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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Twenty)

Updated on November 30, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source


Rilynn and Cameron are trying to understand where they stand and if they will ever trust each other. Kinessa and William are still shacked up in the cabin awaiting for their company to show and rescue them from the icy hell that is creepy upon them. There was an awkwardness that stood between the situations, none of them could describe it. For Cameron it was the knowledge that there was a good chance Rilynn was his soul mate, nobody had confirmed that for him as of yet but it was something in his gut that kept kicking at him from the first time he seen her, even though he really couldn’t stand her. Maybe it was too much fresh air. He smirked at the thought. Rilynn was battling her own demons trying to find her parents and help Cameron find his runaway, whatever she was to him. He deserved someone who would stand by his side and not run off with his brother or other relative. She shook her head in hysteria "What the hell is wrong with you, He's an ass hat and emotionally damaged. I don't need that crap in my life. I have enough drama to deal with." She continued to pace the dirt floor of the old barn letting everything set in her mind.

William kept the fire burning in the old house while Kinessa kept her distance so she could focus on her problem not her hormones. Every time she was near William she wanted him “really near” She remembered what happened the last time she let herself follow her emotions and not her brain. She curled up on the sofa and looked out the window for any sign of hope, or destruction. William set across the room watching the waves of worry and despair roll off and it wasn’t hard for the emotions to become his own. He could almost hear them whisper to him, telling him her fears, dreams, and pain. However just when he thought it was just his own imagination pretending he really knew what she was feeling and thinking, he seen it, her aura, it was rare for wolves to own such abilities but in his case of having a mother that had Gifted powers and a father that was a wolf and now a soul mate that is the most powerful being in their world, nothing was a surprise anymore. He really didn’t have to figure out what anything meant because she was telling him or her unconscious self was anyway. It started with telling him about her pains. William watched and listened as some flickers of her past came through moments from not too long ago as she stood watching her heart - break for the first time and Cameron walking away with his true love. This angered William and he gritted his teeth and held back a growl. He wanted to turn it off but the aura held his attention he knew there was a lesson or a clue about what was going to happen to them and it was his responsibility to keep her safe. She started showing her fears to William, some were the usual fears, and then there was her true fears, not knowing who she really was, and the worst for William was she feared him or at least the wolf. The fear of it hurting or even killing her. He couldn’t blame her after everything he had said and done. He knew he had a lot to prove to her and one thing was that he would never hurt her and the hardest thing would be that he was in love with her. He felt that was nearly impossible. As he prepared himself for more fears Kinessa’s aura changed to her dreams, there he stood, he was one of her dreams. He seen her in his arms and as he watched he noticed this was a future dream and he observed closer and William’s eyes widened and jaw dropped, she was pregnant. It was hard to tell at first but as she turned her belly was round and he could hear the tiny heartbeat of a growing child. He couldn’t keep quite anymore he had to ask “Is this really a dream or is this the future, I mean the real future?” The aura was a mysterious creature. She only allowed answers to the most worthy. She just smiled and vanished. William searched the air for a second to make sure it wasn’t a trick, then he noticed Kinessa moving from the sofa. She caught his eyes and seen something different in his eyes, but she wasn’t ready to talk to him about it. She just gave a soft smile and went into the kitchen.

Meanwhile Cameron was watching Rilynn pace back and forth. “Are you waiting for something important to pop up from the ground right there or is there something you would like to tell me?” Cameron asked and by her reaction and facial expression she had something to say and something also told him he wasn’t going to enjoy or even be surprised by her statement. “Oh I’m just trying to figure out what’s the best way to go from here. It looks like there’s a storm coming. We may need to stay here until it passes.” She knew he wasn’t stupid and it wouldn’t be long before he figured it all out, if he hadn’t already. Cameron was already tired of the deception he could feel her worry filtering off her body. She was hiding something and the one thing they could agree on was there was a storm brewing and they wasn’t leaving until it passed. “What game are you playing Rilynn? I’m not an outdoors person, but I’m no idiot either. You aren’t being truthful and I can tell that much. If you have another agenda here then come on out and say so. However don’t sit here and lie to my face and think I’m stupid enough not to call you out on it.” Cameron’s eyes were already shifting from hazel to bright green. Rilynn had never seen it before, only the stories. Now she was really worried. “Fine, I do have another agenda. I have to find my father. He’s all I have left, my mom’s been missing for years. I can’t lose him too. I asked for help and you’re only concern is finding this girl that doesn’t need you. She has all the help she could ask for.” Rilynn wasn’t one to cry, she hadn’t since her mother went missing. But this time there was too much to deal with and she couldn’t fight the tears back any longer but she wasn’t going to allow Cameron to watch her cry either. Rilynn turned and walked away. She climbed up to the loft of the barn and hid behind the old stacks of hay, they smelled of dust and mildew but it was dry and private. Cameron thought about what she said, hurt by the truth, he became angry but not at Rilynn. He hated to admit she was right but she was. Kinessa was not in need of his protection and William was the one that could protect her best. But ordered to protect her by the council that wasn’t something he could just turn his back on. Although he could help Rilynn find out what happened to her parents along the way. Perhaps they weren’t so different after all. He walked up the creaking old steps to the loft hoping he didn’t fall through an old board and break something. “Rilynn, can I speak to you please?” He spoke softly. She stepped out from behind the hay bales with her hanging in defeat. Cameron approached her and extended his hand to touch her. “I apologize for what I said, I should have been more sensitive to your situation. I couldn’t imagine what it feels like to lose both parents. If you still want my help, we can start looking for them.” Rilynn slowly raised her face to look at him and search for any signs of a trick but she couldn’t tell, her emotions were all over the place. “Thank you but you hired me to find your girlfriend and I need to hold to my deal.” Cameron shook his head at the thought of the old woman’s words. Kinessa belonged with William and Cameron with someone else. “Kinessa isn’t my girlfriend. I thought we were soul mates but an Oracle said that I am with someone else and I would find out who that is at the Festival of Lights.” Rilynn remembered being told the same thing by the medicine woman in their tribe not long before her father went missing, could it be just a coincidence.

