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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Eleven)

Updated on November 28, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

The Cold

Kinessa tried to explain everything to Cameron as she strained to wrap her own mind around what it could all mean when she acquired a sudden chill hit her face. Cameron noticed the change in the temperature as well; the icy sphere was meant to freeze them out. He helped Kinessa back to her feet and they fled back inside the cabin; where they found the warmth thawing out their faces once inside. Cameron began preparing for the worse; finding all the blankets and making sure they had plenty of food. He knew he needed to contact her father now or they may not have a chance. Hell they may not have a chance anyway. Cameron stepped in front of Kinessa and reached out his hand to her “We need to contact your father." Kinessa wasn't exactly sure how he was planning on doing that but she didn't argue and took his hand without question. She followed him to the bedroom. "We have to be asleep in order to contact him but I need you with me, your powers and connection to him will help me locate him faster. When you go to sleep let the last thought be of your father. Do you understand?" Oh yea, she understood but it would be easier said than done. "You are going to be in the bed with me or somewhere else?" she asked hoping to clear up any confusion her brain was going through. "I have to be with you to make sure we stay together in the travel." He felt something pulling at one of his emotions and it wasn't coming from him it was her, he could almost feel her emotions, but how was that even possible? "Kinessa is everything okay? I need to know that you can do this. If you have any doubts we won't risk it, I won't risk your safety." More emotions poured into him it was uncomfortable but at the same time relief. Kinessa could only think about surging hormones.

"Do we have to be in the bedroom to sleep?" She stuttered through the words as they came out of her mouth while her skin went from crème to pink. It all became very clear to Cameron at that point and he felt like an idiot for being all business and not about how she would feel. Cameron wrapped his warm arms around her and kissed her hair "I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking, I just thought it would make it easier going to sleep in a bed not on a floor but if you don't think this is a good idea then we can go to sleep anywhere you want." He could feel her emotions calm down she realized that his intentions were good and not of some horny teenage boy. He couldn't help but smile at that thought but she had every right to feel that way.

Kinessa finally agreed that it would be better to fall asleep in bed instead of tossing and turning on the cold floor. She climbed under the covers and turned her back to Cameron hoping sleep would come easier if she didn't look at him but as he entered the bed he reached over and turned her toward him so he could see her. "Are you okay Kinessa?" She felt his worry as his words spilled from his mouth. She reached up to him and lightly touched his cheek and closed her eyes only picturing her father. Cameron felt a picture coming to his mind but how she wasn't asleep and he was nowhere near. She amazed him every chance she got. He closed his eyes and followed her. Kinessa found herself in the clouds; why were they in the clouds? Then there he was she reached out and touched her father and his eyes opened to her. "Hey Daddy" Tears filled her eyes as he reached up to her. "Kinessa what are you doing here?" concern filled his voice and then he saw Cameron behind her. "Cameron what is going on?" he sat up toward him. "Mr. Suntree, we have a problem and we need help now. Where are you?" Cameron didn't beat around the bush and went right into what was happening and explained how his uncle was involved. Kinessa's father didn't seem too surprised by the fact of Cameron's uncle, but he didn't feel now was the time to explain why. "Kinessa has the power to break the ice spell but she will need to be outside and calm and relaxed. Do you still have your MP3 Kinessa?" Kinessa knew why he asked her such a silly question and she nodded in understanding. "I will be there as soon as I can, Cameron remember it is your duty to keep her safe." and then they were back in the cabin.

Kinessa was anything but calm by this time all she could think about was freezing to death. She dug her MP3 player out of her bag and of course it was almost dead. She quickly plug it in but she knew it would take too long to charge. She searched for anything that would help her relax but all she had left in her back pack was her sketch pad and charcoal pencils. It would have to work for right now. Cameron could see she was struggling to focus on something to draw “Can you draw portraits?” Kinessa looked at him confused. “You’re searching for something to draw. You can draw me if you’d like.” Kinessa smiled at the gesture, unfortunately Kinessa’s drawings came from something more spontaneous. She loved to find things to draw that had no clue she even existed. However nothing was inspiring her creative flow. Kinessa set down her pencil and walked away hoping she could find something throughout the house to catch her eye.

Cameron watched her walk around for roughly fifteen minutes; becoming frustrated with each passing moment. “Kinessa, you have to relax. Tell me what I can do to help you do that.” She knew exactly what she wanted but she also knew that he wouldn’t agree to such an act. Her body ached for his touch; the warmth of his hands running down her spine, the soft caress of his lips against her neck while his hot breath brushes across her skin. The more Kinessa concentrated on him and her fantasy Cameron began to feel unusual; he began to see an image of Kinessa disrobing, his heart pulsed quickened. He knew it was an illusion but his confusion of how she was pulling this off, he was captivated. She held out her hand for Cameron to follow her; he accepted. Kinessa lead him to the bedroom where she began helping Cameron strip between long passionate kisses. The further in Cameron allowed himself to be pulled into the fantasy the more it felt real. “Just let go and be with me.” Kinessa whispered in his ear as she pressed her bare flesh against his. Cameron knew this was a bad idea but he couldn’t pull himself away and just when he thought he had the strength to do so she pushed him backwards onto the bed and with one fluid movement she followed. She straddled his waistline; barely hovering; she could feel Cameron growing beneath her.

Cameron attempted to compose himself as she leaned forward; pushing herself down just enough to make contact. Cameron’s eyes struggled through the emotions shifting between blue and green. However it wasn’t until she was chest to chest with him and she leaned her head down to his neck and gently ran the tip of tongue from his collar bone up to his ear when Kinessa heard the low growl in Cameron’s throat; that’s when Cameron lost his battle. His eyes flew open with the brilliance of emerald and without any warning Kinessa’s fantasy became his instead.

