just ask him.” The old man’s expression sincere as he pointed to William.

“What is he talking about William, he is the one who hired you to kill us right?” Confusion swept over her as she watched his face fill with guilt for not telling her who had hired him to hunt her down and end her life.

“No, he is not the one who hired me. He is actually the one who has been trying to warn you this whole time but you wouldn’t give him the chance and ran to Cameron instead of learning how to use your powers to protect yourself.” William grew angry at the facts that she could have been in his arms this whole time instead of his brother’s but he pushed it back down and looked at the fact that they were together now.

“Well if he wasn’t the one who hired you then who was?” She wanted to know the real enemy, if this was true she deserved to know who she would have to face in the end. William shook his head and looked at the old man and said “Do you think she’s ready to know the whole story or should she be trained first?”

“Not now, not here, bring her to me and we will tell her where it’s safe for everyone.” He instructed William.

William nodded in agreement and took Kinessa’s hand and led her back to the fountain where he gently stroked a strand of hair from her face and quietly said “Kinessa, you must wake up. We have to go somewhere safe. Do you understand?”

She listened carefully and nodded her head and her body began to wake. She felt herself slipping back into her own body and opening her eyes to see William sitting next to her waiting with a worry yet relieved expression on his face. He wasn’t sure how she was going to react once she was out of the dream world and thankfully she had no idea of her true potential. She sat up and looked at him with the same look on her face but it was for the reason she wasn’t sure if he was really taking her to safety or to a trap. However they still held critical information she needed and they also said something about training her to control her powers or whatever this crazy thing she has is. She couldn’t help but giggle at herself, it all still seemed so far from reality, more like a fairytale. William watched her and asked “Can I be let in on the joke or is it private?” She didn’t find it a big deal and she just assumed he wouldn’t find it as amusing as she did since he had absolutely no sense of humor. “It’s really nothing I just still find all this so unreal.”

William sat quiet for a moment and then he grinned “I can see that. A werewolf, warlocks, witches, and other horror story things that go bump in the night. But not all of us are the evil villains that the movies portray us as, we just have been given a bad part to play in life so people think that it all must be true and its okay to treat us that way. I believe it’s called FREAKS. When in reality it’s really nothing more than survival. Wouldn’t you agree?” Wow! Kinessa was floored by his suaveness, something she did not see coming. Even Cameron didn’t act like this he was too busy acting the bodyguard to talk to her like a normal human being. She packed her things back up in her bag and waited for William to gather the supplies he needed for the trip. “How are we getting there, is there a car waiting for us close by?” She thought she would ask. “No, we are walking. It’s about a day’s trip to where we are going, I promise to make sure you will be safe. The big, bad wolf won’t come after Little Red Riding Hood.” He smiled a perfect smile. She admired how beautiful it was again. He may not be prim and proper like Cameron but he certainly was sexy as hell. Kinessa found herself speechless at the fact that she was thinking such a thing. She needed some fresh air before she went absolutely Tarzan and Jane.

While she stood outside the shack waiting for him she continued to pictured how things would be if they were truly soul mates. How would he be during the times when he had to change? Would he be abusive and crazy or leave and she would have no idea if he was dead or alive. Then she found her thoughts venturing to areas she wasn’t too sure she wanted to be going but her curiosity got the best of her and she went ahead and allowed herself to visualize what the passionate part of him would be like. Unfortunately everything was cut short when William surprised her with his silence and left her gathering her thoughts and composing herself. “Are you ready?” He caught himself giggling at her trying to scramble herself back together like a teenage boy that just got caught by mom with one of dad’s Playboy Magazines. “What’s so funny?”