Darkness was falling upon them all. Kinessa and William were still keeping their distance. She wanted to talk to him but she wasn’t sure what to say. William knew everything he wanted to say but didn’t know how to bring it up without upsetting her. Besides how do you tell the girl you’re totally head over heels for that you know she loves you and had premonitions of her carrying your unborn child? William so deep into thought that he never heard Kinessa approach him. “William” he came flying out of the chair he was sitting in. “Kinessa, are you okay?” He sounded panic which was a dead giveaway that there was something bothering him. She had noticed earlier but wasn’t sure if it was any of her business but she felt she needed to find out. “I think I should ask you that question. You look like something is bothering you. May I ask what?” William knew eventually she would find out. “I saw something earlier and I’m not sure how to tell you. I’m still a little freaked about it myself. Um, I saw an Aura and it was yours. She was showing me things about you. Like when you were seeing visions about my past, but I see more than just past. She showed me the future not sure if it’s near or far.” William took a breath and chanced a glimpse at Kinessa’s expression. She was listening with wide eyes. “What did she show you?” She asked nervously. “Well she showed me how you really feel about me.” William looked her in the eyes as he spoke about their feeling for each other. “How do I feel about you? And if that’s the case do you feel the same way?” She was testing him and William knew it she wanted he to admit it. He decided it was now or never to find out if this was really his soul mate. William stepped forward and took Kinessa’s hand. As he leaned in to kiss her lips gently a knock upon the door came. William looked at her and sighed. Another knock came, he released her and went to the door and opened it. The old man who had followed Kinessa around in her dreams was now standing in front of her in the flesh. “Hello children.” He spoke as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. “We have much to discuss, you have much to learn. William will you prepare me some tea please, Kinessa follow me to the study.” William nodded and went to the kitchen but Kinessa wasn’t as obedient. “Wait a minute, First of all, who the hell are you?” William stepped out of the kitchen knowing it wasn’t that easy for her. “Kinessa, please just listen to him and go to the study. I will be there in just a minute. I promise you’re safe. I would never allow someone inside this place that would harm you.” Kinessa shook her head and looked at William. “I will wait for you, then I will go into the study.” The old man giggled and agreed to wait for William to make the cup of tea.

Rilynn and Cameron discussed everything that she knew of her parent’s disappearance, which wasn’t much other whispers of the rumors that ran throughout her family’s village. “Did anyone see who or what took them, any kind of description?” Rilynn thought about the man who returned talking like a crazy person after her father disappeared. “One of the men who went on the fishing trip with my father kept talking about a man who wasn’t a man but a beast. Does that make any sense to you?” Unfortunately it did, it meant a wolf was responsible for her father. “Yes, it makes sense. It was a wolf.” Rilynn was speechless and pissed off all at the same time. “A wolf? You mean a wolf like your brother William? Is that what you’re saying to me?” Cameron stopped and thought about it. “How long has your father been missing?” Cameron was calculating how long William had tracked them. “He’s been missing since March. Why?” Rilynn was trying to keep up with Cameron’s thinking but she had no idea where he was heading with all this. “I don’t think this was William. They would be training William to find Kinessa not your father. This was another wolf one with more experience. Kinessa’s connect to all this somehow, William may know who is responsible.” Cameron looked to Rilynn and waited for her response. “Fine, let’s go find your brother.” She grabbed her things and walked to the loft steps. “Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Cameron asked with worry. “If you think he may have answers about my parents, who am I to turn away a possible clue about where they are or if they are even alive.” Saying that out loud was like knocking the wind out of her. That was a fear she wasn’t ready to face. Cameron stepped up to her side and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Okay let’s go find the answers.” Rilynn got her bearings right and started walking South West towards the storm clouds. Her father taught her the difference between true storm clouds and magical induced storm clouds. Storm clouds were simple and involved no glow. Magical storm clouds always had a glow and usually be noticed by the purple or yellow light that was given off around the edges of the cloud itself. “That’s where we will find William and Kinessa and Whoever’s involved in this war of chaos.” William should have known another warlock was part of the storms. All the signs were there but he was too distracted by Rilynn to notice. “Rilynn I don’t think you should come. This could get very dangerous, not saying you can’t take care of yourself, and I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” Rilynn smiled and even blushed a bit. “Don’t worry about me.” She leaned forward and kissed him quickly and took off walking. Cameron said nothing just giggled and ran to catch up to Rilynn as they got ready to face the angry storm brewing ahead of them.

Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source



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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      Awesome chapter! Can't wait to find out what happens next.


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