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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Four)

Updated on July 21, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source


Kinessa backed away slowly as she watched him disappear behind the courtyard fountain. Trying to keep her eyes on him, she never heard Ms. Poppy come up to her side and asked her, "What are you looking at Kinessa?" Startled by her teacher's quietness she looked back to make sure Cameron was really gone and refocused on Ms. Poppy. "I was just admiring the fountain that's all. It looks quite old." She looked at it once again this time really studying it only to notice some strange markings on the stone. They were the same that were on the ring that her new teacher gave her Kinessa looked at it another few seconds and joined her teacher. She studied the ring as she followed behind. “Ms. Poppy do you know anything about the markings on that fountain? Is it just decoration or do they mean something?” Her teacher turned and looked at the old fountain “Perhaps that would be a good question to ask one of your other teachers tomorrow.” Kinessa wasn’t sure if she was being snotty or sincere due to her father’s decision.

They finished the last of the shopping then headed home. The whole time Kinessa asked herself “What does all this mean?” After dinner Kinessa finished the dishes and went to the back yard where she could be alone to think of the things that were about to happen. She felt all this called for some music; she grabbed her MP3 player and began to listen to the beats coming from her headphones. She closed her eyes and she could feel her world relax and soon enough she was dancing around and she could feel her whole body change to something she had never felt before, it was good and pure and with each passing song it became stronger. Kinessa was enjoying the new feeling and the music, she had no idea that not only was she changing but she was changing things around her as well. She felt so free and completely calm that the old tree that she was using as a dance partner was changing from dead and brown to green and full of life. Its roots stretched out and took in all the nourishment from its new found life source. She was unaware of what she could do with her emotions but she didn't care; this feeling; she never wanted it to leave. However Cameron did notice and he was worried someone else may notice as well and try to use her for something none of them were prepared for. She was special and also dangerous. She could be used to wipe out their entire race in the wrong hands. He wasn’t sure exactly how powerful she was; but any of their powers could be turned against them.

Cameron stepped forward but something stopped him from saying anything to her as he watched every move she made. She looked as if she was gliding across the grass with every step it turned from brown to green. Her hair was long and loose and flowing with a careless rhythm, her eyes remained closed as though she knew exactly where she needed to step. He watched her empty arms dance with her as if they were searching for the perfect partner that fit there. He pictured himself filling the empty void of her arms. And like she was reading his mind there she was.

Kinessa took a step closer to Cameron; he quickly took a step back but unlike Kinessa, he wasn't as graceful in movement and she caught a glimpse of him as she turned and she came to a dead stop. She felt the heat of embarrassment fill her cheeks with redness of being seen in such a child-like way. Cameron too was just as embarrassed for not being as stealthy as he knew he was able. He held his position for a moment then moved toward her. She stood absolutely still as he took her by the hand and turned her toward the old oak and spoke softly, "You must be very careful of your actions. You are being watched by very powerful people and if they find out what you’re capable of, they can use you for dark purposes." Cameron took her hand and touched it to the tree. "Can you feel it breathe? You are giving it life and while that is a special gift, it can also be very dangerous." He watched her as she closed her eyes and listen to the tree as it breathed with her. She could literally feel it moving in and out like her own chest would rise and fall.

Kinessa looked at him in surprise. "How did you know I could do that?" She never moved her hand from his as he answered. "We are what the elders call "Gifted", we have the powers to heal, see things that no other can and many more other things that we are still learning about. However we are becoming extinct and that is why I am here to be your watcher. The elders believe you to be the one who will have all the answers. What that means I don’t know yet."

"What do you mean we are becoming extinct?" She asked him. He debated his answer before actually allowing himself to speak again. "For centuries we have been hunted down and have been accused of being witches and warlocks. We are just now learning that there maybe someone on the council that may be responsible for this." She felt dizzy from all this and he could feel it. "I don't understand any of this. I’m nobody. I’m nothing special. So why would they think such a thing?” she said quietly. "I will explain everything slower and help you understand but for right now just be careful of what you do and who you talk to. Do you understand that?" he asked kindly. "I understand." she said as she let everything process in her brain. "I must go but I will see you again tomorrow." Cameron spoke as he stood to leave her. Kinessa stood after him and reached out to him to stop him as she spoke, "Why are you my watcher if you are like me? Aren’t you in just as much danger as I am?" Cameron turned and looked at her and grinned at her like the first time they met and he leaned over toward her and whispered in her ear "What makes you think I'm just like you?" The heat off his breath ran down her neck she could almost feel his lips touch her skin as shiver ran down her spine and as she turned her head slightly to catch a glimpse of a smile and he stood straight and walked away leaving her confused again. How does he do that? She thought to herself as she felt a blush and a faint smile cross her face.

Kinessa went to bed and fell asleep quickly hoping for a dreamless night but she found no such luck, she found herself back in the center of the courtyard by the fountain once more; with only a lamp post lighting her surroundings. She felt tension building up in the pit of her stomach as she looked around hoping Cameron would walk out of the darkness and tell her everything was okay, however he did not, someone else did, an elderly gentleman with gray hair and dull blue eyes that could almost be a gray color. He walked with a strange cane that looked to have ancient symbols carved on it. The carvings shimmered against the light some of them looked familiar but her mind couldn’t place why or where she had seen them before.

