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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Eight)

Updated on August 14, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

Mr. Suntree

Cameron gazed upon Kinessa’s father for the first time and saw a man who had been aged long before his time. His hair was turning white and worry and stress of protecting his only child had worn his body down, or so that was the idea anyway. Cameron felt something totally different in his gut. For a parent that shipped his child halfway across the world; he was certainly calm and collected. Cameron watched carefully as her father moved around. He had a feeling he used so much power as a young man that’s why he looks so much older than he really is. While going through training that was the first thing the council drilled into their brains that their powers were for emergency only. However there was a few that used them to get ahead in life; that is until the council stripped them of their powers and left them standing there with no memory of who they were or what they were. They were hell bent on protecting the future of their society. It was obvious he abused it and escaped punishment. Cameron let that feeling roll off his back, after all Allen Suntree wasn’t his responsibility; Kinessa was.

“Mr. Suntree” Cameron acknowledged his presence.

“So you are the one they felt suited to protect my daughter. I can’t say I’m very impress. Therefore I’m going to ask you, please impress me. Tell me Cameron, who is your father?” He watched Cameron trying to decide if he should lie or give an honest answer.

Cameron noticed he was waiting and knew exactly what he was trying to decide so he opted for the truth. “Sir, I never knew my father. My mother told me he died before I was born.” A truth that always bothered Cameron. All he had of his father’s existence was a single photo of him and his mother.

“What is your given name then? Surely the council didn’t just give my daughter a bastard watcher, I’d like to think you come from a decent bloodline.” Once again he carefully observed Cameron’s expressions.

“Cameron Castles, it’s my mother’s name. And no disrespect but I am far from a bastard.” he said quickly

A smile crossed his face remembering a happier time in life perhaps. “Castles, I know the Castles family your mother would be Angelica. Correct?”

Cameron continued to quickly answer his questions “Yes Sir that is correct.”

“Then I am honored to have you watching over Kinessa.” He said with a smile. “I knew your mother. She was a dear friend. I also knew your uncle. How is he? It’s been too long.”

Whoa! Where did that come from? One minute he’s being called a bastard and then he’s all honored. Cameron thought to himself. “Thank you Mr. Suntree.” Cameron said softly. “My family is doing fine. I don’t see them as often as I like, but they are well. I will tell them you send your best when I speak to them again.” Allen nodded curiously.

“That won’t be necessary dear boy your mother and uncle probably have more to worry over than a hello from me. Now I want you to take Kinessa to a place I used as a hideaway. Nobody will ever find you unless you tell them.” Cameron listened closely to Mr. Suntree as he gave careful directions to their new safe haven. He decided it was a better idea to leave while Kinessa was still out cold for the castle tended to bring out unwelcome visits from the past. Nothing made any sense, Allen Suntree was a council member, and he needed no safe haven. He was hiding something and it made Cameron feel queasy, but what other options did he have.

He woke from his vision and found she was still asleep, as he laid there watching her breath calmly rise and fall he gently reached up and caressed her face in his hand. He had never felt such emotion inside that he had the sudden urge to kiss her as if she were sleeping beauty waiting for her prince to wake her from the dreaded spell. He ached to feel her lips on his that he found himself almost unable to pull himself away to do what he needed to do to keep her safe.

After pushing back his feelings; he stood and began to gather a few things they would need even though he had been informed that the place they were going was fully furnished with all they would need; Cameron wasn’t taking any chances. Once he had everything ready to go he proceeded to pick her up off the stone floor and quickly made his way to the door. Cameron gently place her in the front seat in which he already laid all the way down so that she could continue to rest comfortably. He couldn't help but kiss her forehead before closing the passenger side door.

He was having a hard time coping with all the new emotions that were taking place. He had been with other girls before but none of them had this kind of effect on him. He had always been the one that could just have a good time with them and just move on with no strings attached, but with her it was like she had a spell put on him. He wondered if this is what being in love felt like but he wasn’t so sure about that either for he had been in love before. He had just started going through the changes and learning what his powers meant. Her name was Jessica and they had been dating for a year. They were sixteen and were prepared to take on the world. What they weren’t prepared for was the rules of the “Gifted” society; Meaning they had a purpose and Jessica wasn’t part of that purpose. It was forbidden to be in a relationship with someone that wasn’t your true soulmate, this was to ensure their safety. He began the drive to their destination; it was a long drive through the mountains according to the directions it was so well hidden that he would drive by it at least three times before he got it right.

Cameron continued to travel with his memories of another life. The day he had to tell his first love that they were no longer allowed to be together and yet he was forbidden to tell her the truth as to why. His mother told him as much as it seemed unfair it would be for the best in the long run. He wondered if she was speaking from experience; considering he never got to meet his father. He had heard rumors that his father wasn’t really dead but he was part of that forbidden rule and his mother had ignored the warnings; she never would confirm or deny them when he asked for the truth.

Half way there Kinessa woke up and everything was foggy but the more she came to the more she remembered of what had happened in the dining hall back at the castle. Fear and embarrassment covered her face after realizing that she could have hurt him and yet she kissed him. Cameron waited for her to speak first and when she didn’t he took in a deep breath and spoke.

“Are you okay?” He said searching her eyes for answers to what happened back at the castle. Everything was a process for her; she was praying it was all just a dream, however the expression on his face said it was anything but a dream.

