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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Fourteen)

Updated on November 29, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

The Life of the Wolf

Kinessa followed William through down the wooded path. "Stupid, stupid, stupid what the hell am I doing? This guy wants to kill me and yet I'm following him down this path to for all I know to become his five course dinner. Stupid, stupid, stupid." Kinessa rambled on in her brain all the while William could feel the vibrations of worry flow to him. He stopped suddenly and Kinessa ran into him because she was too busy looking at the ground. "Ouch!" She looked up at William towering over her. His hazel eyes watched her with a burning hunger and his hair was kept short, dyed brown but she could still make out the red tint to it, at one time his ears had been pierced, as she looked closer she thought his tongue was too, his odd tattoos caught her eye almost as much as his eyes looking at her. She followed the strange markings down his arms trying to make sense of it all.

Kinessa wasn’t sure yet if she trusted William but she knew she couldn’t stay here with Cameron knowing they weren’t meant to be together it made her feel unwanted; a burden. Who was she to stand in his way of finding his “Soul Mate” Whoever that was? Therefore she followed the big bad wolf into the forest like Little Red Riding Hood and prayed he wouldn’t eat her for his dinner.

The fog was thick and the forest floor mysterious to Kinessa’s feet. William helped her find her way through by telling her where to step and what not to touch. He was calm and not as intense as earlier; he was actually normal, she didn’t know why she couldn’t see it before, she figured it was due to the situation of being killed. She giggled at such things now that things were calm and quiet enough for her mind to process everything. “What’s so funny?” William watched her curiously as he continued down the path, he knew it well enough he could walk it with his eyes closed. Kinessa wasn’t so lucky though her foot snagged on a root and she started falling face first into the ground. She was expecting the pain to strike hard and fast but instead of the hard ground she caught a hard tree trunk which left Kinessa seeing stars for a little bit. William was so used to taking care himself and it all happened too fast for his body and mind to react.

It wasn’t hard for him to discover she was bleeding, his excellent sense of smell detected it right away. Kinessa seen him watching the blood on her hands, but what everyone mistaken him for was a cold blooded killer. Yea sure he liked meat like the next guy but he didn’t run around murdering people for his food. “I won’t hurt you. I don’t kill people for food. I prefer my meat well done.” He smiled at her and began looking at the wound. He really had a beautiful smile; she thought to herself. William found she had a decent gash in the top of her forehead and she was quite the bleeder; he removed his t-shirt and pressed it to the cut to get control of the bleeding.

Kinessa once again was making a new discovery of the male body. He was built differently from Cameron but at the same time they had some of the same features. She wondered if there was a connection between them. Cameron’s hair was a blondish brown but Williams was red. Cameron was built but not stocky, William was slender and smooth but his arms and legs showed years of running and fighting from the scars they held. Cameron had a single tattoo and William held four; one in the same spot as Cameron’s, another on his hand that looked like a brand, a tribal band around his arm with the same strange marking on it as the ring she wore upon her own hand and the last one was of a wolf and a full moon.

“It’s not polite to stare. Didn’t anyone ever teach you that?” William feeling a little self-conscience about having eyes on him. “Sorry, I was just admiring your tattoos. What do they mean?” Kinessa was trying to show him she meant no harm. “We need to keep moving.” He brushed her question off and helped her back to her feet but instead of letting her walk William decided it was probably safer and faster if he carried her. However when Kinessa refused to be carried like a rag doll he became annoyed and gave her no other choice he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and started walking at a quick pace. He knew it wouldn’t be long before her loudmouth would catch some kind of attention. “Put me down I am quite capable of walking on my own two feet.” William giggled “Apparently not. Considering your head has a gash the size of the Mississippi running through it. Now just sit back, shut up and enjoy the ride.” He didn’t stop for debate just kept walking.

After about thirty minutes of yelling and kicking Kinessa finally surrendered and became quiet at some point William worried that he was just carrying a corpse on his shoulder but he could hear her breathing and feel her pulse pounding against his hands. Soon enough he was putting her down in front of a cave or was it a house. He noticed her trying to figure it out. “It’s a house built into the cave. This is where I stay when I don’t want to be found. Come on it’s about to rain and I don’t need to be playing nurse maid to a sick witch.”

