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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Ten)

Updated on November 9, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

A Mother's Love

He held on tight praying she didn't try to push him away because he felt certain if she did he would fall apart at the seams. Kinessa was in complete shock and her first thought was to push him away and slap the crap out of him but as his lips molded perfectly to hers as she melted against his chest while she wrapped her arms around his neck. He grabbed her by her waist and easily lifted her to his level as their kisses became more passionate. She moaned softly as his kisses moved from her eager lips to her crème color neck. Cameron wasn't sure if he would be able to control himself much more and now wasn't the time to be so distracted but God he wanted her and everything about her and without a single thought he stopped and looked at her and stepped away from her. “We can’t do this Kinessa. I can’t do this.” Kinessa’s world came to a complete standstill she thought he was just getting lost in the moment but when she looked into his eyes she knew he was dead serious. He was lost but it wasn’t with moment, it was his own conscience, and she could see it. She knew she felt the same as well but she was afraid this was it for her. She leaned back into him and kissed his lips gently and never leaving them she spoke to him in his mind. “I understand.” She could feel tears pricking at the edge of her eyes as she said it. She felt rejected. Was there something wrong with her? She figured it was the fact she wasn’t super model material but she let it just roll off her back.

Cameron’s body began to tremble from all the emotions surging through them and he knew he had to put distance between them before they ended up going too far. The last thing he wanted was to put them at risk and this would certainly would. “Kinessa we have to stop. I don’t want to put you in any more danger and this could put us in a lot more than we need right now.” He sat her back down on her feet however never releasing her from his embrace. Kinessa never argued with his decision and as long as he was there with her she would be happy to wait to see if this was it for them or was there something at the end of this chaos waiting for them. She moved her hand down the side of his face and caressed his cheek. “I understand.” He leaned down to kiss her once more and released her.

Cameron returned back to the kitchen to make a heavy decision as to how to deal with his uncle, the uncle that hadn't been close to any of his family for quite some time and Cameron wasn't told why; however it seemed to be clearing up for him now. Cameron knew he was no match for him and he was unsure just how safe inside the house they were or for how long for that matter. Would Kinessa's father make it before they would have to flee or was he already aware of the situation? He needed to make contact with Mr. Suntree but this time he would take Kinessa with him. He knew this would be the best way to help him find her father.

Cameron returned back to find Kinessa looking out the window with almost a panic on her face. "Kinessa what's wrong?" Cameron asked her as he went to see what she was looking at. Frost was creeping up the path and heading right toward them. "Cameron what's happening?" Kinessa turned to him with her eyes changing from dark blue to almost an ice color them self from fear that they would not survive until her father found them. Cameron continued to watch the pathway continue to freeze wondering if the magical wards could hold up to such power. Just as it reached the point of no return the frost stopped yet it didn't the ice continued to climb all around them just outside the ward until they were locked into an icy sphere. It shimmered off the drops of sun light that peaked through the trees. He knew this was not the work of one “Gifted” person but at least three, a single Gifted could not cage this kind of power on their own without extreme knowledge and training and to do so was against the laws of the council.

Kinessa completely freaked out and ran out the front door with Cameron right on her heels trying to stop her but when she came upon the ice and reached out to touch it she received a shock of electricity. They were imprisoned in an icy shock collar. This really began to piss Kinessa off that her body began to shake and her eyes changed back to their old violet color but this time there was a hint of red in them. Cameron had only seen this happen to one person and the outcome wasn't good. He had to get her back inside and calm her back down.

As he stepped in front of her a voice rang out in his ears. "Nephew, what do you think you’re doing with that girl?" Cameron spun around to face his uncle through the ice. "Why are you doing this? We are supposed to protect our kind not destroy it." Anger began to flow in his veins as his uncle pointed at her and spoke "I am protecting our kind by destroying that which should have never been, her parents knew that, they were forbidden to even be together, the elders gave the order that she was to be sacrificed as a punishment of their foolish choice, but her father vanished with her like a coward and left her mother here to take the punishment." His uncle was full of hate but something else shined through; heartbreak. “Who are you working with uncle? I know you don’t have to power to create such a spell on your own.” Cameron pressed for information. He knew it was only a matter of time before his own magical wards weakened and their unwelcomed visitors would be at the door. “What happened to you uncle? You used to be a respectable man. A man I looked up to and admired. Now you’re a creep chasing little girls” Kinessa was almost offended by the remark but Cameron’s uncle was most definitely offended by it.

“You know nothing boy. I have protected you and your mother from the dangers that lurk in the night. You think you’re some hotshot hero. When in fact you are nothing more than an errand boy for the council. She will be the death of us all. Her father will see to that.”

