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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Seven)

Updated on January 28, 2015
Graphic Art by Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by Lori Hrdina | Source


Cameron watched wide eyed as she filled the room with emotion. She was totally out of control and he didn't know how to calm her down but he knew he had to try for both of their safety. He walked slowly and quietly to her side and gently said her name and he reached for her hand. As he touched her she turned her blazing eyes on him and sent him flying across the dining room causing him to land hard against the wall. Kinessa wanted to scream but she focused on Cameron. She cleared her thoughts and imagined she was standing in front of him holding a conversation. "Cameron? Cameron, can you hear me? Please hear me." It took him a second to shake the hit off but when he got back to his feet he was right back at her side again. “Kinessa, you have to calm down, you have to listen to me. She looked up to him and lifted him up off the floor and said “Kinessa doesn't live here anymore.” Cameron’s heart stopped as he heard another’s voice come from her mouth. The woman sounded older and knew what they were doing. “Who are you?” Cameron asked not sure if he should fear for his life or Kinessa’s life. The voice gave a crackled laugh "I'm someone you can't stop. She is my prisoner and I like it here. Now if you like what you see I could teach you a few things that your little girlfriend couldn't. What do you say? Wanna take me for a spin?" Cameron felt ill suddenly. He had heard of taking advantage of a girl but this was just nasty. She walked around Cameron sizing him up waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce. "What's wrong handsome? Oh are you worried she'll scream rape? I don't think she'll mind at all; to be quite honest I think she wants you more than I do." She smiled wide. Cameron rolled his eyes and thought to himself "Great! I got some middle aged cougar playing with magic simply because she needs to get laid." Cameron kept his thoughts to himself. "What do you intend to do with her?" He asked the stranger. "I intend on doing nothing to her other than enjoy her body. I already told you this and even offered you the first ride." She had many other plans for Kinessa's body but she figured why waste a perfectly good body right away. Cameron decided to play at her game maybe it would buy him some time. "So what you're telling me, I can have fun with you and she won't know that I or umm should I say we done anything?" She smiled wide and wicked. "No, handsome I'm saying it doesn't matter. She wants you with or without knowing." Cameron was almost flattered but his morals still were higher than his ego. "So what do you want to do exactly? I usually like to buy my ladies a drink and get to know them before I turn them into sex freaks." She stepped forward and put her hand on his chest and ran it slowly down his stomach coming to a stop at the crotch of his pants. "Well I'm not a prim and proper kind of lady. If I see what I want I usually get it and to be quite honest your little friend seems eager to please." She smiled with pride as she rubbed the front of his pants gently. Cameron tried to act as if the bulge in his pants wasn't actually growing but the fact of the matter was it was Kinessa standing in front of him physically and from the moment he took on this mission he held an attraction for her. "Well the truth is I really don't find you attractive. I perfer tall brunettes with large tits and well you don't have any of that. Now if you can pull that off I may make the exception and we can have some fun." Cameron thoought he was going to puke his guts up right there but he couldn't give up.

While trying to plot out his next step in saving both of them he heard a familiar voice in his mind. “Cameron, Help Me!” It was Kinessa and then Cameron knew what he was dealing with but not with whom. Cameron worked fast to figure the best way out of the situation. Whoever they were dealing with could quickly catch on and take them both out, it was for certain they were not dealing with an amateur. They had control of her body but not her mind basically she was a prisoner in her own mind. “Kinessa, you have to fight them they control everything but your mind you have to use your emotions to get them out of your body.” Cameron urged her. He worried of the consequences; Kinessa's emotions were so chaotic that there was a chance she could end up hurting herself. Cameron's emotions were becoming a problem as well. Kinessa was stirring something up inside of him that he had never dealt with and he didn't want the feelings. He had heard horror stories about watchers becoming involved with the people put in their charge. He didn't think he could handle what those watchers went through. Some asked for their powers to be stripped from them, others fell off the deep end and set out for revenge and ended up dead or imprisoned.

“I don’t know how.” She was confused and Cameron was trying to think of anything. Kinessa felt like she was becoming claustrophobic in her own mind. "Cameron, How the hell do I get them out of me. I'm starting to freak out here." About that time another strike of lightening came through her body. Kinessa hit her knees gasping for air. Once she gained control of herself she took back to her feet. "Alright bitch now you're pissing me off. Cameron, What do I do?" She was fighting every shock that came at her. “Make them feel uncomfortable, your emotions control everything, you are more powerful than they are you just have to learn to use it. You should be able to feel their emotions as well and tell the difference between theirs and yours. Do something only you want to.” He explained to her. There was only one thing that she could do but she was more afraid of doing such a thing than living with a body snatcher. She struggled to connected with the body snatcher but once she did it was like a battle of the minds. What she did next nobody was prepared for. She looked dead at him and approached him with something in her eyes that even Cameron couldn't describe. Her eyes began to change colors in the struggle to gain control again. He watched as the battled raged on catching a glimpse of Kinessa every chance he could. Kinessa reached out and took both of Cameron’s hands and held tightly to them concentrating on only him,looked at them and placed them on her face. He watched her as she stared at him and then she spoke out loud “Kiss Me!” Cameron's eyes changed from light lavender to a dark blue as he heard her voice and without hesitation he pulled her close and cradled her head in his hands as her lips softly touched his her body began to convulse in the battle of emotions, the body snatcher was definitely not happy about kissing Cameron. "What's wrong? I thought you wanted me." Suddenly she went limp in his arms her eyes shut and Cameron began breathing erratic with fear that when she woke it would not be her. His movement of her body was slow and gentle as he placed her on the cold stone floor, brushing her hair out of her face and speaking her name softly "Kinessa? Can you hear me?" hoping she would awaken to him but she was out. As he watched on he started noticing her a lot more than he had before, she wasn’t like most of the girls he showed any interest in; she was average, but beautiful at the same time, her hair was natural never tampered with, and her skin was almost a perfect crème color as delectable as coffee crème. As he continued to admire her skin he found a simple flaw to it, a mark almost like a brand; just above her wrist, it was old and faded, and he thought it maybe a childhood scar or even a birth mark. However the longer he looked at the mark the more he was convinced it was a brand placed there by the council or someone trying to keep track of her, either way it was placed there for a reason. He tried to make of the design of the brand although it was nothing more than a faded scar; if he could figure out what it was then he might be able to discover who was after her and maybe even stop them before someone ended up dead. The symbol almost made a flower shape, and the only flower brand he knew of was the Iris. There was so many questions that needed answered.

