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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Thirteen)

Updated on November 29, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

The Hidden Truth

The last thing Cameron expected to be told was that he had a brother, but to hear that William of all people was his blood was just too much to believe. His mother showed him old photographs of the three of them looking like a normal happy family. William was no more than a few weeks old and Cameron maybe two at the max. His mother looked so young and beautiful, full of life. He couldn't recall ever really seeing her that way. Her skin was almost flawless and her smile went on for miles.

"What happen? Why don't I remember any of this?" Cameron's questions came out with emotions of betrayal and confusion. His mother tried to search for the words but there was no way sugar coat it to make the blow any easier. "The council forbids us to stay together, his father and I, William was to be executed as our punishment but Jameson sacrificed himself so that William may live but in the end it was still for nothing the council took him as a prisoner to train him to be the best of the best hunters and I would sneak away when I could and meet with him and remind him he was better than that. Then I learned of Kinessa and everything she had gone through and is now going through. They will not stop until she is dead but don't allow your eyes to fool you for her true danger is closer to home." Cameron knew that there was a chance that the closer to home might be her own father. “Cameron, follow me to the library please. There is someone here to see you and Kinessa.” He did as he was instructed and followed his mother. As he entered he saw an old woman sitting at his mother’s desk. She had velvet looking skin, smooth, very few fine lines ran across her face. What gave her age away was her hair; it almost shimmered; gray wasn’t the color it literally was silver. Her eyes shined almost a crystal blue. “Come over here and sit with me young man.” Her voice was equally smooth like a beautiful melody.

Cameron sat down beside her and just stared. He knew it was rude and his mother taught him better manners, however there was just something about her that he just couldn’t turn his eyes away from. “Do you know who I am?” She asked him knowing he didn’t have the foggiest clue. “No ma’am, I don’t. Something tells me I should but I can’t grasp as to why.” She smiled at his answer. “My name is Aria; I have many talents as well. For instance; I can see the future sometimes and unlike others with my talents I do not like my gift of foresight. It makes me feel lonely because I am bound to be the bearer of bad news. However that is not the case today. I was sent here to send you and Kinessa on the correct path.”

Cameron didn't understand the whole talking in riddles, but it always came to him when the time was right. Kinessa took her time in the hot shower enjoying it flowing over her aching body, she could feel everything finally relax and calm. She climbed out and wiped the fog from the mirror to reveal her baby blue eyes glowing and her long hair changing from the blonde she was so used to seeing to dark brown. The only thing that hadn't changed since leaving home was the black circles around her eyes that continued to remind her that her body was in desperate need of sleep. She found her bag of clothes and other much needed accessories, she dressed and made herself presentable and stepped out into the long hallway to make her way back to where she came in.

William watched Kinessa exit the bathroom from a guest room he had entered into through a window. He wondered if he could get away with pretending he killed her until he found out the truth then and only then would he make his real decision. William debated to make his move on Kinessa because if she screamed he would have to deal with Cameron and also explain to his mother what his intentions are. He couldn't risk it yet. Kinessa felt a weird sensation come over her like she was being watched, she searched every corner of the hallway looking for something out of place but seen nothing therefore she shrugged and started down the stairs. Back in the front room she waited for Cameron to show; she heard voices come from what seemed to be a sitting room, she entered quietly and seen Cameron, his mother, and another woman sitting at a round table. She looked as if she were reading his palm but how silly was that? Kinessa listened to what the woman had to say anyway. "You and Kinessa are not meant to be together. She will love another and you will find your soul mate on the "Day of Lights". Kinessa backed away slowly and turned to run but she could already feel her body changing from calm to heartbreak. She already knew they were not meant for each other but hearing it out loud seem to hurt so much more. She grabbed her duffel bag and left the house walking down the long driveway when she suddenly came upon a face she wasn't prepared to handle. "William" After everything now she has to deal with him. She finally gave up and simply didn't care maybe he would make it quick and painless, but she didn't think she could feel any more pain than what she was feeling right now.

"Kinessa, Fancy seeing you here. What brings you?" William watched her under the safety of his sunglasses and his wicked grin. "Where's your boy toy Cameron?" He looked closer noticing she had her belonging with her and suddenly with a more intense look he noticed she was crying. Something in William snapped and his entire attitude change completely, he didn't know why or understand it but he didn't care. “Kinessa, what happen?" Worry filled his entire face and he grabbed her by her arms and pulled her into him. She looked at him in a panic and then her body just calmed again she was confused she felt safety with him not like with Cameron who was obviously there to protect her because that was his mission but literally she felt safe with William. "This woman is in there telling Cameron that he and I aren't meant to be together that I will love someone else and he will meet his soul mate at this "Day of Lights" whatever that means." Kinessa said in between sobs and had no idea why she felt so compelled to spill her guts to him suddenly. He was after all out to kill her. Wasn't he? “Just go ahead and get it over with. Just do me a favor don’t play with me like a chew toy please.” William gave her a disgusted look; almost offended. “Kinessa, I’m not here to kill you. Besides my mother taught me to never play with my food.” He winked.

Cameron wasn't sure how to take all this news. Who would Kinessa really love and how would he know who his true soul mate is? He tried to figure it all out and he knew he would have to tell Kinessa what was said too. He looked around the front room thinking she would be finished with her shower by now but she wasn't there. He went into the bathroom to find she had been long finished and her bag was gone too. He returned back to the front room searching for something to tell him where she could be when he saw the front door cracked open. He rushed out the door to look for her but she was not anywhere to be seen. "Did she hear what was said?" He asked himself out loud. He stopped focusing on the question and went back to trying to find Kinessa. He grabbed in keys out of his pocket and jumped into the car. He knew she couldn't have got too far on foot. Cameron rolled the windows down and called out for Kinessa but it was like she had just vanished into thin air. Could she still be in the house? He wondered if she had fallen asleep in one of the bedrooms. He felt like a fool not checking there first.

William heard Cameron’s voice ring out. He knew it was only a matter of minutes before Cameron would come looking for her. He took her bag and her hand and pulled her down the trail he used for when he would come by to see his mother. "Where are you taking me?" Kinessa asked quietly and without a fight. William debated on telling her in case Cameron tried to talk to her mentally. "Somewhere safe until we figure out what's really going on. I won't harm you in anyway, I give you my word." He stopped and looked directly at her and touched her face gently. "Do you trust me?



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