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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Nine)

Updated on November 9, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

Face in the Haze

Kinessa come flying up out of her sleep touching her stomach to ensure it wasn’t growing even though she knew it wasn’t a possibility due to the fact sex had to be involved and the way things were taking place Kinessa was looking at becoming a forty year old virgin. However her dream had seemed so real and so very peaceful. She had been sitting on a swing rubbing what looked like a small watermelon hidden underneath her shirt, she was singing a lullaby in a language she thought she had heard before, but couldn't place, and before she knew what was happening a very real movement was made under her hand as she smiled in the dream world the reality brought Kinessa back to the present in a panic. Where was she and what had happened?

Kinessa rolled out of the bed waiting for some kind of weird zap or vision to rush through her body but the only thing that rushed through was the sound of her stomach growling letting her remember it had been almost twenty-four hours since she had last eaten. She stepped into a small hallway that had a maze of rose bushes painted upon the walls she almost thought if she touched one it would be real and she thought she could smell the fresh blooms. She was sure she was losing her mind. However everything that she had seen and learned would be enough to drive any sane person mad.

As she entered the living room area she smelled something else heavenly, bacon. She made her way to the small kitchen at the other end of the house where she found Cameron cooking. He was still fresh from a shower with his wet light brown hair; he was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans that molded to his hips and very nicely shaped buttocks. She imagined what he would look like without them and then the thought of her wrapped in his arms came across her mind. Kinessa was so caught up in the fantasy that she hadn't noticed that he had turned around and was actually speaking to her. “Kinessa, are you okay?” She could see the panic all over his face. She couldn’t help but blush a little.

“Yes, I’m sorry just not quite awake yet.” She felt the red burst all over her face. However she still couldn’t pull her eyes away from him when she finally realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt; he wasn’t bulky in muscles but he was well maintained from head to toe and something more caught her eye he had a tattoo over his left breast. It was the symbol that was on the castle door. Was this the family crest or was this something all watchers had?

Cameron watched her eyes widen as she seen his tattoo and felt she would be disgusted with such a thing but then he felt something else hit him in the gut a wave of warning that something was near. He moved quickly but cautiously toward Kinessa so not to scare her.

“There is plenty to eat I’m sure you must be hungry sit down and start and I will join you in a few minutes.” He spoke in a hurry and he knew it would give him away to her, but she done as she was told and said no more. She was starving; he had cooked just about everything she could think of for breakfast bacon, eggs, even pancakes. She filled her plate and ate all of it and even went back for seconds.

Cameron went outside the cabin and walked around to check the wards that he placed to make certain that they were still holding strong. He did not dare to step outside the perimeter for not knowing who or what would be lurking in the shadows of the forest. As he rounded the north side of the house a new rush of danger came over him. Cameron looked for anything out of the ordinary but when nothing was found he knew it was something that he would not be able to see with his own eyes. He rushed back inside locking the door behind him knowing as long as the wards were strong and still intact nobody could cross over but he was still going take that extra step to keep them safe. Once the doors and windows were secure and Kinessa taken care of Cameron retreated back to the living room area and sat in the center of the floor; where he closed his eyes and began to concentrate on his surroundings. Cameron began to search the forest but he was being blocked from a certain area with a thick haze. Kinessa could feel his frustration and worry pull through her emotions and with an automatic motion she sat in front of him not saying a word, took his hands and surrendered her powers to him, he almost lost control of the vision for her power was so much more pure than his own it was like being on the best drug ever. Cameron returned back to the area in which he was and moved in slowly removing the haze and when he finally cleared his view what he saw nearly threw across the room.

“This can’t be true. It’s not true.” Cameron wanted to walk out right then and confront the man he had just seen, his own uncle was playing a role in all this. Kinessa also recognized the jerk of a teacher that she had the not so pleasurable chance to meet, but she did not understand why Cameron was so upset about it.

“What’s wrong? Who is this guy really?” Kinessa asked with concern.

Cameron thought about it for a moment and decided he might as well tell her she would find out eventually. “He is my uncle.” Kinessa’s jaw hit the floor and left speechless. How could such a S.O.B be any kin to the man that was putting his life on the line for her? She did not have to say what she was thinking Cameron was already answering her thoughts. “He wasn’t always this way. He used to be really fun, easy going and laid back until I became a watcher then he seem to be dead set against it. I just thought he was just some grumpy old man, now I think he is part of the traitors that are killing off our kind. Why else would he try to block my view of himself?” Kinessa took his hand and held it tight as he tried to work all the most logical reasons for his uncle’s actions and when he could not he rose from the floor and began to pace the floor. Kinessa started to see the fury literally glow in his eyes but when he turned to pace the other direction she could see it move down his body almost like he was dunked in glowing fury. She stood up and slowly moved toward him not sure how to calm him down yet and a little frightened to even touch him so she figured the best approach was to step in his walk path hoping he didn’t knock her over. As Cameron turned she was standing in front of him and he wasn’t in the mood to walk around her so he stopped. “Please move.” He spoke with anger. However Kinessa stood her ground and didn't.

He stepped up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders and picked her up to move her but he couldn’t bring himself to push her aside anymore. His stomach turned to butterflies and without warning all his anger was melting away but he was left with confusion and that even frustrated him. All he could do was shake his head. She knew he would not hurt her she just looked into his eyes and prayed that she could help him before he decided to do something stupid that may get them both hurt.