Cameron decided it was time to consult the council but feared the intruder would interfere he would have to take the most extreme measure he knew it was job to protect her but Cameron was running out of ideas and places to hide her, he would have to call her father. He pulled out his cell and began dialing numbers; an answer comes kind of startled and a little angry “Hello, this better be good.” Cameron listened to the aged voice worried if he made the right decision by calling her father instead of going straight to the council chambers. "If this is a bill collector or one of those little punks from the pizza joint, you can forget it, my pizza tasted like it came out of a freezer and you were thirty minutes late on delivery. I am never buying from you again and as far as your tip I have a tip for you, go back to school and learn something useful like how to tell time ya bum." Kinessa's father went on for another two minutes before Cameron could finally get a word in. “Mr. Suntree, sorry to have disturbed you at this hour but we have a situation Sir.” Cameron responded beyond nervous and with Kinessa out cold he has no way of convincing him of the truth.

“Who is this?” Her father still a little grumpy but more controlled now. “Sir, my name is Cameron I am your daughter’s Watcher and something has happened that I am in need of your help and knowledge.” Cameron speaks as if the walls are listening. Cameron no longer trusted what he could not see. He would take every precaution to ensure Kinessa was protected.

“Kinessa! Where is my daughter young man?” His voice spikes another pitch in concern. Boy, You better speak up right now and tell me what has happened with my daughter or I will have your head." The Irish accent grew stronger with every word. He was intimidated by him for the simple fact that he was a part of the council, but also a father at the same time and he fully expected the reaction he was receiving.

“Mr. Suntree, Kinessa is out cold something has happened I brought her to the Knight’s Den thinking I could protect her from the man that’s been after her, however this place has been showing her things and I can’t see what it is, and then she made all the symbols glow, and after that somebody else was in her body the only way we could stop it was through mind reading and now she’s out cold. I keep waiting for her to wake but it’s like her energy has been drained.” By this time Cameron is out of breath and in a total panic as is her father. However a sudden calmness falls over Kinessa's father which puts an uneasy feeling in Cameron's gut. “Cameron is it? First, you are to get my daughter out of that castle. Second, do not inform the council of any of this. I will be on the next flight to you and Kinessa this has become bigger than the both of you. You will take my daughter to a place where I only know about but I will not disclose its location over the phone. Go take a nap Cameron.” This was an order not a request Allen Suntree’s voice was stern. Cameron closed his phone and began to question everything that was said. "Why would Kinessa's father not want to inform the council of the situation? Why is he wanting to fly out here to Ireland when it will only make the problem worse?" Cameron understood this was the man's daughter but putting himself in harms way would only make the job of protecting Kinessa that much more difficult. Something just didn't feel right and he knew better than to go against the council. They had the ability to strip him of his powers and banish him or worse kill him. Cameron knew that Kinessa's father was once part of the council but had not been since his daughter was born due to trying to give her a normal life. Cameron took a deep breath and done as he was told. He sat down right next to Kinessa propping himself up against a large chair as he softly stroked her hand and closed his eyes and within a few moments Cameron was asleep. A small fog drifted through Cameron’s vision and then a shadowed figure emerged from the darkness; a man mid to late forties, grayish brown hair but seemed to be changing more, emerald green eyes, and a look of concern and heavy worry. Was this Kinessa’s father? He was expecting someone much younger looking. This sight worried Cameron more; their powers kept them from aging like normal people however extreme use of their powers could make them look years older than they really were. He had seen such things first hand from his family mostly his mother after his father disappeared and she spent years casting spells searching for him with no luck of finding him. Cameron's mother was only forty-two but she looked about fifty. While still a beautiful woman her hair color began to fade therefore she kept it colored to hide the use of her powers. Allen Suntree didn't try to hide his usage it was almost like he was flaunting it. What could he possibly be using that much power for if he was trying to have a normal life? The man came closer and spoke with a heavy voice that seem to crack as if he had been at a rock concert screaming all night. However his Irish accent was full blown that there was no doubt he was Kinessa's father.

“Hello Cameron.”


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