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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Seventeen)

Updated on November 29, 2015
Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina | Source


The smell of food was almost more than Kinessa could handle she was famished and she didn’t care if it was a five course meal or Spam from a can. William wouldn’t tell her what he was cooking just that she would have to trust him. When he was finished frying whatever it was, he pulled some lettuce and tomato from the refrigerator, slapped it on some bread and handed it to her. “Don’t stop to wonder what it is, just eat it. When you’re finished I will tell you what it is.” William demanded calmly. Kinessa had no argument in her she was too hungry and exhausted to bicker over it. The first bite was a bit tangy and the next had a bit of heat behind it. The meat wasn’t tough or chewy it was tender and soft. The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh and crisp like it was just picked from a garden.

Once she finished she was ready for a nap. “Wow that really hit the spot what was that?” William had a shit eating grin on his face and knew her reaction before it was to happen but he wanted to see the priceless look on her face. “Cat”

Kinessa’s held her composure and tried not to freak out. She simply cleared her throat and responded “Cat? You don’t say. Um Okay, well I guess I will go take a nap now. Thanks for the sandwich.”

William could see her start to turn green and busted out laughing. “Dude, you really think I would feed you a cat? It was Spam, have you not had Spam before?” He felt a little ashamed all of a sudden of his lifestyle. She wasn’t from his world; she came from fast food and home cooked five course meals. “I apologize, I should have told you what it was from the start.” She watched his expression on his face and knew right away she made him feel uncomfortable. “For the record I have had Spam before. My dad used to take me fishing and we used it for bait and he made it for us at lunchtime it just never tasted anything like that. It always tasted slimy and gross. What did you do so different?” William was in total surprise. “Whoa, wait you like to fish? What else do you like to do?” As much as Kinessa would like for show and tell she felt exhausted and more than a little dizzy. “William, I don’t feel so good.” His attention turned quickly to her body swaying back and forth and quickly scooped her up and put her on the couch.

Placing heavy blankets on her for warmth and adding more wood to the fire. William listened to Kinessa babble in her sleep. He didn't understand any of it but he continued to listen for any sound of distress. He’d give anything to know what was going on inside her head right now.

Kinessa found herself standing back in front of the Knight’s Den. The sun was setting and the castle gave off a dark essences, darker than the first time. She proceeded through the large door with caution into the hallway that was the same as before but at the same time not the same at all. She didn't have time to investigate any further when she heard a voice coming from the dining hall. “Where are you boy?” She entered the room not sure what or whom she would find. A very unattractive, short and fat man, who was in a very bad need of a bath. The kitchen door come flying opened to a young man rushing out with a tray of food and drink that he sat next to the rude man and backed away only a few feet. “Where were you, you flea bitten mutt?” When Kinessa heard what he said she quickly moved to the boy’s side and took a much closer look. “Red hair, hazel eyes, and yes, the moon brand on his wrist.” It was William still with his shaggy hair and bare feet. The young man said nothing. He stood there staring at the floor with his fist balled up. She was certain that if it got any tighter there would blood pouring from it. Kinessa reached out for William’s hand and stroked it.

“That’s quite enough Warren.” That voice sent Kinessa’s head spinning so fast that it could have snapped off. She couldn't believe what she was seeing; her own father was standing in front of her. “One day he is going to kill you.” The fat man stood and laughed with joy. “Allen look at you all worried about my safety. That’s so sweet of you.” Her father didn't share the same amusement. “I’m not concerned of your well-being Warren, I’m concerned about his focus.” He approached the young boy and lifted his face to look at him. “You will need to be ready to kill her when the time arrives, once you have completed your task I will grant your freedom. Do you understand boy?” Young William spoke nothing, however he gave a simple nod and was dismissed. Kinessa's jaw hit the floor and the puzzle pieces started to come together. William was hired by her father to kill her. The tears pricked at her eyes and anger filled her body. Why did he want her dead?

William watched anxious to find out what she was seeing, hearing, and learning. Was it about him? Her eyes fluttered open with bright violet glowing from them. Pain and hurt hit William like a wave from the ocean. "What happened? What did you see? Are you hurt?" All the questions came flying out. He wasn't sure which to ask first. She looked at him at first not sure if she should be angry or apologetic. "Why didn't you kill me like he wanted you to? He said if you did he would give you freedom." Tears flowed like the rain, Kinessa still didn't understand what was happening. William hung his head in shame. "I couldn't kill you because you are the one who will save us all. Plus well you have kind of grown on me, you know? Besides how do you kill your Soul Mate?”

Kinessa was so confused. "If I'm supposed to save you, then why does he want me dead?" He tried to find a way to drop all this on her but there really was no way to sugar coat it. "He learned not long after you were born that if he gave you as a sacrifice he could possess all your powers and rule over all of the Gifted elders and the council. However he was starting to think that you had little to no powers until Cameron seen you in the back yard and reported it to the council. That's when he decided it was time." William took a big breath and blew it out and continued. "That's when he came to me and told me to get rid of Cameron and bring you to him, but there was something about the way you looked at me; I just knew there was something wrong with all this and I stalled and let you get away." His heart was racing with fear she would try to set him on fire or worse hate him forever. “My freedom was all I could think about until I saw you. Now I don’t care if he kills me. I will make sure you are safe no matter what the cost.” Kinessa just stared at him. “Why would you think he would kill you? You’re still valuable to him right? I’m not worth your life. You could just kill me and be finished with it all and be free of all this.” William growled “You know what I have never wanted to smack someone in the back of the head as much as I do right now. Do you hear yourself? You’re sitting here telling me to kill you Kinessa. What kind of monster do you think I am? I’m not some kind of heartless assassin. I don’t take such orders out with ease.” Kinessa clearly hit a nerve.

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I’m wanting you to go ahead and kill me and save yourself. I’m not willing to sacrifice your life for my own.” William was dumbfounded by the fact she really was trying to debate the situation thinking she would have a chance in hell of winning. “Kinessa, this conversation is over. I’m not going to kill you!” William walked away to let that sink into her hard head. That didn’t last long however; Kinessa was back on his heels trying to argue her point again.

“Why won’t you listen to me? If I’m dead you’re free. Isn’t that better than be a slave?” William spun around and shouted. “NO! You’re death will be my death. Do you understand that? You are my Soul Mate Kinessa. If you die I will be forever alone therefore I might as well be dead. I’d rather be a slave for the rest of my life and love you than be free and never have the chance. This discussion is over NOW!” Kinessa was absolutely speechless.

Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art By: Lori Hrdina | Source



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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      Really interesting story.


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