She knew she was busted for daydreaming but she wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction of knowing that, so she threw a little attitude hoping it would keep him off her back. He seen right through her veil. William just shook his head and started walking with a smile of victory on his face. After a few feet he turned and asked “Are you coming or not? Sorry sweetheart there is not chariot in this fairytale and this isn’t Twilight this wolf isn’t going to tote you everywhere.” Once again Kinessa was totally floored by him. Who would have thought he read Twilight? She enjoyed the books until the movies came out then it just ruined her perspective on them. Not meaning anything bad against anyone but some books are simply better as a book. They don’t need a movie to make them successful. However that was just her opinion. Kinessa joined William and began their journey. She wanted to continue to talk but wasn’t too sure how he would act about a conversation being held when they were on a mission to get to safety. “Can I ask something or would you rather me not talk at all?” She asked sheepishly. He looked at her in surprise that she even asked such a thing. “Look I know I can be an ass but if you want to know something by all means ask. I am cool with talking unless I say it’s not safe but we aren’t in any kind of stealth mode and I enjoy talking when I have someone worthy of having a conversation with and I think you fit that description. Don’t you?”

She nodded and began her thousand question spree before she lost her nerve. “Do you have to turn or is that something you can control? Do any of the myths or stories about werewolves true? Do all werewolves’ offspring’s turn out to be werewolves too?” William busted out laughing a genuine full hearted laugh. “Kinessa slow down please, why are you asking such questions?” He turned and faced her and his full smile went small and he could see her concern. “Are you asking this because of the soul mate issue?” He didn’t wait for her response. With a sigh he took her hand and started walking again with her by his side and started giving her the facts the way he had experienced them.

“It took me a long time to learn to control the changing, at first it was due to being angry with the world and with help I learned to let go and then I could change at will unless I was forced by the witches for their protection. Most the myths and stories aren’t true except a few. Yes, silver can kill me if I’m in wolf state, I heal quickly but not superhuman quickly the right shot could kill even if it’s not silver. As far as the kids I really don’t have an answer to that question. I know my dad was a wolf but I don’t know how he became one.” Kinessa let it all sink in and started to think of other questions to ask, hoping she wouldn’t upset him but she just couldn’t shut it off. “You said you didn’t kill people for your food. How do you know when you’re in wolf form? Can you still, you know tell right from animal instincts?” William’s face turned unsure as to how to answer this question. He knew how to control the beast within but he didn’t ever think he would have to explain it or if he even could. He could show her but that was sure to scare the holy hell out of her but it was the only way to make her understand. “Do you trust me Kinessa?” She looked at him with a panic in her eyes. “I want to show you something but you must trust me and not freak out and stay completely calm. Can you do that? If you can’t, tell me now and I won’t do it at all.” Kinessa was terrified of what he wanted to show her but deep down she did trust him for some strange reason. Therefore she agreed to his terms and he picked a spot for her to sit and remain still and quiet.

William walked about twenty-five feet away from her and sat down in front of her. She watched him as he took his shirt off and his socks and boots. After he was finished he took a deep breath and looked straight at her. His hands started to shake and his eyes went from hazel to bright green. It hit Kinessa like a ton of bricks that he was going to change to a wolf. Why would he do such a thing? What if he hurt her? All these things ran through her head like a wild fire. He told her to stay calm and quiet. She kept reminding herself as she watched what looked like bones breaking and hair growing everywhere. However it slowly came to a stop and he raised slowly and walked toward her, watching her like prey. Kinessa became nervous but the reminder kept ringing in her mind “STAY STILL AND QUIET” He squatted down in front of her, his face only inches from hers and when she looked into his eyes she seen him not the wolf and without a second thought she reached her hand up and touched his face. William had never been touch while in wolf form by anyone. He wasn’t sure how to take such affection like this. How could she look at him and yet still treat him like he is the same person. He relaxed and began to change back in front of her. When he was finished he felt confused about his feelings even more.

“Why did you do this?” Kinessa asked him taking his face in her hands. “What was you trying to prove to me?”

William looked at her, eyes softened and emotions running high. “I was showing you I know right from wrong and that I would never hurt you as long as I can help it. I am more man than beast.”

Kinessa smiled and softly agreed.

“Yes you are.”

Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina | Source

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