She was confused about what had happened but at the same time she remembered how the person inside her felt. Jealousy, fear, anger, and powerful, very powerful it was a woman and she seem to fit perfectly into her body almost the only exception was her feelings for Cameron. She felt herself blush red at the thought of the kiss the still lingered on her lips was it the same for him or was it just part of the job? She wanted to talk to him about it but she wasn’t sure if they should.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Not sure what to really say to him or even how to act around him for that matter she was afraid that he was going to reject her and all the feelings she held for him.

Cameron wanted to tell her everything he was feeling but even he wasn't exactly sure how he was feeling much less try to explain it to her besides he knew it would distract him from his duties and it was taking all he had not to touch her so he continued to drive without speaking of what had happened between them.

“Where are we going?” Kinessa looked out the window into the mid-spring Mountain View. She looked back at Cameron who seemed to be battling over the decision to tell her with the possibility of another visitor jumping in her place. The last thing they needed was another incident while driving.

“We are just taking a drive to pick up some supplies that we are going to need.” He lied. Kinessa knew it too, his face told on him it was pained with the fact, but she played along and just agreed and sat back and enjoyed the ride. She rolled down the window to feel the fresh cool air on her face when Kinessa began to get an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach when they reached a small forest that rested in between two large mountains where the snow was still melting. Then suddenly it happen a large zap in her gut and she screamed out “Stop!” Cameron quickly stopped as Kinessa jumped out of the car and began to make her way into the forest like a magnet being pulled into a piece of metal. Kinessa was freaking out with every little zap that came. She felt certain that this had to be a punishment, she just wish she knew for what.

Cameron followed behind her at first but the further in they got he was all but carrying her due to the pain she was in. Finally they came upon a small cabin cradled in the heart of the forest and as soon as they reached the door the pain was gone and Kinessa was passed out in Cameron’s arms once again. He held her tight as he opened the door. He had seen many of his friends go through the changes and even himself, but none of them went through anything like this. What made her so much different?

Once inside he found the first bedroom and placed her on the bed and returned outside to retrieve the car. He began placing a protection spell around the grounds from any intruders that may try to enter in any way, shape or form. He was not taking any chances. Once he finished Cameron returned to Kinessa’s side, he wasn't sure how much more her body could handle she was in desperate need of rest and healing and all the running was not going to allow that to happen. The pain still shown on her face. She was dreaming and he knew it, but he couldn’t join her. He was needed awake and alert. He couldn’t protect them in both worlds. The best solution was to stay by her side until she came out of it. He needed to come up with a better plan because this place was not going to work. Yea sure it was secluded and well-hidden but something still didn’t set well with Cameron and he just couldn’t let it go. He kicked himself in the ass for not going straight to the council with her and placed her under their protection to begin with. He made his final decision; once Kinessa was well rested and healed they would make their final run back to the village and place her into the protection of the council. Cameron feared if he didn’t get any sleep soon he would be too weak to hold the protection spell that was cloaking the location. He would need to leave her long enough to walk the perimeter. Before he left the room he place a thick layer of salt in the window seal and the inside of the bedroom door, along riverstone; to keep intruders out while he was away from the house. Once he was certain it was safe to leave the house, Cameron wasted no time. The stakes around the house were still going strong. Cameron ran to the boundaries of the house and found one that was weakening which made him nervous something or someone was near and tampering with his spell and there was only a few that knew the spell he would use. He reinforced the boundary stake and quickly made his way back inside.

Cameron made his way back to Kinessa’s side. She looked at peace for the moment and he felt confident she was in no danger. He made his way to the kitchen to see if her father held to his word saying the cabin would be stocked with food and other supplies needed. Cameron opened the fridge and then suddenly realized he had no earthly clue as to what she would eat. He decided to wing it; bacon, eggs, and pancakes. “Who doesn’t like pancakes?” He asked himself as he laid everything out on the countertop. He looked down at himself and the muddy mess he was covered in and thought it best to quickly clean up before cooking.

The shower felt great to his skin but he knew it couldn’t be enjoyed; every second counted. He washed quickly and threw on a pair of jeans; assuming he would have plenty of time to finish dressing before Kinessa woke. He looked at himself in the mirror for a split second to notice his eyes were bright violet from all the high stress and lack of sleep. Maybe once he had some food in his stomach that would change a little. Cameron took pride in keeping his emotions in check. “Time to get your shit together Castles, you got a job to do and nobody likes a slacker.” He spoke to his reflection in the mirror before walking out the door and back down the hallway to the bedroom to check on Kinessa again before retreating to the kitchen to cook for them before she woke up.

Meanwhile Kinessa was back in dreamland except this was way out there even for Kinessa’s dreams but she couldn’t help but go along with it to see how it turned out. She knew nothing good ever comes from the dreams, she always seems to turn out to be the damsel in distress. But she knew she needed to follow them or she would never learn what was happening to her; hell even Cameron had no clue as to what she was going through. Therefore she would just have to go with the flow. It couldn’t turn out any worse than the ones before, could it?

Just A Kiss


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    • milleramanda53 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Florida

      Thank you I believe in listening to my readers and any suggestions to help make my work better. :)

    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 

      6 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Inter-r-resting! Nice build-up, pushes the story forward and leaves you wondering. 'What's Next?'


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