Kinessa listened carefully to all that was being spoke of and then like a bolt of lightning she was zapped to another time. It was cold and there was snow on the ground. She looked around at her surroundings; she was still here at the cabin but things were different there was a swing and a woman sitting in it rubbing her very large round belly and she was singing the lullaby from her dream. Kinessa walked closer to get a better look at her and thinking it would be like her other visions where she would just stand there and watch her to get a clue of what was happening, but that was not the case this time, she looked at her and spoke. "Hello dear, are you lost? It's awful cold out here for someone who is lost." Her eyes were warm and the color of golden honey. Her hair was long and a light brown color with a touch of a wave to it. She had such a simple and innocent smile. "What's your name?” Kinessa couldn't help herself. She watched Kinessa for a moment and finally answered "Kae and your name dear?" but before Kinessa could answer a voice came from behind her. "Is everything okay sweetheart?" Kinessa felt her heart pang when she seen her father he looked so peaceful and happy; something Kinessa rarely saw throughout her childhood; and at last she knew this was her mother and she knew her name. A wide smile swept across her face as a tear fell from her eyes.

"We have a visitor Allen, I think she is lost." she said with a smile. "Can you please bring our guest a cup of warm tea?" He nodded and retreated back to the cabin. “Please come sit with me dear.” Kinessa sat next to her mother on the swing and looked at her for a long time. She tried to think of all the appropriate questions for such a moment, but she was coming up empty. Then Kae reached out for her hand and placed it on her swollen belly took in a deep breath and said softly never opening her eyes "You have grown into a beautiful young woman Kinessa and I know you will do the right thing when it's time." She opened her eyes and looked at her one more time and smiled "A mother always knows their children whether it is past, present or future. I will always love you remember that."

Kinessa sat there trying to cope with all the emotions. “How is this even possible? Am I dreaming and none of this is real? Are you really here with me? Help me understand what’s happening here.” Her mother looked at her and continued to smile. “I can’t help you my sweet, sweet daughter but I can tell you this. Nothing is as it seems. Yes this is a dream but it’s not your dream; it’s mine. I’m really here but this is the only way I have a connection to you. I never got to see you or even hold you. This is the only memory I have and I finally found you through your dreams. I cannot tell you where I am and I cannot help you with this journey but you are never alone.”

Kinessa fell back to reality with Cameron watching over her in terror. "Are you okay Kinessa?" Kinessa was a little thrown by the flashback. She finally was able to sit up and say "I saw her, I saw my mother." Tears fell from her eyes like rain. She held onto Cameron as she tried to gain control of her sobs and make sense of the words her mother spoke to her from her vision. She wasn't quite sure what it meant but she knew she would figure it out soon enough. If not for herself then for her own mother.

“What’s your plan uncle?” Cameron shouted

“Are you going to kill us both or just her and locking me away for the rest of my life?” The look of shame crossed Cameron’s face as he looked upon the man that played a father to him throughout most of his childhood.

“She will die Cameron but not by my hand. I just set the trap. As far as your death. If you leave with me now you will be spared, if not well I will spare your mother the details.” Cameron growled under his breath. “I will not abandon her. I guess you better plan to spare my mother the dirty little secrets you have. However uncle I promise I won’t spare her those secrets because before I die she will know everything.”

Cameron’s laughed out loud. “Oh please, spare me the dramatics we both know damn good and well you possess no such power.”

Cameron smiled his evil grin. “You’re right, I don’t but she does.” His uncle’s eyes grew wide. “Don’t be a fool Cameron. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. It doesn’t matter what you try to do to protect her, she is going to die one way or the other.” Kinessa was still a little foggy on the whole subject but her anger continued to grow as well as Cameron’s. With the two of them growing more furious together and their focus on Cameron’s uncle; the ground beneath his feet began to shake. “What do you think little girl, that a mini-earthquake will frighten me? With a snap of my fingers I can destroy your whole world.” He smiled at them as if he had already won the war. Then the ground stopped moving and suddenly it started growing. Kinessa had a love for nature and it for her, something she never really understood until this very moment. She watched as the vines and tree roots crept up on him and made their way around his ankles and up his legs. He played the calm card but his eyes held the look of panic as Mother Nature shot him backward towards an old pine and cinched him down.

“Remove the spell uncle and walk away from here.” Cameron offered.

“Even if I wanted to I cannot. I didn’t place the spell to begin with. Like I told you before; I just set the trap. So go ahead kill me because you are on your own with an escape plan.” Cameron’s uncle said with certainty.

Kinessa inhaled and released and as she let out her breath the vines and the roots released as well. “Leave. Do not come back. If you do; I will finish what I started.” Kinessa spoke with all the energy she had left. For Cameron it wasn’t that easy to let go of. You are banished from our family. Do not look to us for anything.” Cameron turned his back to his uncle. Kinessa looked upon Cameron’s face as tears flooded his eyes from all the hurt. She could feel his uncle watching them looking for an opening. “If I were you I would get to walking Mr. Castles; I may be weak but I’m sure I can finish the job if necessary.” Kinessa was bluffing; she really had no idea what the hell she was doing but she did know that if push came to shove she would figure it out in a heartbeat. However she was growing more and more tired by the second. She had nothing left and everything had become too overwhelming to handle at the moment.

Cameron seen what was happening with Kinessa and he knew she was trying to put on a strong face for the sake of their lives. He waited until he no longer felt his uncle’s presence and started checking Kinessa’s vitals.

“You’re growing too weak. You need rest now. Once we get back inside you can tell me everything.” Cameron was dead set on finding a way out of here, but first he had to get her inside and warmed back up. He needed answers and there was only one way to get them and Allen Suntree held the key to all of them.

When You're Gone


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