"Hello Kinessa, I have been waiting a very long time to meet you." He spoke gently to her. "Hello, I'm sorry but I..." She stopped at a loss for words and not wanting to show any disrespect. "You do not know who I am, yes I know that my dear. Your father tried to hide you from this world and yet did not listen to me when I told him that he would not be able to." The man spoke as he shook his head in what seemed in disappointment but at the same time in what seemed to be relief. "What does my father have to do with any of this, Sir?" Kinessa asked. "That is a conversation for another time child, right now I am here to find out exactly what your place is to be in this world." He took a step toward her "Kinessa, I have some tasks for you to complete." He watched her very closely. “You have nothing to fear from me, I will not hurt you. I just need you to hold something and see what it does.” He reached into his coat pocket and retrieved a black stone. He held out his hand for Kinessa to take it from his palm.

"Kinessa wake up now!" She heard Cameron's voice in the back of her head screaming at her. "Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!" His tone became more fierce and angry with each passing moment. "Kinessa, it's not polite to keep someone my age waiting. Take the stone." The old man's kindness was turning to harshness. With that Kinessa was able to use her fear to run from her dream and wake up to her bedroom where she was waiting like a child for a boogeyman to jump out of her closet, but instead it came from her window; it came flying open fast and loud; that it scared her right under the thick comforter. "Kinessa, Kinessa answer me!" It was Cameron at her window. "Who was that man? What did he want?" Kinessa fell forward into Cameron and tears fell like rain from her eyes. "What did he say to you? Did he hurt you?" Pushing her forward making her look at him. Cameron was on high alert and was all business, her needs of a young woman in need of being held was none of his concern. Kinessa spoke of everything the man had said to her and Cameron listened carefully. "I must go speak to the elders about this I will be back soon, do not go anywhere without your teacher. Do you understand" He spoke to her like a small child this made her very angry. "I have classes at the academy tomorrow and she will not be with me." Kinessa shot back with an attitude that felt all too familiar as her eyes began to change. Cameron's however had beaten her to the punch as his were burning bright violet and even more anger spilled from his voice. "What Classes? Who authorized you to have classes at the academy?" Kinessa was in total shock of the nerve he had to question her of her father's decisions. "My father did! What the hell does it matter? Go run and talk to your council. I have class and I plan on being there on time." She yelled at him. His eyes continued to blaze but he wasn't sure if it was shock of her anger or the fact that she was getting under his skin. "I have to go; I'll be back before you leave for classes. Don’t leave this house before I get back." Cameron spoke in the deepest, darkest tone he could find and he did a good job because it scared the crap out of her. She tried to contain her emotions around him she did not like feeling like a child nor did she like him treating her like one. “Then you better be here on time because I’m not going to wait for you.” She threw her best attitude and crawled back into her bed while Cameron crammed his body back through the open window. She was surprised how gracefully he managed to do it without making the smallest sound. She didn’t dare close her eyes to sleep at first but finally she fell asleep with no more dreams for the rest of the night, but morning came far too soon. The alarm sounded at the crack of dawn and she hit the snooze button twice before she finally decided sleep wasn’t her friend anymore. She gathered her uniform and new shoes then retreated to the bathroom to shower and dress. Kinessa was never much for make-up, however today she really needed it. She went through her desk drawers hoping she managed to pack at least eye liner and lip gloss. She managed to find the eye liner in her pencil drawer mixed in with all her charcoal pencils along with light pink lip gloss. She wasn’t sure how they got there but she was grateful for the mix up.

Once ready she decided to go find something for breakfast but her appetite seemed to be missing. She searched the cabinets and the fridge for something that looked edible. They had cereal but no milk, pancake mix but no syrup, oatmeal and wouldn’t you know it, no butter. “Who does the shopping around here?” She questioned out loud. Super frustrated she grabbed the box of Frosted Flakes and the carton of orange juice. She poured the cereal into the glass bowl on the counter top and stared at the orange juice for a second. “Oh well it all goes down the same hole. Right?” And poured the orange juice on top. Ms. Poppy stepped through the kitchen door to discover Kinessa’s new breakfast recipe. “Kinessa, What in the bloody hell are you eating?” Kinessa could see the disgust all over her teacher’s face which made her day. “Well, if whoever buys they food around this place would pick up a gallon of 2% milk the next time they’re out would be great. Also pancake syrup and butter would be awesome as well. But until that happens, orange juice and Frosted Flakes are pretty scrumptious. Wanna Bite?” Ms. Poppy shook her head in disgust, poured her coffee, and walked out.

Kinessa finished her meal, cleaned up behind herself, and retreated to her room to gather her supplies for school. As she placed her books and materials into her bag; she was almost convinced she would need a bigger bag. “I hope I’m getting a locker or something because this bag isn’t going to last the day.” She spoke to the books as she crammed them in and zipped it close. It looked as though the seams were about to burst. “Kinessa it’s time to go. Are you ready?” Ms. Poppy announced. Kinessa knew Cameron would be angry if she left before he got there. She had to stall for at least another fifteen minutes. “Umm, yea almost I need to go brush my teeth and Umm, Oh put some deodorant on, then I’ll be ready.” She moved as slow as she could possibly knew she could. All the while listening to her teacher scream for her to hurry or she would be late.

Wake Me Up


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      3 years ago

      I believe Lauren has grown and idened the baby has put certain things in perspective for her. Good Luck, we want to see you back on the big screen doing big things girl!


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