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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Sixteen)

Updated on November 29, 2015
Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina | Source

Waking Visions

William pulled himself back together and they began walking again, this time Kinessa didn’t have anything to say and for some reason her head was hurting. She searched around in her backpack for her MP3 player and prayed it wasn’t dead; relieved to find it had half a battery. Turning on the power and placing the ear buds in Kinessa tried to focus on the melody of the music and picture herself singing and dancing. William started feeling lightheaded, almost like his body was trying to relax far too quickly and he hadn’t heard a sound out of Kinessa for a while.

William turned to check on her well-being only to find she was in a whole other world which was not a good thing for she would draw attention to them and their safe house would no longer be safe at all; as a matter a fact it would be a bloody hell. He quickly removed the buds from her ears and she threw her head up in time for him to watch her eyes go from baby blue to dark green. “What the hell are you doing?” she wasn’t herself at all. William could sense something circling around them, something magical and very powerful. “Kinessa listen to me you are drawing attention to us and something has caught our scent.” He tried to reason with her but she wasn’t calming down. “Give me back my music NOW!” Her body began to shake and her fresh turned dark pink almost like she was burning internally. William knew someone was causing this but he couldn’t figure out how or who. He started searching for anything out of place around them or on her. He seen nothing right off the bat, but then there it was; her ring it was glowing too it was the source of the problem. William spoke softly to her not wanting either one of them to get hurt; mostly her. He giggled at the thought of her hurting him. “Kinessa, I need to check you for anything that may be hurting you, may I see your hand please?” He thought he had it made when she lifted her hand, however what he didn’t see coming was the back hand she threw and knocked him a good ten feet back. He was shell shocked for a minute but he took back to his feet and shook it off. She began smiling and her eyes were no longer her own. “What’s wrong dog? Did a little girl swat you like a bug? You should have finished the job like you were supposed to, now I have to. You’re wanted back in your cage.” William knew this would end badly for the both of them if he didn’t act now. It would take too long for him to change but he had enough strength and power to take her down and banish whoever was possessing her body, and without a doubt it was going to hurt both of them.

William gave it no more thought and pounced like a lion on a gazelle. Kinessa hit the ground hard and all he could hear was her head smacking the forest floor like a rock. William pinned her down with all his strength, it wasn’t enough though, and she was remarkably stronger he needed to change but it was dangerous to try that with her so close. He had no choice though it had already started without him knowing.

Kinessa was screaming for William but she was locked in her own mind. How the hell does she get through to him for help? She sat down and started concentrating on William maybe she could talk to him in his mind like she did with Cameron. Unfortunately that’s not what happen. She started to see something else. It was a child. “Wait what is this? I need William not some kid.” She followed the child hoping that she could get a message out for William. “Excuse me, Hello, Can you hear me?” She was screaming but the little boy went on about his way. She watched as he walked through the woods with his bare feet and ratty clothing, his red hair looked as if it had never been combed or even seen a pair of scissors. He kept pushing his long locks out of his eyes so he could see where he was walking. Kinessa started looking closer at this child, there was something strangely familiar about him. She stepped in front of him and kneeled down while he was picking up some wood. He brushed his hair out of his face once again and she seen hazel eyes, and she followed his tiny arm down to his wrist and there it was the brand of a full moon. Kinessa heart was torn she was seeing William’s childhood, even at this point in his life he had beautiful features. “William, come along son it’s time.” She looked up to see a tall man, stocky build and the same red hair and hazel eyes. It was William’s father no doubt. She looked back at William just in time to catch a tear roll down his cheek behind the cover of his long red hair. “I don’t wanna go daddy, I don’t like it there. Please don’t make me.” He made his last plead. “Now son you know you have to go. They paid good money for you and you will be protected as long as you work for them. You have to pay your dues just like the rest of us.” Kinessa couldn’t believe what she was hearing, he was so cold and heartless about it. She didn’t want to see anymore she wanted to wake up now.

William changed partially and started chanting the banishment spell. He hadn’t had to use it in so long his Latin was a little rusty. As the words spilled from his mouth his body quivered with shocks of electricity and fear that Kinessa wouldn’t pull through all this but he couldn’t leave her to fight this battle; she wasn’t ready. “You might get me out but I will find you and you can’t stop me from killing her or you dog.” It was the last thing the voice said before dispatching Kinessa’s body and leaving her limp.

William didn’t have time to change back or let Kinessa recover from the body snatcher he needed to get them to safety, whoever was after them knew their location and if they were too observant they will know where they are heading. William snatched the ring from her finger and buried it in the ground, grabbed their bags and threw her over his shoulder and started walking at a very high pace.

William’s senses were on high alert and even made him a little paranoid of everything that made a sound that didn’t seem to belong. He was held in half transition which was hard to do, but could if he concentrated enough.