“Cameron, what are you doing?” Kinessa asked startled by his swift actions.

“I thought you wanted me to let it all go.” Cameron smiled his wicked little grin knowing in his heart that he would never do anything to hurt her. He rolled her over all the while keeping himself between her legs. She quivered beneath him; preparing herself for the moment of truth. “Wait does this count as the real deal?” Kinessa questioned herself. However Cameron had something else in mind. He followed in Kinessa’s footsteps; kissing her neck at first, then working his way down her body. He took his time making every inch of her body ache for more. She panted with excitement as Cameron ran his hand down her inner thigh to her very wet… “Oh my God is this still a fantasy?” This was feeling all too real for Cameron. What was happening? He wanted her, needed her you might say. With that thought he drew his attention back to Kinessa.

He gently brushed the edges of her lips before spreading them open slightly and slowly slid his index finger inside. Kinessa quietly whimpered with pleasure as he entered her again. He smiled at her little noises. “You like that, don’t you?” Kinessa tried to gain control of her breathing to answer him but it was too late; before any words could materialize he slid back inside for another round. Kinessa couldn’t hold the whimpers silent any longer, as she arched her back with each thrust. Finally Cameron couldn’t take anymore. He wanted more than just a fantasy; he wanted the real deal. And reality was calling him back for that exact reason.

Kinessa could feel him pulling away from her. “Cameron, please don’t go. Stay right here.” Cameron shook his head. “I have to wake up Kinessa. None of this is real. I want it to be real. Don’t you?” Kinessa knew what she was doing was wrong. As much as she cared for him; she didn’t truly love him and he didn’t love her.

Cameron began waking up along with Kinessa. When they finally reached reality they knew there was nothing left. She smiled at him, leaned forward and kissed him upon the forehead. “Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have pulled you into my world. It was wrong.”

Cameron giggled. “I’m not mad at you. Therefore there is nothing to forgive. I’m the one that should be sorry. If I were a better Watcher we wouldn’t be in all this mess to begin with and well you wouldn’t had to destress yourself like that.” Kinessa couldn’t help but join him on the little giggle.

“Well what do we do now?” Kinessa looked to Cameron for advice.

“Well that depends on how relaxed you are. Do you think you can break us out of this giant snow globe or do you need more time?” Cameron knew the spell would take every ounce of energy she could produce and even though she was pulling little tricks out of her sleeve; he knew there was a chance she wouldn’t be able to break the spell alone.

“I think I’m ready. Can I give it a test drive or is this one of those deals when you start you can’t stop?” Kinessa figured she’d go ahead and ask.

“I tell you what, let’s take that test drive.” Cameron went to the freezer and grabbed some ice cubes. He set them on the coffee table in front of her. “Now it’s freezing in here therefore these aren’t going to melt anytime soon. I want you to concentrate on the ice. Now look for that inner warmth and peace. What is the one thing that makes you truly happy?” Cameron watched as she tried to concentrate and find such a happy place but suddenly her expression turned to tears.

Kinessa looked at Cameron. “I have no such place. My whole life has been a lie. My parents, one is missing and the other has acted like none of this is a big deal. He knew this day was coming; hell it came a long time ago. Why couldn’t he just tell me the truth and give me the chance to get the help I needed then? My teacher knew all about this too. How is that even possible?” Kinessa’s anger began to boil which began to melt the ice. Not exactly the way he wanted to get results but effective all the same. “Kinessa, listen to me. You need to calm yourself. Look you melted to ice.” Kinessa hated the thought that she was using anger to get them out of this. The whole warmth and peace idea sounded; well peaceful.

“Cameron, I’m not ready for this. I don’t want to be angry for this. What happens if something goes wrong and you get hurt?” She had a point. Cameron thought back to the Knight’s Den and when she opened herself up to anger. She was an easy target for someone else just to slip in; this time they may not get as lucky.

“Okay, let’s try this. Tell me about something other than your family that makes you happy. What makes you all warm and fuzzy inside? Kitties and unicorns? Puppies?” Cameron was trying to help her shift her focus to something completely innocent and selfless. “Did you ever have a pet?” Kinessa’s father would never allow a pet in their home. She tried to bring a stray dog home once but her father had a huge fit about it. The puppy couldn’t have been more than a few months old and absolutely loved her. However as soon as her father came through the door the dog’s demeanor completely changed; it was almost like he was protecting Kinessa from an intruder.

When she was finished with her story Cameron smiled his innocent smile. “Dogs and Cats are excellent judges of character. The puppy knew there was something different about your father. That is probably why he was trying to protect you.” Kinessa appreciated the fact that he was trying to make her feel better, but the more she thought about that day the more she grew concerned about her father’s true intentions. She knew they had to escape but she also had a gut wrenching feeling her father’s plan was way too easy. “Cameron is there another way out?”

Cameron was confused by her question. “What do you mean another way? Kinessa, we are surrounded by ice.” Kinessa hated feeling like she was stupid but she had to ask. “I think it’s a mistake; breaking the spell. I feel something is wrong. I can’t explain it. I just know it. Does that make sense?” It did make sense to Cameron. The problem was finding another way out.

Cameron went to the other room; he needed to focus. He calmed himself and focused his attention on home. His mother was the first person that came to his mind. He thought about everything she taught him about his powers. “Cameron?” His eyes flew open. “Mom?” He looked around but he heard nothing else.

Was she really there with him? Did he connect with her? Will she find them before it’s too late?

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