She didn’t like the term “Witch” she didn’t feel like a witch and she certainly didn’t carry the look of one. She wasn’t into the Goth stuff. “I’m not a witch and I would prefer you didn’t call me that.” She spoke softly. She could feel she was growing very tired which meant she would have to sleep and that meant dreaming. William led the way inside the cave shack that he called home. It was just that to a small cave not all too deep but just enough to keep the weather at bay. There was a small cot and some shelves with the basic necessities for survival; can food, water, pillows, blankets, and first aid kit. “You can have the cot, I will sleep on the floor.” Kinessa wasn’t about to argue she was too tired to put up a fight. She sat down on the edge of the bed and stripped her shoes off. Once she laid down she was out like a light there wasn’t even enough energy left in her to toss and turn.

Sleep came fast and she was ready for the dream world but she wasn’t ready for what she was going to see. She didn’t understand why she kept returning back to the courtyard in her dreams; was there something she was supposed to find or was this just a trick her enemies played with her mind? She was standing in a crowd. Everyone was dancing and cheering it was a festival. “Enjoying yourself?” Kinessa turned to find William was in her dream, and he looked like a totally different person. He was clean and dressed in new clothing and he was happy, this must be a dream. “I’m not sure, what is going on?” She replied to him with a small grin. He took her hand and guided her to the fountain in the center of the courtyard where she seen people with various colored roses throwing them in the fountain after what looked like they whispered into them. William took her to the flower cart near the fountain and told her to pick a rose. “Why do I need to pick a rose?” She couldn’t help herself she felt she had to question everything in this world. “The rose is a symbol of purity and love. We whisper in the rose our deepest love and in return it brings us our soul mate.” He sounded as if he had been waiting for this day for quite some time. “It’s why we celebrate the “Day of Lights” to help guide our soul mates to us.”

Kinessa was having a hard time believing in such things but she humored him and picked a yellow rose with red and orange trimmed petals. She watched as William picked his a white rose very simple and beautiful at the same time. They walked over to the fountain where they were the last two that seemed to have not thrown their roses yet. William took a few steps away and whispered to the white rose and with a gently kiss tossed it into the water of the ancient fountain. Kinessa stood there thinking of her deepest love in this life and before she could say anything the rose began to glow in her hands. She could feel it trying to free itself from her hands; she slowly cracked her palms and the flower floated out. William’s mouth opened then shut he was in a total trance of amazement as the rose floated between them. As she followed her flower toward William the fountain water began to glow and suddenly the symbols started glowing as well.

“What does this mean?” She asked William. But it wasn’t William to answer it was another voice from the crowd, one that she knew all too well. The old man was back but this time he was acting totally different. “The rose meant you and young William are soul mates, but the fountain has been what I was waiting for all these years. You are going to be the most powerful “Gifted” in the world and that is why I felt you were in need to be protected at all times.” He tried to explain to her but Kinessa wasn’t convinced.

“You mean that’s why you wanted me killed. You sent all your goons after us to find us and kill us.” She spared no attitude toward this man. “Kinessa I can assure you I have no intentions of killing you, with you dead our world is doomed. If you want to know the truth of who is really behind all this you should be looking at him not me.” She knew he was right William is one of the guys trying to kill her after all. “Who are you anyway and why does it matter to you so much if I live or die?” She waited for him to answer but he seemed to be trying to figure out the right answer. While she waited for him to make up his mind she turned to William “Who sent you after me?” Her eyes began to tell on her annoyance with both of them not wanting to answer. However before she could go any further she seen another familiar face that sparked pain in her own heart; Cameron. He was standing at the fountain with a rose; it was a red rose and beside him another girl with short brown hair stood looking at him but before she could say anything to him she was wrapped in his arms.

Kinessa felt as if she had the wind knocked out of her. Was this his soul mate?

Hold On


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      3 years ago

      ...Bang bang, he shot me downBang bang, I hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, my baby shot me down.I know this is not the place for karokae, but when I saw those shoes and someone here mentioned Cher, I just couldn't resist..


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