After a few hours Kinessa started waking and he put her down to help keep her from getting sick, the last thing he wanted was her hurling down his back. “How are feeling? Are you hurt?” He knew she was he could smell the blood from her arms where he had her held down and his claws dug into her flesh. At first she didn’t speak she just kept staring at him and comparing him to the little boy she had watched just a few hours earlier. “Kinessa?” William starting to panic a bit he didn’t know what she needed and he had never had to care for anyone but himself before. “Um, yeah I’m okay. I think.” Shaking her head clear of the vision long enough to say something before he completely freaked out and started CPR. “You think? What do you mean, you think? You have gashes in your arms and had your head slammed on the ground, on top of having a body snatcher banished from you. How the hell are you okay?” William had to get her out of the woods and to the safe house he was really worried nobody could take that much trauma and say they are okay. “Come on we got to get you out of here.” He grabbed everything and her and took off. She giggled at him “I thought you said this wasn’t the Twilight Train.” William wasn’t in a joking mood and he cut his eyes at her to show her. Kinessa cleared her throat and dropped her smile.

For the rest of the tip she stayed silent hoping he would calm down. William felt some relief when they reached the edge of the woods and seen the old wood frame house waiting for them to enter. He sat her down so he could return to his full human form but his eyes couldn’t escape the marks on her body he had left behind, he felt disgust toward himself and hatred toward what he had done to her. Kinessa felt the sting of the cuts on her arms but she could also see the pain he was in. She managed to pull herself to her feet not realizing just how weak she was. However when William seen what she was doing he went completely savage on her. “What are you doing? Sit down now.” He caught her as her knees buckled underneath her body. She wasn’t sure if she held on too long or she just simply didn’t want to let go but her mouth opened without thinking “Why do you keep your hair so short? You should let it grow out some.” William had no idea what she was babbling about, he just laid her back down and went out of sight to pull himself back to normal.

They finally made it to the front steps of the house when William felt cold weather heading their way. He had seen this before and it wasn’t all that long ago. Kinessa’s father had placed an ice spell around the cabin that Cameron had told them would be safe for them to stay in. But this house was safe even against a spell from one of the most powerful Warlocks in the world.

Once inside He placed Kinessa on the couch and gathered wood for a fire to keep them warm while waiting for their guest to show. When he came back in Kinessa was gone from the couch but before he had a chance to panic he heard water running in the bathroom. William open the door to make sure she was okay only to get a full view of a completely naked Kinessa standing in front of him. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry I was just checking to make sure you were okay.” Kinessa was scurrying to cover up. “OUT!! Don’t you know how to knock? Gees was you raised in a cave?” She tried to take it back but the words were already out of her mouth before she could stop. William’s eyes fell along with his head and turned and walked away.

Kinessa wrapped the large towel around her and followed him out to the living room and tried to apologize but he wasn’t there.

Kinessa went back and finished her bath she would let him do his thing and she would apologize after he came back. She didn’t have much to choose from as far as clothing went from her bag. Thankfully she had her hoodie packed at the bottom of the mess of everything. Even though she wanted to fix it she could hear herself think over the growling of her stomach so she just picked everything up and placed it in a room on the way to the kitchen. When she turned the light on the last thing she expected to see was walls full of books and William sitting there reading one. She swallowed hard and signed this apology wasn’t going to get any easier and her stomach was going to have to wait a little longer for nourishment.

Kinessa walked up to William not saying anything at first hoping and praying he would speak first. He didn’t though he just watched her cautious and hurt. “William, I’m so sorry for what I said. I didn’t intend it to come out that way. You just caught me off guard and well very naked, well how would you act if I walked in on you fully nude?” An evil grin crossed his face. “Never mind bad choice of words.” Kinessa shook her head at him but she couldn’t help but grin back. “You’re not going to make this easy on me, are you?” He looked at her and smiled wide “Sure I am, Keep going you’re doing a smashing job.” William stood up in front of her. Funny she never noticed how much taller he was than her. She looked down to find both of them were bare foot. It made her think of her vision earlier that day. “Am I forgiven?” She ducked her head down and waited for the punishment. “I was never mad at you.” William lifted her chin and gently kissed her forehead. “Am I forgiven?” she looked at him confused. “For what?” He took a step back and covered his eyes with his hand with his fingers apart so he could see through them. Kinessa nodded with approval of forgiveness and knew their conversation was far from over but she was starving. “I need to talk to you about something important but I am starving can we eat first?” William agreed and they exited for the kitchen, all the while Kinessa wondering how is she going to explain this all to him and what did it all mean?

Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina | Source

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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 4 years ago from Hawaii

      This is abreally great read with characters that just pop at you.