“Why do you have to be so stubborn?” he asked her looking at her as deeply as possible. His eyes showed that his emotions were in a chaotic state. Cameron had the urge to take all those emotions and wrap her up in them but something was telling him she was meant for someone else. His job was to protect her not to fall in love with her. This was hard even for Cameron, she was attractive, and special. How do you keep those feelings in your back pocket and just sit on them never letting them out to play?

“Cameron you have to let me in. Tell me what’s wrong. I want to be there for you but I can’t if you won’t talk to me.” Kinessa refused to drop the subject.

Cameron simply turned around and paced back the other direction. The avoidance was killing him inside he was never good at it. He always faced his problems head-on if at all possible, however this whole situation feels impossible. Kinessa could tell he had something serious on his mind and maybe now wasn’t the time to be playing Dr. Phil.

“If you decide you want to talk I will be in the room.” Kinessa retreated back to the bedroom where she set by the window trying to figure out what she could have done wrong and how she could make it right. Emotions were running high throughout the house and it showed. A small house plant in the window that was thriving and lush green; now a victim to fears, anger, and lost hope; stood dead brown. Kinessa looked at the pitiful thing, she couldn’t help but feel responsible; she took a deep breath, reached out, focused on something pure, and pictured the plant breathing with her. She could feel it returning to its vibrant self. As she opened her eyes and looked upon the newly revived house plant it had managed to outgrow the pot it was in.

Cameron felt a new calm come over him. He knew this was wrong considering how upset he was and only one person could pull that off.

“Kinessa?” He ran to the bedroom where he found her in a warm glow; smiling and at inner peace. Cameron stood in amazement of how special she really is and complete fear of how much destruction she could cause if she was captured by the wrong people. With that thought Cameron snapped back to reality. “Kinessa! What are you doing?” Cameron didn’t mean to shout as loud as he did but it snapped Kinessa back into reality as well.

Kinessa looked at Cameron startled and a bit disoriented. “I reviving the plant. It was dead from all our bad mojo. I’m inside and nobody can see me; that’s what you said that I needed to make sure no one can see what I’m doing. Right?” Cameron had said that but he forgot to mention other factors to her powers; guess that’s what he gets for thinking she wouldn’t be as powerful as the council went on and on about.

Cameron shook his head and blew out a sigh. “Kinessa, it doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside. The powers you possess..” Cameron stopped himself trying to find the correct words that wouldn’t make all this so complicated for her. “At this moment, the people looking for you, they can find you just by you using your powers. The only way you can use them at the moment is if we have a hell of a cloaking spell or you’re at least ten feet underground in a concrete bunker. I hate sounding so dramatic but it’s the truth.” That inner peace she was glowing with was now gone. The warm glow was replaced with dark, sad, and hopeless aura and the once beautiful green plant was completely lifeless.

Kinessa got up and walked out of the room silently pushing out so much hurt that Cameron couldn’t move; and that was in the literal sense. Kinessa had no idea what she was capable of all she knew was that she was stuck with super powers that were worthless to her because everyone wanted a piece of it. Cameron finally free of his paralysis walked into the living room where Kinessa was standing with the front door standing wide open.

“I hate this. I didn’t ask for any of this. If they want these stupid powers they can have them. What do I have to do to get rid of them?” She looked at Cameron with a dead serious face.

His eyes dropped to the floor and the truth of that matter wasn’t as easy as a hand shake. “Kinessa, the only way your powers leave you is in the event of your death.” Kinessa’s mouth hit the floor.

“You mean these people plan on killing me to get some crapping powers that simply heal a plants?” Death was not part of the deal in Kinessa’s mind. She had too many plans for her life, there had to be another way.

Cameron couldn’t help but giggle. “Kinessa, your powers are much more than for healing plants.” Kinessa patiently waited for an explanation. Cameron already figured he would have to elaborate so he pulled her from the doorway and closed the door behind them. “Look you have more than just the ability to heal plants. You can heal anything or anyone that is living, but you also have the powers to take that away as well. But you must remember something for every action there will be a reaction. Especially when healing people or taking a life. We are not God and those who think they are usually the ones that cause the most hurt. These powers are a gift and are very rare. That’s why the council believes you are here to save our way of life.” Cameron just looked at her confused face and all his frustrations began to wash over him again. Now he was the one up and pacing the floor again. Kinessa stepped back in his path; Cameron just rolled his eyes and attempted to step around her but she cut his path off. “Kinessa move!” She just crossed her arms and held her ground. Cameron felt like a child again trying not to blink as she stared him down. Suddenly he lost control of all of his emotions and before he knew what he was doing they were wrapped up in each other’s arms and his lips locked on hers. Cameron knew this was a bad thing, he knew deep down that this wasn’t meant to be but he couldn’t help but know that right here, right now this was happening. He had no explanation he just knew. Kinessa on the other hand wasn’t sure how to take any of this. She had only been kissed once before and that was right before she was pulled out of school by a cute little redneck named Andy. She giggled at the memory. He was such a sweet boy, she thought if things had been different they would have made a great couple; but here she stood in the arms of another man and praying for unspoken miracles.



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      Lori Stanford 2 years ago

      This is such a terrific read.